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  1. It is really a pain when you have to check all those boxes one by one when you have 46 tracks. Can you please add Shift click or "Check all" button.
  2. I don't think you can do it after the post has been replied. Just start a new post.
  3. yes, that is exactly what I would like to see. I think the problem may be with the node placement. Anyway, it does not work for me.
  4. Yes, that's a great idea. Can you add a poll to this post? That way it may get more attention.
  5. I hear some other DAWs have that feature. It allows for hearing high frequencies better as everything is lowered by half. If you're 30+ years old you may find it useful as your hearing deteriorates with age.
  6. I previously wrote about Cut/Delete Special not working properly because tempo changes (among other things) are not taken into account. This problem is similar. I recently had a project with several tempo changes in it. When export manager prepares a section for export it moves it to the beginning of the project and removes everything else. The problem is it does not move the tempo change with it. Do you know what happens when you move clips to a section with a different tempo or when you just change the tempo of a project? Clips shift in relation to one another. It makes a terrible mess and scramble the project.
  7. In my experience Cut Special/Delete Special has never worked properly. Clips in some lanes are not being moved as well as tempo changes and markers, even though they are checked for deletion.
  8. I think it would be nice to see the picture of the recording (the waveform) inverted while switching the phase over. It wouldn't be just nice but also informative in a way and also intuitive if you feel what I mean. I can't explain it better.
  9. correction: it is not the whole recording being rendered. instead about 2 hours of silence was rendered after the actual section. that is why it was taking so long
  10. I created 4 sections within an hour long live recording and tried to export them as individual files. Not only did the process took about 20 mins for each 4 min long section but after each the exported file was deleted and another was created in its place. That is definitely not what you want. It seems that the whole recording is rendered every time instead of a single section and no suffix is added to the name of the file. What a waste of time. Normally you would spend about 2 mins or less exporting a 4 min song. Also, when you export in mp3 you have to set MP3 options for each and every file. Why not do it once for all?
  11. Thank you Bandlab development team for adding this as an option! I was nicely surprised when I found it in the latest release.
  12. Very good CALL! I wonder why isn't the obsolete CAL yet replaced with some more reliable and modern solution anyway?!
  13. I noticed an unpleasant digital crackle while recording with 'Remove DC Offset During Record' option on. It completely ruins the recording. Recorded with Behringer UMC1820 using ports 1 and 2 in mono mode. Strangely enough there is no crackle while recording the two ports as a stereo track.
  14. Oh yeah. I didn't think about that. Thanks man.
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