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  1. Hallo every one! I finally got my KeyLab88 mkII Black Edition. Thanx to you guys I got DAW mode working for the most part. Lee D mentioned that all of his transport buttons worked with exception of the "Loop" button. The "Loop" button is not working here aswel, but I can't get the "Record" button to work, does the Record button also work? I got the Loop button to somewhat work. Pressing the "Metro" Button toggles the "Loop on/off" button. So if you've already made a loop section previously, pressing the "Metro" button repeats that same loop selection. Edit: Record button works! Just have to arm recording (Alt-R) on a track first like Mark Bianchino stated above. In my case it worked just fine with the built-in "Mackie Control". Thanx to msmcleod and Azslow. I'll try Robert Thompson's suggestion tomorrow using the free tool Midi-ox. I'm curious as to see If can map a button to arm Record a track, and maybe even set loop points using the the punch "In" and "Out" buttons in the "Globalcontrols" session on the keyboard. But even though as it is I can now use the keyboard with reduced mouse usage. Awesome!!
  2. Although you rectified this comment later on I still want to comment on this. What people seem to miss is that what they consider a good or the best DAW, heavily depends on their workflow and how they make music. Allot of people work with real instruments recording tracks, that's way Pro-Tools is such a big player. because from what I've read it has pretty much the best out of the the box workflow, tools and plugins for this. But what people using DAWs as recording tools for voices and real instruments don't understand. Is that they're also people who mainly use midi recording/programming to make their music. That's why there's so much un-necessary battles/beefs about what DAW is best. And when it comes to Midi-programming, FL studio is very very good!! The interface and workflow for this is just super nice! In my opinion they have the best piano roll workflow (except for renaming their timestamps to steps instead of 4/4 etc. So long story short: People should take in account what other people use their DAW for (and personal workflow prefs ofcourse) instead of self-projecting it and and calling it bad or what ever. I'm loving CakeWalk so far. And the pano-roll (although a bit quirky with zoom sometimes) is pretty awesome to. The way I work I think that Studio-One would be the best fit for me. (I mostly do midi recording/programming) ----- I'm also curious to see if NI's Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2 Can properly work in CakeWalk. Maybe it's worth looking in to Arturia's Keylab 88 MKII (they also have a black version now) Although I really like how NI's board looks especially with those screens and LED lights and full integration with their plugins, for me the better choice would be Arturia's Keylab series because of their focus on DAW control as opposed to plugins control. that said arturia does offer a nice plugins control feature, even for 3d parties. And personaly I also like that it comes with drum pads.
  3. Ok I added [Solved] at the end of the titel and also added a Solved tag. Is this how you do this on this forum?
  4. It's works!! It had to do with folder contents being compressed like mentioned above. Here's a short how to: Thanx a lot guys!!
  5. Thanx for showing me this, now at least i know thet I'm def. doing something wrong and that this stuff works! Hopefully this'll solve things for me. I'll let you guys know as soon as possible. Thanx allot guys!
  6. Yes I know where you can set it (like the video show's that I've posted on top. The problem is that the browser won't reflect the changes that I make in the manager. And apart from the standard 3 views (sort by: Category, Manufacturer and plugins) my custom layout doesn't show here. I've also saved my custom layout file to where the proper file path according to the preferences. Has anyone managed to change save their custom folders to the point that it's also showing in the browser? I'm thinking this feature isn't working in the Bandlab's CakeWalk version.
  7. I'm still stuck at square one. Although I can make and save costume Layouts I can't get CakeWalk to reflect the changes. There is no "apply" or "ok" button. Any idea on how I can make CakeWalk's browser reflect the changes that I make?
  8. Thanx! Sorry for the late reply I'll try this as soon as possible Greets!!
  9. Hey guys! I would realy like to use this feature: It's a easy and fast way of of creating a costum plugins browser layout. Which can also be saved and imported for future Cakewlak installs. I would like to see the changes that I make reflect in the plugins browser Any chance this works in BandLab's CakeWalk version?
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