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    I'm back home and will be back to posting in the morning! Good to be home!
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    Monoplugins has re-released its Monique and B-Step Sequencer plugins for Windows and macOS as freeware. Both products were priced at $49 previously. https://www.kvraudio.com/product/monique---bass-and-lead-synthesizer-by-monoplugs
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    Waves Central also updated! Run Waves Central to update!
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    Is it bad that I opened this thread expecting to see a deal on a new little DAW called Levity?
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    I got one of these: Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard Outfit Electric Guitar Aged Dark Cherry Burst - Pre-Ordered today.
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    Run the Product Portal to update
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    At the request of some of us who see direct comments/suggestions from users we had the web team improve the listings like the one above as well as information on the web pages (for example, you can now see what collections a particular instrument you are viewing is included with, if any).
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    Version 5.3.1 GM (b3324, 7ac2feeb3d), 2020-10-06: Improved Minor UI improvements for the iLok Cloud. Fixed Fixed crash during surrender update if there are no choices for one of the licenses that need to be surrendered. Fixed Fixed an obscure crash when signing in. Run the iLok Manager to update
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    Just finished my new Studio.
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    The improved unmasking is actually an EQ inside the Relay plugin (which I guess I didn't get at first). You put Relay on the music track and Nectar on the vocal and then when you turn on the unmasking in the assistant it listens to both tracks and adds a dynamic EQ to the relay plugin on the music track. I got the impression that the Relay thing and the Unmasking were only part of the Plus, but by the time I looked at it I had already upgraded (via the Post Production Suite) so I don't know what the non-plus Nectar 3 was like. I'm not sure I'm a big fan of using plugins to do routing though, things like Relay can mess with the timing of various tracks. They often make assumptions about how a DAW works, and since no two DAWs work the same way that's often bad.
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    And here is my run-through.😎 This is a very wonderful and powerful sounding piano library, the same piano and room as the Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Piano library. Garth focuses a lot on trying to approach the presets as if they were fully master piano tracks, so a lot of interesting use of effects in creating the Snapshot presets.
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    We've been working with them to get new Groove3 users a free 14-day pass too
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    The King is not just back, but he's back with a vengeance and making up for lost time!! Life is good.
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    I didn't know WA named a product after you.
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    Available in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac, 2B Delayed is free to download through October 16th, 2020. Use coupon code FREEPLUGIN at the checkout to reduce the price to zero (regular 7.99 EUR). More information: 2B Played Music
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    I posted a lot of photos of scantily clad woman...
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    If only this was a pinned topic when I first visited this forum in the spring and also if I knew what GAS actually meant. 😛
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    Dec 2nd, 2020 is quickly approaching. That is the day "BMD" goes off life support. Thanks to all that participated.
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    Who doesn't enjoy a nice flat white in the morning? I know I do. It's about the only type of espresso coffee drink I can make on my machine. However this theme doesn't really have anything to do with coffee, except maybe if you look at the "select/focus/OLED" displays and say, yeah, I have a desire to lick the crema out of an espresso cup right about now... I've been chasing the goal of the perfect non-3D "light" theme for some time and this is my latest effort. I want a theme that is clear, un-distracting. If you don't like grey, this probably isn't the theme for you. FLAT_WHITE.ZIP Previews:
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    Just as the title says. You can rename any type of track from the Console View by double clicking on the name field. Is should be the same for midi tracks when working in PRV. Please consider it, Thank you!
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    I LOVE that you can now resize Waves plugins and I think they look great! It also appears that there is one waveshell file for v12 instead of a half a dozen. So far, this update is a win for me.
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    I see a drop down with a choice of V10, V11, and V12 in the new Wave Central. V9 is still the crazy extra thing.
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    Hey, guys. Spent the weekend assembling the left over gear into a workable bedroom studio. What do you think, so far?
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    Let's hope JRRshop comes through this mess as I have done business with them in the past and hope to do business with them in the future.
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    Get it here https://www.jrvaudio.com/products/1001/products/1005/remonster.aspx
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    They've had some surprising news about one of their children ... they've just found out they have a bi son.
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    Nothing worse than a spamming horror harp....
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    Concur with bitflipper on Melodyne, but I don’t feel silly about holding out for a sale at all. It’s not just Melodyne. When you consider the number of companies these days expecting substantial bucks for really minimal changes to their products, it really adds up. PS: My view may be substantially affected, of course, by the fact that I do love sushi.😁
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    all of these are 50% off direct from SB https://new.steinberg.net/promotion/groove-agent-expansion-sale/ FWIW I have a few of these, the Simon Phillips ones etc - save your money and put them towards SD3 or one of the recent expansions. In a different league.
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    Here's the link: https://2bplayed.com/product/2b-delayed/
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    Get it here https://audioplugin.deals/free-audio-production-plugins/
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    Making some progress here. I received this back this afternoon: "Thanks for your patience while we got back to you. Thank you for your patience. After some discussion and looking into this matter, we are prepared to issue you a replacement flash drive. In the interim, software such as Lurrsen Mastering Console and Modo Bass can be downloaded via the internet as they are not as large as the Sampletank 4 or Miroslav 2 content packs." And there were no additional links to other IKM promotions! So I replied with a confirmation of my physical address. In the meantime, I will continue having some fun with MODO Bass that was small enough to download. If they dont want the old USB stick back, I think I will open it, put in some lead sinkers and have fun with that as a real paper weight!
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    Hmm.... Lars has some explaining to do
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    Bapu has lots of VST's because he doesn't practice safe financial *****. Oh, give me a flippin' break! Even the word "i n t e r c o u r s e" is censored??! (But bullshit isn't?)
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    worst thing i noticed , is that i "auto gased" myself during his absence *.... bad sign ......really bad sign .....
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    Please update your post whether or not full Kontakt is required. Glad to have you back!
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    I solved my Eventide itch. I’ve got me a H9 Max :). The app is the saviour.
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    Game over .... we back in bizness men ...
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    Just when I thought I was on the road to recovery from GAS! 🤪
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