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    Not a deal for you, but was for ME! ❤️ I got this for $460 from Sweetwater. Said it was used. It was immaculate! $440 savings! YAY ME!!! It's a PRS SE Angelus AE50e How this came about was I had ordered a used one for $600 on Reverb from Fort Wayne, IN. last Wednesday. It said "Shipping Label Printed" almost immediately. So waited for it to say "Shipped". Thursday...still says Label Printed. Friday...still says Label Printed. I contact the seller and he says that he took it to work and shipped it from there on Friday, so may not ship out until Monday. So I waited. Monday comes and the day goes by and I check again. STILL says "Label Printed". I again contact the seller. He states that he can't find if it shipped or not and is looking into it. Tuesday morning I check again and still says "Label Printed". So I contact him and tell him I want a refund. Wednesday I get my refund. I hope they didn't lose his guitar. But, that said, after I get my refund I head to Sweetwater because I saw when I was looking that they had a couple of Demo's for $809. When I checked I happened to see THIS one for $459.99! I'm like WHAT? So I check out the pictures. The only flaw they showed was pinhead size "dent" in the side of the headstock. So I ordered it. Saved $140 bucks from the OTHER one that I ordered. It just arrived and it's MINT. Yes, there is a Pinhead size "dent" in the headstock, that you would need a magnifying glass to see, and I DON'T CARE...LOL It's GORGEOUS! This is the ACTUAL Guitar I bought! Came with a Hardshell Case also...a very nice one!
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    The way I see it after some testing (with the most neutral settings): 24 and 80 when used across individual tracks have a subtle cumulative effect. On the master bus are almost nonexistent. 99 and 440 are not so subtle across individual tracks, but give great results on the master bus. Bear in mind, these plugs are CPU hungry and can easily cause dropouts, if you have too many tracks. In such case you'd want to use them only on buses, not individual tracks. HTH.
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    I think everyone has behaved themselves accordingly, however the risks of arguments are becoming elevated. This thread is locked.
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    @Chris Boshuizen This issue has been fixed for our next update. Its actually something that was broken in one of the SONAR releases itself. The next update has major improvements and optimizations for plugin time sync and looping so many old issues have been resolved.
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    Hi forum folks Here's a new song that I co-wrote with Patty Lakamp (lyrics) and has James Griffiths playing on guitar. Lyrics below link The Next Level © 2019 Lyrics by Patty Lakamp Music by Daryl Greenway Performed by Staypress Guitar by James Griffiths @jyemz V1 I’m happy with my girlfriend But we have a looming issue Just what is this Next Level She wants to take us to? V2 I’m really only guessing Cuz it’s hard for me to picture And what is it exactly She wants me to deliver Chorus The dreaded Next Level Scares me half to death She’s got me unsettled And out of my depth I’m not sure what I’m s’posed to do All she said is Something New I hope it's not too stressful That dreaded Next Level Instr. Break V3 She has these expectations I might need a refresher I really don’t want to lose her, but I don't perform well under pressure Chorus The dreaded Next Level Scares me half to death She’s got me unsettled And out of my depth I’m not sure what I’m s’posed to do All she said is Something New I hope it's not too stressful That dreaded Next Level Instr. Break Bridge How many levels are there? And what comes after this? And what does she expect of me? And what if I resist? And why can’t we just stay right here? I like the way it is Chorus The dreaded Next Level Scares me half to death She’s got me unsettled And out of my depth I’m not sure what I’m s’posed to do All she said is Something New I hope it's not too stressful That dreaded Next Level It sounds experimental That dreaded Next Level
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    Krap. I don't quite know how to interpret NI's statement, but puhleeeeze no subscription.
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    For me it is enough to have one subscription: To the tax office! No demand on additional subs!
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    Just an FYI for people using the free version... There are a couple additional modules that are free and you can add them by installing them separately. Away from my computer at the moment so can't recall their names.
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    How can I Unsubscribe from Subscription offers? 😆 To the extent that the subscription model makes sense for anything to me, it's particularly silly for me to subscribe to a plug-in bundle. I'm a big ho-bag for plug-in deals in the first place so I have to watch it to make sure that my drive doesn't fill up with a bunch of great stuff that I wind up never using on projects. I need to be careful to only even download and keep things that I know I will make use of. The idea of paying monthly for a collection of plug-ins I might use 5% of is insanity. First, I'm not so into bundles. It would be like going to a woodworking store that carries Porter-Cable and telling them to give me one each of everything P-C makes whether I actually need a router, circular saw, jointer, planer, drill, etc. I may already have a Hitachi drill that works great, I might never use a jointer. I may not even like P-C's model of sabre saw. I might make an exception for Meldaproduction. 😂 Next is the subscription model itself. I think it works in situations where the software is used in a commercial environment where it's used to generate income. A graphic design house can just pay Adobe every month for their software and be done with it. It's another invoice. Where someone's a broke bedroom musician who saves up to buy one $25 Waves plug-in at a time every 2 months, and it's regularly going to be down to buying groceries or making rent vs. paying their $12.95 plug-in subscription, no way, not now, not ever dream on.
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    But that's not possible, since Little Sebastian is 5,000 candles in the wind now This would be something IK Support could look into for you but I'm not able to make changes to your specific account/purchases. Typically there aren't substitutions in this group buy but I'm not sure what else they're able to come up with, if anything. Very nice! 👍 Please do note that you have 30 days after the promotion closes to choose so at least you have more time to be clueless! I know you say finally, but note we're below 70/day average to reach the last tier, which is a market improvement over the days just following the crossing of the current tier. Keep it up!
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    Thanks I'll take a look. I think at minimum it should be preloading the next project ahead of time irrespective of the wait for keypress option.
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    If your DAW computer doubles up as the "family PC", then I would definitely go for dual-boot.
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    Cakewalk by BandLab comes with these three very nice and useful VST effects, two of them are multi-FX processors oriented toward vocals (VX-64) and percussion (PX-64), the other is a saturation processor (TL-64) with multiple controls. The VX and PX carry only Cakewalk branding, the TL also says "powered by Studio Devil). Unfortunately, by default, they are "excluded" in the terminology of the Plug-In Manager, and in order to use them the user must use Plug-In Manager to change their status so that they show up as available in the FX racks and lists. Every time a new version of CbB installs, the installer flips their status back to "excluded" and the user must again use Plug-In Manager to enable them. They were enabled as part of the SONAR Platinum suite. I read on the forum that some of the Style Dials use their resources. I don't know what the barrier is to making them available by default.
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    BTW...you can STILL pick up Scheps Omni Channel at Best Service for $26.12 ...less if you have Best Coins https://www.bestservice.com/scheps_omni_channel.html
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    thankfully edited ...... Kenny
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    Hmmmm....maybe I will pick up Sampletank. Sort of like comparing apples to oranges. Still..... I need an excuse to buy Sampletank
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    Mistakes are how we learn to grow, Peter. Let it grow!
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    You may be on to something here. But honestly, I think it reads like "Subscription Time!" That's what I read too.
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    Scheps Omni Channel is fantastic. Even if you just use it for problematic spots, it has all the tools you need to tame squeaks, excessive sibalance, difficult plosives, etc.
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    I traded my UAD account awhile back (after having it for years) as I just couldn't afford/justify to keep up with their prices. Like the good King said "if I was doing this for a living"....it would be a different story. Great plugins with a great price tag.
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    Length is more important than price. Shorter is better. I like cables that have some difference between them so I can keep them straight. Some variance in colors or ends helps there. I wouldn't want 16 identical cables b/c I'd have to mark them myself. I've acquired my cables over decades so they look different. It has been decades since I've had one that went bad. They do sometimes go bad, but not that often if you treat them lovingly. Don't walk on your cables. Definitely don't bounce on them as you jump to the beat. I was running sound for some band in the Boulder band shell when some guy did this. haha. Nothing I could do to help that! I got a 25 ft snake this year and it has been handy. A nice thing to be able to have the DAW a nice distance from the amps. Previously, I've linked two mic cables when necessary. Guitar output is actually kinda strong (electrics). I didn't know that when I started. Phantom Powered mics do ok with distances up to 100 ft too. Be cautious with the ribbons. They have a very faint signal. Jerry Garcia said once that the longer your cable the more it's like turning down your tone nob on your guitar. When he first found himself on enormous stages, he got really really long cables for fun and was like, 'What happened?' 🙂 At 12:31 he says get cables that won't break. I totally agree with that. If you ever have a bad experience with a cable, mark it like a bad climbing rope.
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    Ohhh... I didn't know that either. Since I have never had more than one voucher, I didn't know this info, nor had I tried to do it. That's good to know though. Agreed on not worth it to me either. And you have to wonder, what is it worth to the majority of us here? With all the very good free plugins, with all the excellent cheap plugins out there, why would someone like us want to commit to a monthly, yearly sub? I can see if we were in business with it, but not just hobbyist/part time users. And the vast part of the plugin business is not big studio's, it's us, the regular guys. That's why Waves is selling for $29, because they make more from us than they do the big guys. That's why there are so many small plugin makers. They selling all that stuff to somebody! And I think just like you found out Matt, those that do the sub will feel after a while they aren't going to continue on. Just not getting enough for the money your shelling out. And then all the companies will do what happened to EW. Lackluster releases, no competitive edge anymore.
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    I call it the Forkswagon Becanator
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    I would recommend that in the context of first starting to learn guitar -play-ability is the most important factor. In that price range - you can get some amazingly fine sounding guitars. A cheaper and more modern manufactured ply guitar is nothing like the days of old. They can be fantastic, but the downside of modern manufacturing is in the lack of detail in the set-up. The frets are often just pressed and not fine tuned and the nut height is often very generically set and can add difficulty in playing which is definitely not what you want when first struggling to learn. If you find one, at least have it looked over by someone who knows what they're looking at and maybe it'll be ok out the box - but maybe factor in a low cost initial set-up. As far as brands go - Yamaha's and Takamines are pretty good IMO.
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    I agree with this. There are some Fender and Epiphone Guitars in the 2 to 3 hundred dollar range that sound excellent for the money...are they great guitars? No, not great, but exceptional entry level guitars that sound like guitars costing much more! Also, as was stated, the Yamaha's in the price range also are very nice... Remember, as Yoda says: "There is no try....only do....or do not" 😜
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    Science: "Nothing is truly random." Me: *Shows them this Fred..." Science: "More research is needed!" 😁
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    Let's Celebrate Mexican Independence Day! 70% OFF EVERYTHING : CODE VIVAMEX For the next 3 days! Use the code VIVAMEX to get 80% OFF All Plug-Ins and Add-Ons! I Want Plug-Ins! Offer Valid until Sep 17 8pm CST
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    The silly thing is that when you go to the link page ...you have add to card. , and the name of the bundle ...no subscription written clearly ... believe or not i had a student that went sub with slate because his english was bad , and he just bought the bundke thinking it was 149 lol ... pathetic brands method when you don t put regular prices clearly stated ...
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    Kudos for IK for fixing my dilemma. Of course it will happen again if the next target is reached. I'm sure others will experience it. IK really stretched themselves out. My other rant is micro usb ports on their controllers. They are in love with them. I will never buy any controller from any manufacture that uses those ports.
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    I don´t really get this post. What "feature gap"? CbB has its own feature set, that obviously is not the same as programs like Bitwig or Ableton Live, but that is not much different from other programs of its kind, like Logic or Cubase, and both of them are widely used for electronic music. Even though Live has become the de facto standard for that, you see a lot of people using Logic, that has a feature set much like CbB´s. I also do not see that attitude that you mention, "you can't complain about free" from the developing team´s side, who seem very much commited to make this software improve, not only in stability but also in core features. And yes, maybe sometimes you can not complain about free if your complain is that you are not getting enough instruments or plugins of your liking with your free DAW.
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    Ye the microwave trick works well. I just use very low power when heating it. Like 2. Gets it just warm enough to relive that first time!! : ) LOL!! Never tried the Duncan Donuts. For me it's plain ole glaze or Apple Fritters! Or cinnamon twists. OR Honey Buns!! Or... I like me some donuts!!! I gotta stay away!!!
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    I have 16 items not greyed out and I have them already. Odd. This is so messed up.
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    FWIW, I often run into the situation where I've played both straight and triplet 8ths, and want to quantize both toward their respective grids. In this case, you have to quantize to 16th triplets (the greatest common devisor of both durations), but if your playing is loose (or just plain 'bad'), some notes may move the wrong way. In that case what I do is create a clip in another track that has notes exactly on the matching 8ths and 8th triplets, and Groove Quantize to that reference clip. I also discovered a while ago that I'm in the habit of playing a figure of 3 in the time of 5/16ths. I have to watch out (listen out?) for that, and avoid quantizing those bits, and then separately Groove Quantize them to a reference clip with notes at 400-tick intervals. I often wish Cakewalk could really 'understand' rhythm, and take care of all of this for me. ;^) Kudos to Michael for taking the time to explain the ins and outs of swing quantizing. I wanted to help when I first saw the question, but felt it it would take to much typing to explain!
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    Well you certainly have Chops in that Style and Musical Genre . Kenny
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    No problem but also thank you for not giving me a bit of crap for not realizing that upload was apparently resized downward to where I believe it might be possible to see that there are three digits to the left of the decimal in one spot and two in another. At least for those of us in our late 40s and beyond But really, sorry about that, being on a Surface Pro currently it is usually the opposite issue - screencaps are way too big due to the high-DPI and scaling combo. So I would never have thought a screencap would be too tiny.
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    Cakewalk's guitar chord library.
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    Put the "input echo" on for the synth. I don't think it's necessary for the arpeggiator but do it there too. The synths input should be the arpeggiator and the output should be to the master. The arpeggiator input should be either midi omni/channel or midi device omni/channel and the output should be none. Some midi generators can produce sound with a little inbuilt synth. In that case the output should go to the master and "input echo" must be on if you want to hear the inbuilt sound together with the synth.
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    That's the downfall of all of us!! I don't drink or smoke.... anymore! But when I did..... I did my share and a little of everybody else's share too!! LOL!! TMI I know.
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    Hi there again . . . OK - Good news/Bad news (LOL) Good: I found the list Bad: The list for the most recent files is located in the registry So depending as to how comfortable you are with your operation system will determine if you want to look and see what is there. It is the only thing I can think of looking at it to find out if you have only "5" projects listed. Or just do what I suggested previously (open other files). If you want to venture in to the registry for a look, let me know and I will tell you how to do it. I would try the opening other files first (if you don't like messing with your registry. Otherwise I have no other suggestions at this time Syphus
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    Kanye is entitled to his opinion, and I have my own about Kanye. Kanye either doesn't play the guitar, doesn't know how to listen well, and/or doesn't listen critically There is no synth that can replace a guitar, sax, trumpet or many other instruments. I play synth guitar/electric guitar and synth sax/acoustic sax. The synth can do a lot of things the guitar and sax can do, but the guitar and sax can do some things a synth cannot do. On the other hand the synth can do some things the guitar and sax cannot do. So when I play synth guitar or synth sax, I play it as it's own instrument, for the things it can do that the guitar or sax cannot. A good guitar player or someone with a critical, trained ear can tell when the guitar is synth. Others may not. A good sax player or someone with a critical, trained ear can tell when the sax is synth. Others may not. I don't care how good the samples are. The guitar, sax, trumpet, violin etc. player can coax certain nuances out of his/her instrument that is impossible to do with samples, no matter how many multisamples you have. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :D Notes
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    This is interesting - when I used to use my APro 800 with Sonar 8LE I would occasionally get instances when the DAW wouldn't respond to controller midi - sometime keyboard, sometimes controls, sometimes both. Never did discover what the problem was but now thinking it may have been something similar. Haven't had that problem yet with CbB fortunately but possibly because I keep the controller plugged in all the time now!
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    Congrats ZT!! I think you'll like it. I also feel the same about Amplitube's menu's....of course, I've been using Bias Amp and also love the new FX2 I recently got. Post back with your thoughts...
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    That is just a sample instrument player. You would need Falcon to load samples. https://support.uvi.net/hc/en-us/articles/115005611265-Can-I-import-custom-samples-into-UVI-soundbanks-
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    The Velocity MFX that comes with CbB almost does it, but not quite. A midi compressor would actually be pretty easy... I'll add it to the list (unless the bakers add one more slider to theirs) 😎
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