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    Peter said this on the VI-Control thread: As an additional incentive, not only will the current Syntronik 2 MAX multis be unlocked for all participants once the group buy reaches 3,000+ participants but we just added over 100 NEW Syntronik 2 MAX multis which will also be unlocked at 3,000+ participants. So no need to worry about sourcing the older multis if we reach the goal. They will be included.
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    PluginGuru takes Crystalline for a test drive in this livestream (video is cued to the topic at 28:33):
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    For the price of one month's subscription fee, you can try out Falcon and everything else that UVI makes. I wish all companies offered something like this as an option. Wouldn't it be great to be able to try out a Spitfire library before buying it?
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    It would be nice if they made this for some people. A reset button would be helpful too. Did i just say that?
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    You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy --Klaus Schwab
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    Well it's there now actually.
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    Full version tomorrow Yeah😀
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    Analog Obsession has updated the free plugin KABIN (Universal Guitar Cabinet Modeler) to v2.0.0 v2.0.0 updates DSP improvements Reduced CPU usage Redesigned GUI Retina/HiDPI Added Readout Feature for knobs Available Formats VST/VST3/AU | Mac 10.9 - 11.X VST/VST3 | Windows 7 - 8 - 10 - 11 https://www.patreon.com/posts/kabin-43454405
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    The short answer is No. There is no way to alter the default track to either preload PC settings or swap it for a track template in CbB. I created a shortcut using AutoHotkey to load a specific track template, in this example, a template for guitar. The script, bound Windows+Space, opens the template import dialog then navigates to my custom template folder then loads the guitar track template.
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    No longer works unfortunately. Although with extra discount it put it at 40% off which they have done in at least one other flash sale or two.
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    The Drinking Piano is a fat-bottomed monster upright with a classic beer hall sound that evokes images of the roaring 20s and pre-war 30s. We recorded this hundred-year-old instrument right up against the strings in a small, slightly reflective hall, giving you presence of a dry studio recording with just a hint of live ambiance. You'll feel as if you're right on the bench with the yellow, cracked ivories underneath your fingers. $39 intro price! https://soundiron.com/products/the-drinking-piano
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    It is here and it does sound very nice, rich low end and should be here for some time as I enroll it into Celebrate Recovery.The funniest thing was as I walked away, I thought I heard Bob Dylan! 😎 I continue enjoy seeing the Soundiron engine and learning more with each release that utilizes it. I think my first library that used it was their Didgeridoo Stay tuned 📺
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    Nope, 96 remaining! 😁 This GB is picking up steam! 👍
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    I went and fixed dinner, came back. and we have 1 remaining....
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    Well I was basing my conclusion on the last promo redemption that I used. I only saw 4 items that I did not already have, then selected one, so that would leave 3, right? Unless my IK account was maybe missing one from the promo list...? I'll need to review "My Account" and see how many synths I have registered this year. D*mn!!! Spreadsheet time!!! 🤣
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    To clear the Recent File List in CbB (which also clears the Start Screen) from the Windows command line enter reg delete "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Core\Recent File List" /va Store in a bat or cmd file for reuse. Or for those familiar with AutoHotkey, I wrote a simple script with a GUI to perform the same task but never bothered to port it to CbB. The script is in this thread on the old forum. Here is the original code for SONAR Platinum bound to the shortcut Windows+R It looks like this At a minimum, for CbB change recentFileList := "Software\Cakewalk Music Software\SONAR\Platinum\Recent File List" to recentFileList :="Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Core\Recent File List"
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    Its a silly thing to want, perhaps, but it would be nice to clear the recent projects list in the file tab. And also when you have projects with a single word for a title it only shows the title instead of the file location with the title in the recent projects list. -Mig
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    .....and emil has left the building.....
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    Also, unless I just haven't found it yet, a way to clear them from Start Screen. I launch using Smart Screen, and the recent projects clutter is a bummer.
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    If there were a reaction stronger than "Great" idea, I would have used it. "Excellent Idea." How to delete a marker was something that baffled me, and that I had to Google. John is absolutely correct about the "mid-click" modifier key being non-standard Windows, and given how Windows-compliant most of Cakewalk strives to be, rather odd, and it sure feels weird. I tried all of the standard modifiers before giving up and Googling. Alt+right click or something might be good, but just having it in the context menu would be a step in the right direction.
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    No, I don't think I want to start Larry on this! 🤐
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    That's the IK valued customer approach. Just ask Larry! 🤣
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    Hi John, You will have to update BFD 3 through the License Manager procedure. No actual link to the update. Kind regards, tecknot
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    https://www.waves.com/mixers-racks/cloud-mx-audio-mixer-premium The cheapest package is only $750/month.
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    Yes projects and templates and track templates will all save Pro Channel settings. You can also save pre sets within in the prochannel. Click on the little icon that is in the upper left corner.
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    POSTMODERN ELECTRONIC FUNK is more like it, as this is what they thought modern futuristic music sounded like in 1982. Cool sound though very Break Dance era vibes. Very Kraft Werk, Egyptian Lover, Soul Sonic Force kinda stuff. 👍
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    for Kontakt (full version). https://rastsound.com/downloads/chinese-hulusi-flute/
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    Just my opinion, if anyone has Syntronik 2 CS, SE, or Full, but hasn't gotten into the SYN2GB yet, and wants the Multis, they should help make sure it reaches the top tier. As I have noted before, the 30 Multis in Syntronik 2 Full reference Presets and Instruments that are not included in the non-MAX version. Now that I have the 11 new instrument packs installed from the SYN2GB, the Multis do load and don't crash Syntronik 2. To be clear: I just spot-checked the Multis that came with Syntronik 2 Full and (1) they do reference the new instruments and (2) they do work now that I have the 11 new instruments installed. UPDATE BASED ON A PRIOR POST (see the 5/9/2022 below): Since I tend to triple- and quadruple-check things, I just took the 11 new instruments and temporarily moved then to a "Pulled" folder. This effectively verified that SYN2 Multis that came with my purchase of a bundle with Syntronik 2 Full (1) reference Instruments not in the non-MAX version and (2) crashed Syntronik 2 Full on my PC. So, getting the 11 new Instruments solves this problem!!! Again, if you like Syntronik 2 and you want to use the new Multis, but you haven't bought into the SYN2GB yet, you might be very pleased at what you can get for $50 or $35 + $15 in Jam Points, even with the installation issues, the filter bugs, the amount of GBs, etc.
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    That's one of my favorite scenes from "The Dark Night"! You think that your boss is someone who goes out at night and beats criminals to a pulp, and your idea is to blackmail this man? Good Luck!
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    Allegedly the intro deal ends May 31. Thomann USA has it for $39 and no sales tax. GAS intoxication is making me forget that I already have xxx freakin' verbs. But THIS one looks so good.
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    The Movie Click with Adam Sandler has a story line like that ..I loved that movie . It even gave me a lump in my throat . Kenny
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    Allegedly Sony is joining the crossplay fun soon (unofficially hearing June). Borderlands is one of my favorite series of games and I think Borderlands 3 really improved a lot of gameplay and "quality of life" elements from the previous. Recommended, especially for free. The DLCs are good too, even if the fourth one (the Krieg DLC) is too short. I've picked up every Borderlands on every platform I have, currently I'm enjoying BL3 on both Xbox Series X and PC and also Tiny Tina's Wonderlands on Xbox Series X (but will grab it on PC when it is on sale there).
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    Great uplifting song --- lyrics and music. Mix sounds good to me and the video is impressive. I agree with John above - good transitions between "heavy and mellow." Oh ya, I like the quick ending also.
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    Another freebie from VSL: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Violin_Runs
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    We just wanted to let you know that we have an awesome promotion going on right now where you can get an All-Access Pass for only $4.99 a month for 3 months, and then lock in $9.99 a month after that until you cancel! That's over 65% off the regular price of $15 a month for the first 3 months and 33% off until you choose to end your subscription. There's no contracts or commitment, your card will be billed $4.99 a month for the first 3 months, and then only $9.99 a month thereafter until you quit. You can easily cancel anytime with one-click in your account dashboard. *Limited-time offer. Must redeem by May 31, 2022 https://www.groove3.com/cart
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    It must not be that important after all.
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    Thanks. We've also updated the search box so if you search for a company name (manufacturer) it will show the results there too. Eg. if you search for Project SAM, it will show you all Project Sam products in the results
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    $59.99 at EveryPlugin https://everyplugin.com/nx-virtual-studio-collection.html
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    Pure Bovine Excrement. I can't count the number of times I have seen an update to a plugin or a driver that has among other things listed "fixed a bug causing Cakewalk (or other DAW) to crash." The latest Focusrite driver comes to mind.
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    What the F*** are you talking about and what the F*** is your problem?
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