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  1. Interesting idea, Mr. Fogle. I'll give that a look also. Thanks for your thoughts, John. I guess my needs are just simpler that what you wanted to accomplish (and you have certainly accomplished a great deal). Or maybe I'm just "simple". 🙂 Ken in Kansas
  2. Wow! The more I know, the less I know. Approaching brain overload, but I will evaluate these as options. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, Treesha. Amazingly enough, I was actually in the middle of messaging John when I got the notification of your post. It looks as though he and I share similar musical tastes and backgrounds. I'm looking forward to perusing his files. Ken in Kansas
  4. Thanks, Kurre. I'll be looking at that site. BTW - didn't mean to overlook mentioning Treesha's input. I've been searching the last day or so for suitable sites based on her suggestion. Ken in Kansas
  5. PS Just changed settings to receive email once per day for new content. That should help.
  6. My apologies for not responding sooner. I've been dealing with some medical issues. When you are 76, you get to know the inside of doctor's offices quite well. I will be looking at all suggestions in detail. RE: my style of playing - I'm just an old chord guy trying to get well - not a flat or finger picker so don't have the skills to play melody or lead. I should have mentioned that in my post - my bad. So, I guess, the simpler the better for me in terms of a "solution". But, if I read these posts carefully (and I will), I'm sure there is a workable answer (or combination of answers) for me somewhere. Per John: I'm doing "covers", if you will, of some of the many BG songs I've heard, learned and played over the course of 50+ years. My wife of 50 years recently requested that I record "my music" for our grandchildren and others. That is my ultimate goal. Most of my jams with other pickers included a bass, but I am unable to work with those folks now - don't even know where they are at this point. Hence, my reason for looking at DAWs, VSTs, etc. to help recreate the "moments" as much as possible. I would certainly be interested finding free midi tracks of BG songs - also C&W & '40's - '60's hits. My wife is a big Ricky Nelson fan. Per Kurre: I am looking very closely at JJazz and appreciate the suggestion. Thank you to all who have responded so far. I will continue to monitor this topic. I had checked the option to "Notify me of replies", but received no such notifications. Don't know why. My email address is on file. Stay safe!! Ken in Kansas
  7. Extremely new to Cakewalk. I have a relatively simple (I hope) question regarding the use of virtual instruments. I know nothing about playing a bass - upright or electric. I would like to have Cakewalk generate a simple bass track for me based (no pun intended) on chords from a guitar track and/or notes in a vocal track. Is this at all possible? I am looking for an upright bass sound, as I play bluegrass. I know very little about the SI-Bass, but understand it can be adjusted to resemble an upright or acoustic bass. I am also considering the purchase of Adam Monroe's Upright Bass plugin. If not possible, I guess I will have to live without bass in my recordings. Thanks in advance for your thoughts/comments/suggestions. Ken in Kansas
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