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  1. Hi Promidi! I need a CAL like SPLITNOT.CAL, but for CC. Those. there is a MIDI clip with a lot of controllers, and I need to split it by track - so that each CC is in its own track. Do you have such a script? I would be grateful if you would like to share!
  2. Thanks! About VST - this is an important remark. I don't understand why this information is not in the Help.
  3. What is the bitness of Sonitus plugins? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everybody! When importing, dragging and dropping audio files, the original file name is retained in the clip header. But when importing, dragging and dropping MIDI files, they lose their name and instead of the original name, the name of the track appears in the header. Is it possible to make it possible for the names of the MIDI files to keep their name? Thanks in advance!
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TNhLpW1expfXUZOmGSbiqRcBA76fdlBv/view?usp=sharing
  6. I have vst3 saves this parameter. I have vst2 saves this parameter if it is automated.
  7. I also always avoid Simple Instruments and only use split tracks.
  8. Space bar does not start playback when using Vienna Ensemble Pro now!!! ОК! Thaaaaaaaaaaaanksss!!!
  9. In the video: 1.to the left in the Cakewalk window is the Vienna Ensemble Pro5 plugin, 2. on the right - the instance of Vienna, which is connected to the plugin, but launched outside Cakewalk, In both cases (when either Cake or Vienna windows are active), the spacebar starts playback in Cakewalk - this is the correct behavior. No. Yes. OK, Thanks! :) OK!
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