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  1. Uninstalled and reinstalled 5.0.5, and uploaded and opened with no problems (8/16/2019 11:20AM CST US)
  2. Bandlab Assistant 5.0.5 won't open. App installs on my desktop just fine, but when I open it I get a lengthy Javascript Error msg in popup box. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling many times. Doesn't work. I've had BandLab ever since it took over from Cakewalk. Windows 10.
  3. My update shows for Bandlab Assistant 5.0.5; however, while downloading I get a Javascript Error. After closing the Javascript Error popup, I look to see if app on my desktop and it's there (Windows 10; 64-bit). When I try opening up the app I get the Javascipt Error at that time too. I've tried Unistalling and Reinstalling many times. Same result...it doesn't work.
  4. I've never used Meter/Key View for this task, but by selecting all of the unwanted meter changes and clicking the minus button [–] I was able to delete all meter/keys and leave one 3/4 measure remaining which covers all measures. Thanks. It worked!
  5. Seems to be a new problem for me; maybe from a recent update? 1. I have a project template that has empty audio tracks set up for recording 1a. In this template, I have "Tempo–120" and "Meter–4/4" 2. So if I want to record a song "Tempo–160"... 2a. Before I thought I changed "Tempo–120" to "Tempo–160" by clicking on tempo indicator on visual control panel and entering in new tempo, which changed tempo from where vertical play-bar was set to end of song; now it seems I have to go to Project-Insert Series of Tempos-(insert new tempo as Tempo Range and set the Time Range)...is this a change? 3. Now, if I want to record a song "Meter–3/4"... 3a. Before I thought I changed "Meter–4/4" to "Meter–3/4" by clicking on meter indicator on visual control panel and entering in new meter, which changed meter from where vertical play-bar was set to end of song; now no matter how I try to change the meter of the project it only changes it "At Measure." This means I have to go measure by measure (At Measure 1, then At Measure 2, then At Measure 3, etc.) to change the whole project's meter. Daunting!!! 3b. Without creating a whole new project and re-setting up empty tracks ready to record, how do I change the meter from let's say 4/4 to 3/4 for a whole project, so I can hear the metronome tick the beat it's supposed to when I record?
  6. Obviously, you're going to try to play me with debate tactics. A run around in circles game. You know, the "I stated the question/concern, yet you'll just say I haven't, even though it's clearly published within this thread" game. Call me out? On what? What's your conspiracy theory about me? I asked a question. I raised my concern. It was answered on page 1. I thanked the person who helped me. Enjoy trying to diminish people who ask questions or raise concerns about things that happen every day. Feel lucky...many people would love to live in the world you do, where there's no slippery slopes and everything can be taken on the merit of it be given away for free, and to raise questions or concerns is a moot point because it's gullible to believe people and/or corporations aren't always 100% trustworthy. My bad! Got another attack? If so, I suggest you go back and read up on what has already been answered.
  7. I asked a question. Do you have problem with questions? If someone asks a question about a concern should they get plummeted? Are you the thought police or something? Do you one day hope to shut down communication through insults? Does that make you feel more intelligent? Does that make you feel as if you've won an argument? Are you suggesting that the tech industry and online companies have never been less than honest? Do you live in a world where a bunch of people work at complex things for free but yet disseminate their product to millions of people at a tip jar based income (and I said halfway up page 1 that I didn't know they sell other products)? If you're given something for free, do you just shut up and take it and not ask a question or raise a concern for fear you might ruin some unknown thing for other people even though your question or raising the concern might actually help them? Accept my apology for not praising a tech company who bought a software program I've been using for over a decade like they're a deity.
  8. It seems some of you took a small thing I said and made a bunch of assumptions from it. Some assumed that I sat online reading forum write-ups for the passed how many months/years about BandLab and then wondered why I'm re-asking something about an old topic. Yah, I guess you missed my reply halfway up the page about not knowing BandLab sells other products. I thanked the person for telling me and moved on. But just to address those who think everything for free in the computer world all works the same way and that being concerned/informed about the social-political nature of online services and software is nothing but a bunch of conspiracy theories: I guess all of the hacks that have happened and all of the selling off of data that still goes on to this day is nothing more than a bunch of wads of tin foil crammed in just my brain. I know how the general public plays this game: put your trust in anyone and everyone especially if they give you something for free (which is not free) and anyone who knows more than you about the backside of things and brings it up as a concern can't be nothing more than an idiotic, worried, fear-mongrel. Until, of course, it becomes common public knowledge. Then it's okay to act like you knew it all along and pat yourself on the back as the smart one as you rail away about it as a topic at the next party. Btw, I hope they have a tin foil hat for me when I walk into the car lot and doubt the salesman when he tells me about all of the freebies that come with my car purchase are free. Or when the club owner tells me we don't need a contract for my performance. Or when I'm told that the customer service rep will be back on the line after putting me on hold for 20 minutes. The list goes on. Go ahead...pat yourself on the back...trust in everyone...in everything...you're about to get taken for granted around the next corner. No, not you...that's never happened. Conspiracy Theory! Attack!
  9. I honestly hope you don't live your life by this motto.
  10. Ahhh, I didn't realize they sell other products. Thanks. As far as analytical data and the undo-button thing, I'm guessing you're being snarky as anyone who knows about the internet and data collection knows that no one is sitting around selling data about undo-button clicks. Lol! And even if that was the case, I wouldn't understand why anyone would be okay with it just to get something for free. That's a hell of a slippery slope. But it's all just conspiracy theories, just like everything else that's been shown to be actually happening.
  11. Any other programs hanging? Do you have other programs running in the background during computer startup; they might be updating? Tried opening Cakewalk with antivirus turned off? What have you tried?
  12. I've been a Cakewalk user for over 10 years and have always had to pay for updates, etc. I'm wondering how Cakewalk is being provided for free, considering all the costs involved with buying the product line, buying up bad debt, paying for programmers, paying for the website construction and maintenance, etc.? Anyone who operates a business knows you can't do all of this by way of a tip jar. Anyone?
  13. 3rd update to BandLab Assistant in the passed 3 or 4 days. Would be nice to have update notes to know if anything new is available with update.
  14. Can we go here to see version update notes for BandLab Assistant? I recently started a thread about no version update notes anywhere and many like myself didn't see them anywhere. Also, was prompted to update Cakewalk again since like 3 days ago [now 2019.01 (Build 27, 64 bit)], but I was brought to the same page for release notes as a few days ago and didn't see a new section for release notes for what I updated to today. Did they just add on to the release notes they posted a few days ago and I'm just not aware of the one or two changes added on?
  15. Would be nice to know what updates are being done to BandLab Assistant with each new version. It's free, but I'd like to know if the app is being used to collect personal data, etc. Facebook provides billions of people with a free service, but no one seems to stop and wonder how. Do you really think they sell that many ads? No. They bundle your personal data and sell it off.
  16. Sill haven't seen update notes for the BandLab Assistant application. Newest version is 5.0.2 Anyone?
  17. I still haven't found the BandLab Assistant updates. I have Cakewalk on 2 computers and when I updated BandLab Assistant on both by pressing the Update Button on the app I received the "Update Failure" too. So I was brought to the webpage to manually update. I think this has happened with the last few versions for their app, where previously this wasn't a problem.
  18. But how about for the BandLab app updates, like ver. 5.0.2?
  19. I keep updating BandLab and Cakewalk with every new update, but I can't find any info on what the updates are for. I just updated BandLab to ver. 5.0.2 and Cakewalk to 2019.01 (Build 24, 64 bit). Anyone have any idea where I can find notes on new releases? I follow the link for release notes and all it does is give notes for 2018.11 (https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk/whats-new)
  20. I audited the scanner, but it's a pretty large text file and I have no idea why did it or what I'm looking for. What should I be doing with this log? I emailed support before I went here in forums. Of course, they gave me the most basic of responses and by that time you already helped me like 4 times. Don't think I could play email tag back and forth with bandlab that long and not bash my head in. I did try running as admin, but no difference.
  21. Ok. When I add up all my "Registered Plug-ins" which is every single one of them under all of the "Plug-in Categories" in the "Plug-in Manager" they equal the same number of plug-ins that are scanned and tallied when I open the Cakewalk program and the "VST Scan" automatically runs in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Should this be? Anyhow, I've always used the drop-down menu you've labeled as "1." That's where I've always retrieved my presets, factory or custom. I've never even clicked on the Presets button you've labeled as "2" before, so, yes, I've been talking about #1. However, now that you've pointed out #2, I clicked on it and see all of the factory presets listed, and separated into different folders which wasn't the case under drop-down area #1 when I used to use it. They'd all be listed together. Any clue for why I see them in drop-down #2 now and not drop-down #1? Is one area better than the other? Do you recommend I put custom presets in drop-down #2 from now on? I don't understand the import/export stuff and how it works. I've never used it or knew anything about it. I'm not asking for an in-depth discussion as I'm sure there's better things you need to put your focus on, so if need be I'll go fishing around through badly, half-written instructions...lol!
  22. Ok. I see they're DX plug-ins. That's just my own ignorance of file type specs. I've posted two screenshots. One shows the E/Program Files/Cakewalk/Shared Plugins folder I've pointed to via Cakewalk Plugin Manager ( .chm, .dll and .ini files can be seen). The other screenshot shows that Sonitus effects are pointed to in the DX tab in the Cakewalk Plugin Manager itself. Before pointing to my effects in E folder 26 effects would be scanned, now I have 101 during scan. So I can choose effects I couldn't before you helped me, but I still don't see factory presets for Sonitus in drop-down menu when using the effect. Btw, I saved my custom presets using the effect save-icon button next to the preset name window on the effect itself, so when I'd press the drop-down menu my custom presets would be listed alongside the factory presets. And I don't see my custom presets still either. Errr, images look really small on desktop. Hope you can see enough to help.
  23. Okay. I appreciate your help. So I decided to point to the path of E:/Program Files/Cakewalk, and now I have my effects back; however, when I go into an effect like Sonitus:Reverb and click the effect's presets tab it only lists Default. It used to list like 20 preloaded ones and then there were some I had saved. 1. How do I get back the preloaded presets (Hall, Small Room, etc.)? 2. How do I get back custom presets I made and named?
  24. My Cakewalk program is in my C Drive while all of my VST Plugins I use are in my E drive. This is because of a new computer and drive. Should I just copy and paste the VSTs in E to the C VST Plugin folder? Or should I leave them in the E drive and point to them via the program? Does it matter?
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