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  1. I also always avoid Simple Instruments and only use split tracks.
  2. Space bar does not start playback when using Vienna Ensemble Pro now!!! ОК! Thaaaaaaaaaaaanksss!!!
  3. In the video: 1.to the left in the Cakewalk window is the Vienna Ensemble Pro5 plugin, 2. on the right - the instance of Vienna, which is connected to the plugin, but launched outside Cakewalk, In both cases (when either Cake or Vienna windows are active), the spacebar starts playback in Cakewalk - this is the correct behavior. No. Yes. OK, Thanks! :) OK!
  4. Thanks Noel Borthwick for the answer! https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlLNG4SDVWiJhZBaWM8cMXQIEoM9dw This works in this version of Cakewalk by BandLab, but does not work in earlier and later versions (except 04/26/0.151).
  5. Dear msmcleod, is it possible to download the full installer of version somewhere?
  6. The problem with working with Vienna Ensemble Pro has not been resolved! I am disappointed and upset !!!
  7. Sorry, I didn't know that jBridge integrates into Cakewalk by BandLab!
  8. jBridge is a stand-alone program used as an adapter for converting 64-bit plugins to 32-bit ones and vice versa.
  9. This parameter was disabled for me, but enabled it does not change anything. msmcleod, can we hope to fix this problem in newer versions?
  10. But this is a very old version. And in new ones it doesn't work.
  11. Surprise surprise !!! This works in versions (2020.04.build151)!!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BvF2iiDTPLcRVDMLj2wRX6v4SmBbDXSs/view?usp=sharing And in the next version 2020.04, playback starts immediately after loading the project with the VEP window in focus, but if you activate the CbBL window and then the VEP window again, playback will no longer start. I have installed sequentially versions of CbBL one after the other, starting with
  12. Absolutely. Maybe you don't know how the DAW+VEP works? Sorry, but judging by this post of yours, you do not know. The VEP VST plug-in from the DAW connects to a host instance on the same computer or on another (connected over your home network) and runs VEP as a host. And as NGC 598 said: Is this a surprise for you?
  13. When you drag a midi groove from the Browser to a midi track, the midi groove loses its name. I wish the midi groove would keep it.
  14. If the CbBL window is active, the Vienna window is hidden by it and vice versa.
  15. This also does not work if the CbBL window is out of focus, i.e. the window of Vienna is opened as a host, not a plug-in.
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