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    If you REALLY want to show your gratitude...find a good charity and donate. I have finally made it out of abject poverty into mediocre poverty, and am VERY grateful, so find a GOOD NON-PROFIT and donate to it, or to a poor family you may know! THAT would be the ULTIMATE way to show your gratitude! And if you know of a REALLY GOOD CHARITY (NOT a Political one), then post it here for others to donate! It's time to help those less fortunate than ourselves! Charity (love) covers a multitude of sins!
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    Was just thinking: about time for another show of gratitude. Let’s bow to our king. The juan and only. He Who Must Be Obeyed.
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    Had to start a new thread as this is great news. Snap Heap will be $29 in June but free until then, as it was free before, but now comes with 30 free plugins instead of 5. https://kilohearts.com/products/kilohearts_essentials
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    This thread has run its course, so I'm going to put a lock on it. Please feel free to create new threads about any relevant issues, and we'll be happy to investigate. Thanks!
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    https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Violin_Runs There’s a special quality to fast scales performed by an ensemble of string players. It’s the concurrent presence of precision and minimal random deviations in a well-rehearsed ensemble that creates the smoothness and vividness of string ensemble runs. So to increase liveliness and authenticity in your tracks, it may be better in some cases to use pre-recorded runs than creating a string run out of single notes. That’s why we recorded octave runs performed by an ensemble of 14 violin players in all scales and modes that are now available in the well-organized patch structure of the Vienna Synchron Player.
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    We have released SampleTank 4.2.0 which adds drag-and-drop sample import functionality to the app along with extended sample import control plus a few maintenance updates. What’s New in SampleTank 4.2.0 • Added drag-and-drop sample import functionality • Expanded options for user sample import • Updated user manual with new sample import information • Fixed a bug on the Layer Panel where notes could get stuck while scrolling • General reliability improvements Log in to IK Product Manager to update or get SampleTank 4 on the IK site
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    What's New in SampleTank 4.2: - Added drag-and-drop sample import functionality - Expanded options for user sample import - Updated user manual with new sample import information - Fixed a bug on the Layer Panel where notes could get stuck while scrolling - General reliability improvements
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    To download in your user area. Focusrite Windows driver – release notes 4.100.10 (USB and Thunderbolt) Release: 16th May 2022 Supported devices: • 1st Gen Scarlett Range • 2nd Gen Scarlett Range • 3rd Gen Scarlett Range • Clarett USB Range • Clarett+ Range • iTrack Solo + Saffire 6 USB 2.0 • Clarett Thunderbolt Range* • Red Thunderbolt Range* * 64-bit systems only. For more information on Thunderbolt Windows compatibility see this article. Supported operating systems: • Windows 11 • Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit) 1803 or newer Notes: • Fixed an issue that caused Cakewalk by BandLab to lag before projects had been opened • Fixed an issue that caused Focusrite Notifier to not scale correctly on some high-DPI displays • General stability improvements
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    Lifetime license (10 years). That’s strange, now lifetime means the life span of a dog…
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    NOTE: Please DO NOT post what you donate. Keep that between you and your maker!
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    I will keep chasing GBs. Its just too much fun.
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    I install Syntronik Libraries to a "Syntronik 2" folder on my E drive. The samples get installed into "E:\...\Syntronik 2\Samples", and then into their respective instrument folders. But about half of the Syner V samples got installed into "E:\...\Syntronik 2\Syntronik 2 Sound Content\Samples. I moved them from there to "E:\...\Syntronik 2\Samples\Syntronik Syner-V" to fix it.
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    If we avoided most of your posts and this section in general many of us would be further away from poverty. 😄
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    Paul is totally legit. Look, he knows Hans Zimmer personally! Even brought him a Coke and seems pretty pleased about it. Meanwhile, Hans is busy explaining to the other guy that it's not his fault, Tina Guo just doesn't date nerds. The fellow wearing glasses with another pair hanging from his shirt didn't even have to ask.
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    I'm now on TS MAX 3.5 and I've decided to just live with each TS MAX upgrade from here on and not try to run after ever group buy or BOGO from IK. Simples.
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    As we all know, Larry might be IK new spokesman, so speculation might be really hype!
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    Hey, we are beating KVR in number of GB thread pages.... again! 😄
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    My favorite story (who cares if it's actually true, ya?): Right in the middle of a concert in Ireland, Bono stops the music and starts clapping his hands slowly. "Every time I clap my hands, a child dies in Africa!" he tells the crowd. Then, someone near the front can be heard yelling back "Then fooking stop it!!!" 🤣
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    I think it is a toss up on the savings part but I love that these parts of the forum are very friendly. I just have to be careful even if the water is fine 😉
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    How dare they issue an update while I'm eating dinner!
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    Hi there, greetings from Embody! thanks for your interest in Immerse Virtual Studio Alan Meyerson! Just saw your comments and wanted to say that we're really sorry about the confusion created around this "lifetime" thing (I really hope my dog lives over ten years!!). We actually propose a one time payment license for 10 year duration. The word lifetime is being removed to make things clear. The reason why we limit the license to 10-year duration is because as the studio upgrades its gear which it often does, our acoustics team measures it again and brings you the most current sound of Alan’s studio as a free upgrade. During the license duration of 10-years, maintenance, and upgrades are all included. Should you have any comments or questions, I'll be glad to follow up with you. Thanks!
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    This thread has my stomach in knots. I really hate the idea of paying a 3rd party (iLok) a ransom to get the licenses that I bought back...
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    Use Toontrack Manager to update: Release notes for EZdrummer 3.0.1 2022-05-18 EZdrummer 3.0.1 is now available to download using the Product Manager or from the ‘My Products’ area in your Toontrack account. Please note that version 3.0.1 is required for the support of EZX expansion packs released from this point forward (Q2 2022). CHANGES General In the File menu, “Import EZdrummer 2 Project…” has been moved up to just below “Open Recent.” Added high-resolution graphics for more buttons, etc. Grooves Tab In Tap2Find, “Quantize” has been renamed to “Resolution” and a “Swing/Triplets” header has been added in the menu. Bandmate The text has changed in the main Bandmate drop zone to emphasize that audio files with distortion, for example, may not produce optimal results. “Swing/Triplet” was changed to “Swing/Triplets” in the Filters menu. BUG FIXES General Loading the plug-in in Cakewalk could cause a crash. Pop/Rock EZX was not shown with the new graphics with larger background. The ride in Americana EZX did not look right at 70% scale. When an EZX is loaded and is missing drum graphics, an alert is now shown to inform that the EZX needs to be updated or reinstalled. In REAPER on Windows, it should now be possible to drag MIDI from DAW tracks (by holding ctrl+alt) directly to the plug-in. In Studio One, it was not always possible to drag audio (of supported formats) from DAW tracks to the plug-in. (PreSonus Audioloop/Musicloop is still not supported.) Trying to load an EZX (or a project that uses that EZX) which has no drum graphics (and thus needs to be updated or reinstalled) should no longer cause a crash. Song Track Recording MIDI while having the grid editor open caused a crash. Drums Tab When previewing an instrument, the first hit would sometimes get the wrong pitch. Previewing hi-hats from another library would sometimes cause a crash. Grooves Tab The e-drum preset indicator was never shown on third-party MIDI folders (those that have been installed in the same location as Toontrack MIDI libraries). Grid Editor The Humanize on/off state was not saved in projects. The Humanize on/off state was reset when a different EZX was loaded. When Humanize is off, the previous bar is no longer used as template for velocities when notes are inserted. Bandmate Trying to load broken/empty/unsupported audio files should no longer cause crashes. Custom song parts are now handled better in the Bandmate. Using the Bandmate with Latin Percussion EZX loaded could cause crashes. Dropping a new groove on the Drums track while the browser was searching could cause crashes. Changing the playhead position with keyboard shortcuts only changed it graphically. Dragging the Bandmate output groove out from EZD3 (to the desktop, e.g.) and then trying to load another groove in the browser could cause the text “Loading groove…” to become stuck. E-Drum Settings CC values were not shown unless explicitly specified in the presets. Now all mapped CC values are shown. CC values could be written as keys when they had been edited. Opening the menu for an articulation under Mapping and then clicking on a different drum or switching between Key and Note Number could cause a crash. Standalone When the standalone is started, if the main window with its previous position and dimensions doesn’t fit on the screen, it is now moved and resized as necessary. On Windows on a display with a scale larger than 100%, parts of the window contents could be cut off and menus would open at wrong positions. On Windows, it was possible to launch more than one instance of the standalone. Installer On Windows, the standalone was installed in an unexpected directory on some localized systems in some circumstances. On Windows, the installer will now detect that the core library is not yet installed and display a reminder. Known issues in EZdrummer 3.0.1 2022-05-18 General – Mixer presets from EZdrummer 1 are not available in EZdrummer 3. – On Windows, if display scaling is set to a value above 100% and EZdrummer 3 is used in a DAW, dragging MIDI to the song track becomes difficult.* Mixcraft – Follow host is not aligning the EZD3 song track with the DAW timeline properly in Mixcraft.** *An offset causes the MIDI to not land on the Song track correctly. A workaround is to turn off High DPI mode in the DAW preferences, or set the Windows display scaling to 100%. **Acoustica reports that this issue is fixed in the next major version of Mixcraft. They hope to release Mixcraft 10 late this year. A beta version of Mixcraft 9 that fixes the issue is available at the following link. https://acoustica.com/mixcraft/support/beta
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    The guitarist for this project made his out of a block of jeweler's rubber. I can get you more information/photos if you'd like. Making this sample library has me curious about adding a rubber bridge to a P bass, too, since adding some amount of muting to those is so common for certain styles.
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    We have just updated Sektor to version 1.6.1 which includes support for Asio drivers in standalone mode, improvements to MPE support, performance improvements, bug fixes and more. Please visit our official website to download the demo, full version or update and read the full changelog at my account. A new update for Slice including Pro Tools AAX support, Asio driver support in standalone mode, new features such as drum sequencer swing, new factory loops and many other improvements is underway. Stay tuned! https://initialaudio.com/
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    16 until next freebie...should be there by morning... WAKE UP FREEBIE!
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    I was having zero, I repeat ZERO, issues with EZD3.0. 3.02 updated flawlessly and EZD3 continues to work perfectly. t Off topic, but related: The fix made for Cakewalk specifically speaks volumes about ToonTrack, and should eliminate any doubt that CbB is not taken seriously by the "industry"...
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    The idea behind this plugin was not to make just another guitar plugin but to create inspirational sounds from guitars: 18 instruments created from recordings of classical, acoustic, folk, electro-acoustic and electric guitars. 5 performance techniques: Open strings, harmonics, muted, short notes and special (fx). 5 textures to regulate independently. Get it now for free https://zaksound.com/sapphire-guitar/
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    I am no stranger to speculation myself, so I appreciate your post. BTW, this was from less than a year ago: but TS 3.5 MAX included: So, as you said, who knows?
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    Hi Saverio from HoRNet Plugins here. I'm sorry you don't like our upgrade policy but keep in mind that when we release a new major version we always add features and we only require a small fee on the order of some euros (never happened to be more than 3,99€ yet) so it's not something that everybody cannot afford. there is some plugin you bought that we then upgraded and you think it's not worth it? if you are willing em to let me know I'll be more than happy to improve and learn if we did some mistake. Saverio https://www.hornetplugins.com
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    Yeah, but I think they'd be beating us in beating IK 🤭
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    The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld
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    Wow ! That has got to be the coolest car a bass player can ever drive while working his Pizza Delivery Gig . Kenny
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    As long as I don't have to kneel before him I'm okay. Why you ask? Easy I won't be able to get up 😄
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    Soundpaint 1.1 was released today. It now contains free User Sample Import (USI) and the ability to share programs! USI automatically comes with Soundpaint when you update to 1.1 Check it out here! https://soundpaint.com/pages/free-engine
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    I'm optimistic.. I like to think that he's made me spend more money on deals I didn't know about, but saved me money on the things I was going to buy anyway, so the poverty ratio is about the same, but I have more plugins and instruments 😎 With the time saving of not having to read my emails I'm hoping puts me just in front! I fear the figures may not reflect that.. but I'm going with it anyway 🤣
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    I don't need these. Why did I come here? Hey this looks tempting! 🤔 Maybe I could use a few of these. Probably wouldn't hurt to have them laying around just in case. Right?
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    I've reported this behavior to the team, thanks!
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    This is something I find myself doing, but more by accident than design. A short time ago I found myself watching a documentary about Fleetwood Mac - a band that have never been on my radar. The two main things I took away from it were: I didn't realise how many Fleetwood Mac songs I actually knew; and Stevie Nicks is really, really, really annoying.
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    Sounds like you're running CbB as Administrator. Windows automatically disables drag/drop between applications running as non-admin and admin.
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    Version 3.0.0 / 16.05.2022 Stereo / mono amount added. Ducking mode added. Harmonic engine added. Peak EQ for mid frequencies added. Minor fixes and enhancements. https://tal-software.com/products/tal-reverb-4
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    ToneLib gives us three free plugins ToneLib BassDrive v1.0.0 => https://tonelib.net/tl-bassdrive.html ToneLib TubeWarmth v1.0.0 => https://tonelib.net/tl-tubewarmth.html (and the old) ToneLib Zoom v4.3.1 => https://tonelib.net/tonelib-zoom.html Download page => https://tonelib.net/downloads.html
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    Here is the process I've been using recently when installing Syntronik 2 content ... When installing a specific instrument, the location of samples and other content can be set during installation using these steps: In the IK Product Manager, go to the "Sounds" tab. Find the instrument to be installed and select "... More options" Select "Install to ..." Enter a directory path. Example: I created a root directory path for all Syntronik 2 on a 'samples' drive. When the path is entered and "select" button pushed, the download and installation starts. Before installing, the location of the installation files can be set using the IK Product Manager. I've been using the default location and periodically move the files to a USB back drive. The location can be changed using these steps: Press the preferences icon (gear/cog symbol ) right top of the window. Set the "Downloads Folder" Syntronik 2 fills the download location with many gigabytes of files which can be moved after installation Hope that's what your looking for. The explanation by "User 905133" should achieve similar results.
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