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    iZotope MPS 4 to 4.1 upgrade $49 Check your Loyalty offers at www.izotope.com I had MPS 4.0 and the verbs. Here is what the MPS 4.1 upgrade gave me... RX 9 Standard Melodyne 5 essential Groove 3 NIMBUS (looks like new #) R4 (looks like new #) This offer was mentioned in the middle of another iZotope sale thread and I missed it, it deserves its own mention.
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    I've been trying to tell all these vendors that for YEARS!
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    Seems, that SSL realized, that 10.000 x 19,99 is more than 100 x 199 😉😎
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    ...at AudioDeluxe. And you get AudioThing Valves for free! https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/solid-state-logic-ssl-native-x-comp
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    I have the Fabfilter Effects bundle and I’m still looking at this. Where’s the link to that ******* support group from a few topics ago?????
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    We're pleased to announce Early Access for 2021.12! This release introduces support for nested track folders, localization updates, various enhancements and optimizations, and over 40 bug fixes. We'd love for you to check it out before we drop the official public version. Please note that Early Access installers are update installers, which only update from a specific version. To install the 2021.12 Early Access build, you must be on the latest public release of 2021.11. Download Cakewalk 2021.12 EA installer Should you need to revert to the 2021.11 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2021.11 Rollback installer. If you haven't already done so, please read about the Early Access Program before participating. Please keep responses specific to problems or comments on this release. Unrelated bugs or feature requests should be posted in other threads or the feature request channel. Thanks again for your participation! The Bakers Support for nested track folders To improve track organization, Cakewalk now supports nested track folders. A nested folder is a subfolder that is contained within another parent folder. Nested subfolders allow you to organize tracks more logically. For example, you can have a "Guitar" parent folder that contains "Electric" and "Acoustic" subfolders. To only move tracks into another folder, drag one of the tracks or select Move To... from the context menu of one of the tracks. To move the entire folder, drag the folder itself onto another folder, or select Move To... from the context menu of the folder. If a track is in a folder, selecting Move To Folder >New Track Folder will create a new sub-folder at the same level of that track. Note: As with the top level folders, any empty folders (i.e. specifically, folders containing no tracks) will ALWAYS appear below those containing tracks. Tip: When changing the color of a track folder, hold down the CTRL key to apply the same color to all child tracks within the folder. New behavior when dragging tracks/folders Dragging a track to the left side moves it out of the folder. Dragging to the right side moves it to the bottom of the existing folder at the target location (i.e. same level as the track above). Tip: While dragging, look at the left edge of the drop indicator - it will be exactly at the folder depth the track will be placed at. Expand/collapse track folder modifiers SHIFT+click on folder +/- to expand/collapse entire folder hierarchy of the folder you clicked on. CTRL+SHIFT+click on folder +/- to expand/collapse all folders in project. This is convenient if you want to quickly expand the hierarchy to search for a track, but then want to collapse it all. Localization update The Spanish, Italian, and Russian versions of Cakewalk have been updated. Additional languages (French, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese) will be updated before the public release. Issues resolved in Cakewalk 2021.12 EA (build Stability: Crash loading export task settings Crash if wildcard left in place when adding path Hang on project load with user project Export: Export task fails with no meaningful message if drive or path is invalid Export fails to render Radius stretched clips unless a time range is explicitly selected Export as MIDI File should not show audio track warning message Export Audio dialog: Add keyboard navigation support Using space bar to update multiple selection items doesn't update range dropdown Selection flyout not updating Time Range dropdown Mouse wheel scrolling skips rows in 'Tracks/Buses in Project' list Inconsistent selection recall on Export Task recall Expand width of Export Multiple Files Task queue panel should limit its height to queue size + 1 UI: Preferences Categories illegible in High Contrast mode in Windows Expose Arranger, Export Audio dialog, and Tempo track to Help Module Folder colors / original folder ordering not restored on Undo Delete Folder Destination folder should expand when moving tracks Click on Folder comp clip not selecting all tracks Folders missing "Move to Track Folder" in Context Menu when single folder present CTRL + click folder color bar should change color for all folder contents Track range selection does not work as expected with folders Lasso select within Clips View selects all articulations Misc.: Folder Color is not saved in Track Templates Track Templates do not save bus colors Track templates do not save ProChannel post effect status Echo button always showing half enabled for folders containing instrument tracks Drag moving a track moves the track plus all selected tracks, regardless of whether the track is in the selection or not Unable to drag multiple unnamed MIDI clips to desktop Articulations incorrectly appearing in Folder Comp stream Bounce to clip renders silent clip if the track destination bus is soloed Inconsistent ports with Append Instrument / Simple Instrument Tracks Stretched clip in project wont play Time stretching slip edited or split clips results in incorrect stretch ratios Undo of slip stretched clip incorrectly restores state in this project Plug-ins: Waves Tune plug-ins appear as Region FX unexpectedly Soloing a track containing a plug-in with active sidechain input causes project to play silent in old releases when unsoloed Move of ARA clip fails to update Melodyne Cannot change plug-in properties for VST3 plug-ins in Plug-in Manager
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    I’m not a psychic but if I had to guess I would say it’s going to be yet another $1000 USD library that I can’t afford.
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    If you have Fab Pro Comp , UHE PressWerk , or any all arounder like that just skip it ... and keep using those , X comp was superb back then but stuff have been release that can compete easily
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    That’s what got me started. Now I can’t stop. SSL for the win!!!!
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    https://forum.vital.audio/t/december-2021-free-patch-sharing-thead/8491 November's patches are now available. As usual just place the file in your Vital Docs folder. And import from within Vital. Then you can delete the original file.
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    This is ******* genius!!!!
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    Will trade for a used 2013 Pontiac Vibe.
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    They are seriously offering a freebie as a freebie??
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    Here's Sound Yeti's reply Hi Larry, It's already on sale and the $15 taken off at checkout makes it 35% off Retail price. This is noted in the footer notes of the email. Plus if you take advantage of B2G1 deals your effective discount could be significantly higher.
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    Last February’s SSL Essentials Bundle v6 (Channel Strip & Bus Compressor) for $49.99 was pretty amazing, even including v2 for free.
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    That's not a very customer friendly upgrade price, considering the full v2 is currently $74.50. I'm going to wait until it drops to $29 or less.
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    For the benefit of anyone who is thinking of trying this and not already aware, UJAM V2 upgrades tend to overwrite your previous version, so if you try it but don't buy it then you will be locked out of your existing version when the trial period expires, so you will have to uninstall v2 and then re-install/re-authorise your original to get back to where you were. I haven't tried any of the guitar v2's, but would recommend that any CW users try before you buy as there are issues with at least the drum v2's.
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    I got it. It basically gets you RX9, another year of groove3 and I think an extra reverb. My groove3 had expired so i see it as me getting renewal for half of the sale price plus getting RX9 upgrade and whatever else izotope threw in.
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    Well **** ****** my ****** ****!
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    The forum goes deep and has been around for a long time. Several of the old timers have likely moved on to populate cemeteries here and there. I am now an old timer who was once a youngin' . I would say this is a community and not a forum in the sterile sense. No other DAW has this tight of a clan on a forum period. Trust me I've checked em all out. We lost several when Cakewalk was in trouble but some of those guys still come back here on occasion. Now I see new faces. Well ok. Not faces but you know what I mean. I hope it keeps the vibe.
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    Ronroco is great - instrument (5 mic positions with mixer, and 4000 samples with round robin) and loops, and although a bit old (2014), it's usually on lists of best free Kontakt libraries. Was originally through Samplephonics, but now on the Noiiz site as free download: https://www.noiiz.com/sounds/free_packs/703 What is sounds like:
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    I got the Kontakt 6 crossgrade at 50% off this year during an NI sale, for about $124. That opens the door to a lot of free or very cheap libraries!!!
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    I wanted to make a special thread with great freebies to encourage those without cash, but who love making music, that there's lots of good stuff out there for them to enjoy. I was inspired by the Pianobook Advent Calendar thread and thought it would be great to have a thread where we just shared links to freebies we love and can recommend, as there's a lot of free libraries out there, but it's a lot of work to figure out which are worth downloading and which are not worth downloading. I'll start with some of my favorite Pianobook libraries, most of which happen are in KONTAKT, but a number of them are also available for the FREE DECENT SAMPLER sampler and some are in other formats like sforzando and SoundPaint that are free. I'm starting with pianos, but I'm going to update this in the future with other free libraries I find worth recommending and I urge others to post their favorite free libraries. PIANOS First of all, pick up anything by Christian Henson, one of the founders of Spitfire. He's shared a lot of nice character pianos, especially felt pianos -- and I really love felt pianos. There are a lot of free pianos on Pianobook with issues -- especially noise in the samples. There was one piano I loved the character of, then I held a whole note and heard a bird singing. In a sense, it's lovely, but in another sense, you don't always want a bird singing when you hold a note. Here are some of my favs: Pianobook The Summer Piano Autumn Piano Spring Piano Quarantine Piano Isolation Piano Schimmel Piano UNIK Midnight Upright (layered piano and synth) Living Room Upright Piano Kawai UST7 Upright Piano Nordiska Piano Deluxe (upright) and too many others to think of off hand. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/ Sonic Atoms This is one of my favorite free pianos. There are a few patches and the dev did some wonderful things with those patches. It uses the free version of HALion SE and this was so good, I bought some of the developer's paid libraries just out of gratitude. https://sonicatoms.com/novel-piano/ Sound Paint Totally free piano and player. A must download in my opinion. An old Steinway grand piano with a lot of nice patches. https://soundpaint.com/ Production Voices This developer makes superb sample piano libraries and his free piano libraries are also superb. I particularly love his Death Piano. To quote Elton John, it's weird and wonderful. Some of his freebies -- now donationware -- are for KONTAKT and others for the free Sforzando player. https://www.productionvoices.com/death-piano-le/ Spitfire Labs They have a lot more than free felt pianos and it's all free and really nice. Also be sure to download their free orchestral library, BBC Discovery, https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/#type=&search=&new=true Westwood Upright Felt This felt piano requires KONTAKT, but it's a nice little freebie. https://westwoodinstruments.com/instruments/upright-felt-piano/ Sonixema Their free Piano Textures (KONTAKT) is beautiful, a must have, IMO. https://www.sonixinema.com/collections/free Again, I encourage my fellow forum members to add to this and post their favorite free libraries. I started with pianos, and you can add your favorite pianos, but I think it'd be great to just share links to any free sample libraries that we love and want to tell others about. Peace, Peter
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    Would like to say: I got it and am browsing the presets, and it is, of course, worth at least 10X the ridiculous price of $5. Even if I never delve that deeply into it, just the presets are amazing. It seems strange to push this thing when most reading this can get it for under $5 with existing PB rewards credits, but hey, it must be told. I had a hunch that it was Gltichmachines' answer to Break Tweaker (a favorite of mine). And by that I mean "sample-chewing drum sequencer." This one has randomization built into its (multiple) sequencers. Along with the usual Glitchmachines "FTL-capable spaceship control panel" array of controls. I'm not even halfway through the presets and I can hear that there are some great breakdowns in there. It comes with the usual collection of Glitchmachines' excellently produced and curated samples, or load your own. I'll be trying some vocal and dialog samples just to see what happens. Like Break Tweaker, it does its own thing, it doesn't respond to MIDI notes, it turns on when you hit play on the DAW. @abacab or anyone else into rhythmic sound mangling, or who wants a messed-up sounding drum machine, just get this, don't even pause to think about it. Every Glitchmachines plug-in is, safe to say, unique, so no worries about duplicating something you already have. Caveat: As with all Glitchmachines plug-ins, you may ask yourself "how do I work this?" But the question is really "where does that highway go to?"
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    This pack contains sounds from 12 different cymbals in beautiful clarity thanks to Mark Powers. In total, this is over 350 unique sounds recorded in amazing quality from Mark's studio. I'm really looking forward to digging into these samples in future projects. While chopping them up there were several times where I said to myself "Oh yeah, I'm gonna use this a lot" 🤣 You can download this pack for free using the coupon code on the pack's page: https://ben-burnes.gumroad.com/l/bb_BrushedCymbals Check out the preview video here!
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    Even better Deal at Audiodeluxe : $19, earn 1.52 Deluxe Bucks and Audiothing Valves as Free Plugin ! https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/nomad-factory-80s-spaces
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    Ok. You need to check out the Pianobook community. Though a number are Kontakt full. A high number are in Decent Sampler format (free), such as https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/winter-voices/ From there, start diving in.
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    This is addressed for the next release. Its not a bug as such but was a missing case. Melodyne or any ARA plugin pre reads the audio and streams it as needed. I've now added special handling for ARA plugins to mute their output during override recording and comping.
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    Between all the group buys and outright giveaways, is there anyone who doesn't have this already?
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    Emberone Freebies ( a bunch of them) (Requires Full Kontakt) https://www.embertone.com/freebies.html
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    A very good deal indeed. I have everything anyway, But for anyone new to Kontakt, a bargain. Some libs are a bit samey. But some real crackers in there.
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    I'm just a little annoyed that I paid $19 earlier this year for AudioThing Valves. If I had just been a little more patient... But still, I'd buy it again for $19. Totally worth it. I'm becoming a big fan of AudioThing plugins.
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    Strezov Freebies (require Full Kontakt) https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/17/Freebies.html
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    Just confirming that upgrading from MPS 4 to 4.1 includes another Groove 3 pass. You also receive serial numbers for Nimbus and R4 reverbs (but I think those were already included with MPS 4, so I don't think there's an extra reverb as mentioned above, unless I'm mistaken). It also provides a new serial number for Melodyne Essential 5... and of course the RX 9 standard upgrade. Also, I asked, if you simply upgrade RX from 8 to 9 for $49, would that be recognized as upgrading to MPS 4.1, for future upgrade purposes... and the answer is no. Just a warning for those considering the RX upgrade on JRR Shop for $41. I didn't see the upgrade from MPS 4 to 4.1 on their site. Here is the response from Izotope support: Hi there, Thanks for contacting iZotope Customer Care! Yes, the MPS 4.1 includes the Groove 3 pass! You would get that if you upgrade. Let me know if you have any other questions! Sincerly, Matt
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    This thread is over two years old. I'm sure the OP has found something by now.
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    I think we should have a day where we just randomly insert asterisks for our posts. Imagine someone visiting for the first time seeing a post like this. "Great ****** post. Great ****** points! As always, you're one heck of a smart ******* guy. Also, as we approach the holidays, let me be the first to wish you a merry ******* Christmas. " Forget it, this is now my new style going forward. Thanks for the ******* idea!
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    Expand your amp arsenal - get ReValver FREE for Mac/PC and get 50% off ALL add-ons this week with coupon "CYBER50" Producer Pack is $50 https://www.audiomediaresearch.com/
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    DAW - https://www.tracktion.com/products/waveform-free Cakewalk is better, but choice is good Synth - https://vital.audio/ Mind-blowing freebie. Sample based - https://www.indiginus.com/freebees Not really competitive with paid recent libs, but fun to be had.
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    Mother I've Taken LSD - The Flaming Lips
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    From title to inside the lyrics. 😁 (Wibble approved - if he still came by here...)
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    And that is by far the worst audio demo for a plugin I've ever heard.
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    "video unavailable" so i'll continue the hate theme CORNELIUS - I Hate Hate
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