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  1. Key binding don't save user shortcuts. "Save Change for Next Session" selected. Version 2020.04.179. Win7sp1. Win10.
  2. Dear Andy! This riff, this song doesn't claim to be a Grammy. This is just a demo. ☺️ Please see the 8th example. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AlLNG4SDVWiJgooEstC4FJk-nP5q5Q
  3. Hello! Please help me choose! Which of these soft guitars sounds more like a live instrument? Pop-rock song. Thank you in advance! https://1drv.ms/f/s!AlLNG4SDVWiJgooEstC4FJk-nP5q5Q 1. exmpl01.mp3 2. exmpl02.mp3 3. exmpl03.mp3 4. exmpl04.mp3 5. exmpl05.mp3 6. exmpl06.mp3 7. exmpl07.mp3
  4. @Noel Borthwick 1. After the OS crashes and restarts the large minidump disappeared, and I will have to “catch” it again. 2. I rolled back the RME Fireface UCX driver to a previous version and intend to see if the latest driver caused Cake to freeze.
  5. Did as you recommended. The minidump was not created. UPD Sorry! He ended up in a temporary folder. But its size is more than 3GB. UPD2 And here is the crash. Minidam is created automatically. Little.
  6. Cakewalk hangs tight - it is impossible to open the Task Manager. It is possible to close Сake only by clicking its icon on the Quick Launch Panel and select Close Window there - then a system window appears with a choice of actions and you can Close Program. This parameter does not affect stability. Sorry, but I didn’t understand what you mean.
  7. The project would be launched in version. But rolling back to this version does not help.
  8. Thanks! But for me (and not only for me! I write here and for several other users) for a long time there were no freezes, and they started from version 2019.11.b54, but I did not change the driver and / or system configuration.
  9. Cakewalk 2019.11.b63 periodically hangs (freezes), which has not been with him for a long time! Hangup occurs spontaneously under different circumstances: editing, connecting / disconnecting VSTi, etc. Rollback to any old version leads to problems even with simple playback, which I can understand. But here is what is strange and what I cannot understand! The same project uploaded to Sonar Platinum 10.23.b14 is working fine. I apologize for the machine translation.
  10. OK! I’ll ask another way: how would I make it possible to create a region FX with a double click of the mouse, and so that the Melodyne window opens immediately?
  11. Hi all! Is it possible to run Melodine double-click on the audio clip and at the same time a full window? Maybe in the next update?
  12. Thanks Craig Anderton! But I know about this feature (ability to convert controllers into envelopes). But converting envelope controllers, and then editing envelopes is a double job, longer than with cut-to-note clips (if I understood correctly.). I already chose this one. I chose the method that David Baay told me. I am very grateful to everyone involved! Sorry, my English.
  13. Yes, I have non-default keyboard shortcuts. And I restored the defaults from the "SONAR Default Key Assignments" file - but the same thing happens. But I’ve already gotten used to it - everything works out. Thank you again!
  14. Yes. But with your method, I need to select each note separately, constantly changing the size of the rhythmic grid. And when a clip is cut into notes, each note is highlighted when a clip is selected and without changing the rhythmic grid. That is, this method is faster with fewer mouse manipulations.
  15. Yes, thanks, I know that. But this method is not convenient for me.
  16. Thanks, it works! But this is what happens: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlLNG4SDVWiJgoh-jkaGZ6j3B_fRUA That is, one press of Tab and then S is normal, and the second calls the TrackInspector, activates the Solo track, activates Loop, opens the Browser and mutes the clip. But I will practice! 💪
  17. Thank you, but I don’t see the ability to edit envelopes in the piano roll: I created the CC11 envelope in Track View, but I can’t see it in the piano roll.
  18. I need to process each note with envelopes. For example, The Trumpet is an Expression Controller (CC11): selecting each note in a clip is inconvenient; and clips cut into notes can be easily selected with a mouse.
  19. Thanks, no! I need a cut function so that the notes stay in the same track.
  20. Hi All! Is there a function in Cakewalk to cut MIDI clips into separate notes in the solo part of the instrument? Can someone write a CAL script? I will be grateful! And I think I'm not alone! :-)
  21. Hello! I apologize for my English. Please make the selection color custom. So that the color of the selection by dragging the mouse along the Timeline coincides with the color of the selection by clicking on the clip with the mouse. color selection with a mouse click - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlLNG4SDVWiJgfhNqaTdgGgT1PIRig color selection by dragging - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlLNG4SDVWiJgfhOboWUmmoX1GJlEQ
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