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  1. Thx for the update on the issue, I gave Promidi's sugestion a try, no change in behavior. What I don't get is some cakewalk users arn't having this isuue, but I always have ? Your welcome to the dump file Noel, though give me a shout on FB and talk me though finding it, as I'm stugling to find it on my own, I looked in %temp% and it's not there ! I really would like to get this working as I love drum machines and need a good excuse to buy a MPC Studio
  2. I'm still getting an issue with MPC Beats hanging the DAW when loading projects, UNLESS I laod it as an Effect rather than a VSTi - but then I only have sterio so it's not really usable.
  3. I just found out cubase 11 has added this .. now we would be playing catch up.....
  4. The work around is a pain in the *****, I'd like a dedicated sampler that 100% works in cakewalk. without having to worry if someone else has also bought that plug - in. Not having to sign in to a programme, not have there extra DRM eating up the resources, not worrying if the latest update nullifies my working method. Time cakewalk grew out of the 4 piece band mentality and woke up to the fact some musicians have moved on from that and use / need tools to emulate other aspects.
  5. A good sampler would be useful, with 16 multiple stereo out's, choke, round robin, probability, at the very least .. can we have that ? There is a ton of 3rd party samplers all with pro's and cons. useful and necessary. Cyclone GUI .. ewww forget it ... it's too dated. My fave is Giest 2 but it's unstable, I like MPC Studio / MPC beat .. but that hangs the DAW, Maschine is ok and seems to be reliable, Steinberg's backbone has some awesome features, Satalia is a little unstable. Kontakt is a beast, Serato Sampler is semi useful. Breaktweaker is handy, Nerve is useful, Battery by NI is good. So an ideal instrument would push creation, be intuitive and above all else .. be stable. Out of all the one's I've tried the microedit and polyrhythm from breaktweaker, the polyrhythm, pattern based filter FX / gate / pitch, transmod and round robin of Giest2 would fit the bill. Cakewalks step sequencer could just be tweaked to fill this missing role if you design a way to have each note control a set of samples.
  6. Ahhh, ok yes, so I can build a genre template with a of pre existing arrangements, so I can do what I want, though the sections part will get very full !
  7. Love the arranger, great to see song structure get some love. I'd like to be able to save and load arrangements so if I work on a 16 or a 32 bar loop, I can then load a pre existing arrangement and then start to fill a song from that as inspiration, would be nice to save and load markers too. Is this already there, and I'm just missing it ?
  8. I don't think it does... but would be nice to get a reply occasionally.
  9. The Voxengo Span is a good plug in, I use that and also DMG audio TrackMeter. The point is, I don't like it as a plug in. I'd like it as part of the DAW. Keep posting suggestions though, someone reading this might be struggling for an analyzer.
  10. This could be a nice core feature to improve workflow and ease the sharing or drum kits and patch's. I'm all for it.
  11. Please could I have a multicoloured spectrum analyzer that works off the matsr bus, and has a piano roll along the top much like the EQ one, and can sit along the top , like the transport control. Ideally stretchable or at least 2 or 3 different lengths for choice to suit the visual monitors I'm using. It would be nice to add a mouse over effect that highlights the frequency and note the pointer is over by reporting it in the corner of the analyzer. I always have a plug in for this, and constantly have to put it back in focus and move it around so I can work with other plug ins. I'd like it just there.. always ready for a glance in view.
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