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    This guide was written by @Pete Brown from Microsoft who is also an active DAW user. I thought I'd post it since it takes a common sense approach to getting the best performance from a PC, rather than some of the stuff out there with outdated nonsense that dates back to the XP days https://aka.ms/Win10AudioTweakGuide
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    DOH! I bought it twice, thinking I didn't already have it. I keed, I keed. I have three of them 🙂
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    More freebies from IK Multimedia - Grab a Synth Giveaway - In exchange for responding to a short survey on synthesizers, participants will receive Hitmaker: Synthwave library (reg. €49.99) which works in the free SampleTank 4 Custom Shop. Valid until March 31st. Plus, you'll receive a coupon for 15% off on the preorder of the new UNO Synth Pro. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=10476
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    Rent-to-own needs to be the new standard for subscriptions...
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    YES! Anything you buy is Tax Deductible as a Business Expense! I guess that's one of the perks of having a Pro Studio! If I could deduct what I buy from my income they would owe ME money!
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    BTW we pushed an update to our installer that detects and shuts down the Waves Local server until this is fixed by Waves. So it should at least temporarily resolve this from our end.
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    In his guide, Pete sez... <<I beg forgiveness for the marketing-like blurb, but please do check [Edge] out.>> I know he can't shamelessly promote Edge without looking like a shill, so I will. Edge is fast and efficient, and improvements like Collections shows someone at Microsoft is thinking "hmm, I wonder what would actually help users."
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    Maybe I'm amazed or maybe it's very sad, that people don't need to master real instruments any longer as they can simply draw and readjust rectangles in the dadgum piano roll.
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    When I interviewed Warren some time ago on my channel we talked off camera for quite some time about it and he was intrigued as he’d never heard of it. I asked for a moment of his time to give him a quick tour via screen sharing and he was blown away! His first question was “Why aren’t more people talking about this?!” I told him of the sorter history and reassured him that regardless of the past there was still a strong community of Cakewalk users and that it now has full support again! Thats when he told me that several in the community had been talking about it but it slipped under his radar as it isn’t widely used or spoken of daily. It was then that we discussed doing a course for his community. Even though there aren’t as many that use it in the PLAP Academy (of which I am a Lifetime Member) he still took time out of his crazy schedule to try and help. I assure you Warren is truly a gentleman and an excellent mentor. If he makes some money off of the course in return for his countless hours of free training, I am completely fine with it.
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    He told me he saw that a lot of people in the community are using it and was wanting to help in some way! I hope it will get more people on board, whether they find bugs or not. After all, some people with fresh perspective might eventually come up with the next best idea for improvement as well!
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    Audiothing Wave Box https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1705
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    Too busy putting it in his cart..... to haul it to the dump.
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    We are giving away the Soldano SLO-100 for AmpliTube 5 (including AmplITube 5 CS) free now if you don't have it. Artist presets are going to be available in the coming weeks, as well. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?id=AmpliTubeNumber1FreePresets&utm_source=forum&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=amplitube5number1
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    Well hello Robert. It's intrigued me very much to read about the history of Cakewalk, Inc.'s various mergers and acquisitions over the years. My stepfather was CEO at a couple of leisure product companies in my childhood, so I heard him talk about that stuff over the years. Then as an adult I toiled in the software industry, including a few shrink wrap houses like Adobe, prior to and during the advent of the www as a game-changer. My thesis has always been that as a freeware corporate giveaway, the quality of Cakewalk is likely to increase. This is because development will be driven by the developers' impulse to please their own needs (one of which is to do a job they can be proud of) and those of the user community rather than the survival need to acquire new licensees. I was called a dreamer on the old forum and this one, and well, I'm so happy to be able to say "neener-neener." There were (and still are) those who insist that the whole scheme is doomed and that there is no possible way to maintain high-quality software without charging people to use it. They'll post these assertions using Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, and apparently have never been to a trade show where companies are giving away tote bags or guitar picks with their logos on them. Just gotta think of Cakewalk now being the promotional item rather than the thing being promoted. I've seen people endlessly confounded when after almost a year, the developers have been working their butts off to ship the latest major version, and it finally ships. Yet it still carries all these bugs and design annoyances and oversights that people have been complaining about since 2 versions earlier. I've been both on the selling side and the buying side. The reason is simple: because fixing bugs and small featues doesn't bring in new licensees and upgraders. Fixing bugs costs money, adding flashy features makes money. It's why so many companies would love people to subscribe to their software as a service. With that model, if you continue to ship buggy crap, you open yourself to loss of subscribers due to people questioning that $30 per month bill, with competitors lining up to eat your lunch, and you can also afford to attract new users at a reasonable rate of uptake because you have a steady stream of cash coming in. Rather than depending on huge adoption right after the magazine reviews of the new features (which never mention bugs) are published. I've seen others wondering what effect Cakewalk's free license scheme is going to have on the DAW market. Will it take out a smaller program or two that someone might have used to get started? On that topic, I have no idea. Maybe there is less room for the Mixcrafts and Mu Studios of the world. I dunno. What I haven't given much thought to is the effect it might have on people who teach and produce instructional materials, like Warren and Robert. Did the companies that were doing this before Gibson binned Cakewalk Inc. suffer? Probably? Will there eventually be an uptick, or are we already seeing one? 3 years later, there are 4 YouTubers I know of who are publishing regular tutorials, which means there are probably more. Are colleges showing interest? Or do they still pretend that what you must do is learn Pro Tools prior to moving to L.A. to "make it" in the recording industry (iLok in hand)? Things will take longer than with payware programs due to there being nobody paid to go around and advocate for it. Always fun to watch the story unfold....
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    Thanks man! A lot of the information in my course is geared toward achieving a finished mix quickly that you can be proud of. I don’t consider myself a guru or anything, I just love the software and after 15 years I can navigate my way around it quickly. My main desire was to help others and in the process get Cakewalk the publicity it deserves.
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    Ok...found out some information. He's alive, but in the hospital and not well. But I was told that he will contact us when he gets out of the Hospital... So that's good news!
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    IK Multimedia: "Let's make purchasing things convoluted." Waves: "Hold my beer."
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    Scooby-Dooby Doo; Where Are You!
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    Grem And my favorite is the new Clarent (Orange Clone) - that is getting a lot of traffic!! Nigel
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    I enjoy that game too. I had someone once call to tell me that my Windows was compromised claiming to be from Microsoft. I said - great I work for Microsoft too. They promptly hung up 😉
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    Not sure why they decided it`s a leap year. Hope the 3rd code isn't on the 29th. Just saying😁
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    Such tools can be very useful for writing and making demos even if they won't make the final mix. On my current project virtual bass, guitar and drums have all been replaced with real instruments, my mock up providing a rough guide for musicians recording the final parts.
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    The "prefer background processes" bit can actually hurt you. During the investigation for my tweak list, I looked this one up, because it comes up often. That setting is primarily for servers with background processes (think Database or web server) which need to be prioritized over the interactive applications. Normally, foreground apps get a boost to keep them responsive. Setting it to prefer background services puts foreground and background on a fairly equal footing, with some caveats. For DAW use, when using an ASIO driver setting it to "background services" : If the driver is loaded by a process other than the DAW (like a service), and doesn't use MMCSS threads, this setting could potentially keep the audio driver from being starved by a faster interactive application. If the driver is loaded in-process with the DAW, this will not have any positive effect because the audio driver is part of the foreground application process. If the driver is loaded by another process (like a service), and DOES use MMCSS threads, this setting will not have any positive effect. In all cases, when you set this to prefer background processes, you are causing all those other services that folks put in tweak lists as "robbing" processor cycles, on an equal footing with your DAW app, causing them to potentially use more CPU than you may want. If you are using WASAPI, the calculus is a bit different because there are more moving parts. And, again, if the bit running in the background process is using MMCSS threads (many do now), this will not have any impact because those have a different scheduling algorithm applied. As I mention in my on tweak list, the key is to measure measure measure. And be sure to do so both before and after the change, and in isolation from other changes. In most scenarios, this setting is not going to help performance of the DAW. In some cases, it could make it perform worse. Pete
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    Like my previous video comparing EZBass to the ujam basses, I've done a video comparing two different pieces of software to each other. It's mainly aimed at people who don't have any orchestral libraries and want to learn how they are different. Even if you aren't interested in the topic (it's a long video) please watch the first minute or so, as I think it's kind of fun. If that minute entertains you, but if you don't want to watch the rest it would be a big favor if you just let the rest of it run. 🙏 Turn off the sound! This is my worst audio track anyway! Thank you all for your support!
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    I've been making music and video editing. I don't know how I ever found time to go to work.
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    I couldn't help it and started watching the video. It's painful. The filters filter, the EQ EQs, the compressor compresses. At some point he says that this plugin has the "perfect amount of bands for an EQ." Dude, don't try so hard. As for workflow, there's always trade offs. What if you want two compressors in series? Also, I don't see a control to do parallel compression. Single window vs multiple windows is the same with tradeoffs, single is more convenient, multiple shows more parameters. "The really cool thing about this is [that] you can change the order of these modules." Plugin of the year. His conclusion is that you get "pro" sound out of this and that's why it's worth its price. What a load... Funny thing, the next video YouTube recommended was one of Dan Worrall's videos from the series "What's wrong with stock plugins?" I like the algorithm's sense of humor.
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    You know how little a plugin is worth when whoever is presenting it has to spend a third of the video talking good things about the plugin. Just take those 1500 bucks you were going to use to buy it, and get something like FabFilter's Total Bundle, which is 500 bucks cheaper and gives you an extremely versatile plugin collection that can do almost anything.
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    Had the privilege of seeing Tito Fuentes back in the day. A Giant.
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    Let's Call The Whole Thing Off - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
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    This seemed promising, but unfortunately I am looking for "hay!" shouts.
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    No, not for mixing. One of the reasons other DAWs report latency numbers is that certain other DAWs didn't use to have PDC, requiring the user to figure how much compensation was needed. Cakewalk was among first to make PDC a standard feature on an affordable DAW, instead of a premium feature you paid extra for.
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    I once played a bar where they had a dart board just to one side of the stage, three feet from my head and just inches from my PA. They wouldn't let us move it. It was a tense gig.
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    My last house had a nice basement (the only time I have ever had one), so I turned it into the best, small English pub-style bar in the area! (The guy at the dartboard is prior-World Champion Bob Anderson! The other guy ran a dart league about 150 miles away and lost a lot of money to me and Bob that night. LOL! 😜)
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    Half the normal price for a years membership of Beat Magazine Here in UK that's about £22 seems good value to me
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    WUP is rent to own... what you already own
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    I knew this was going to happen; someone was going to say that it was available on his site, and I was going to show my superior knowledge and state that the link on his site sent you to APD. What a missed opportunity to show Larry up.
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    Garageband is a pretty capable program, and it sounds like the OP is the target market for whom it was designed. Apple realized there needed to be an on ramp to Logic. Apple does make the interface and connection process, which is where he seems to be having trouble, easier than Windows. However, you're right that if he'd persisted, we could have at least gotten him up and running. What a lot of people don't realize that when they open CbB (or Logic, for that matter), they're being given the keys to what would have been a quarter-million dollar studio not that long ago - but without an engineer or tape op. It's as if the OP had walked into the Record Plant with no knowledge of what connected to the patch bay, how to sync to time code, etc. I sympathize with people who want to express their musical ideas and then they run into technological roadblocks. But, learning an instrument isn't easy, either.
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    Objeq Delay was da shiznet.
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    I'm not only a member but I'm the president of The Doing It Wrong For Men Club.
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    Mostly fixes for Apple, Ableton, Cubase. Removed 32 bit target on Windows. I am not sure if that means it will remove existing 32 bit installations, so you may want to back up if you have any projects on old hosts. Run Native Access.
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    Yes, that promotion is supposed to be done but I let it go for a bit longer. You can thank Dr Brian May since he posted this today: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLt5W0Kh_01/ Figured people would enjoy the discount today if they just heard about his collection from his post.
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    Very well put man! You’ve placed in a nutshell what most have never taken the time to divulge in, or maybe didn’t have the back history that you’ve had to see the forest for the trees! Kudos to you for having an open mind and staying positive!
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