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    If you REALLY want to show your gratitude...find a good charity and donate. I have finally made it out of abject poverty into mediocre poverty, and am VERY grateful, so find a GOOD NON-PROFIT and donate to it, or to a poor family you may know! THAT would be the ULTIMATE way to show your gratitude! And if you know of a REALLY GOOD CHARITY (NOT a Political one), then post it here for others to donate! It's time to help those less fortunate than ourselves! Charity (love) covers a multitude of sins!
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    Was just thinking: about time for another show of gratitude. Let’s bow to our king. The juan and only. He Who Must Be Obeyed.
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    At Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/16-EQ/7616-AVA-Mastering-EQ
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    Had to start a new thread as this is great news. Snap Heap will be $29 in June but free until then, as it was free before, but now comes with 30 free plugins instead of 5. https://kilohearts.com/products/kilohearts_essentials
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    This thread has run its course, so I'm going to put a lock on it. Please feel free to create new threads about any relevant issues, and we'll be happy to investigate. Thanks!
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    Times are dark in Eastern Europe and many are left without hope. We want to help any way we can. That’s why we have decided to dedicate our annual SPRING DONATION BUNDLE to the children in Ukraine. We’ve chosen some charities catering to their needs to donate all proceeds from the sale. Help us to raise money, and in return, we want to offer you this SPRING DONATION BUNDLE including LYRICAL VIOLIN PHRASES, HA•PI CONCERT HARP, ORIGINS VOL.5: UKULELE & MUTED PIANO and HD ORCHESTRA CHORDS. Available until May 17th for incredible $9.90/€9.90, instead of $217/€217. https://sonuscore.com/donation-sale-2022/
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    There is no understanding it....you just go with the flow
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    Just found out we've been booked to play the main stage at the Evergreen State Fair in August. And get this: we nailed down the coveted 11:00 AM slot - on a weekday!
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    43" LG 4K...my 50" was a 4K also...free same day delivery and got it for $300
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    https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Violin_Runs There’s a special quality to fast scales performed by an ensemble of string players. It’s the concurrent presence of precision and minimal random deviations in a well-rehearsed ensemble that creates the smoothness and vividness of string ensemble runs. So to increase liveliness and authenticity in your tracks, it may be better in some cases to use pre-recorded runs than creating a string run out of single notes. That’s why we recorded octave runs performed by an ensemble of 14 violin players in all scales and modes that are now available in the well-organized patch structure of the Vienna Synchron Player.
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    We have released SampleTank 4.2.0 which adds drag-and-drop sample import functionality to the app along with extended sample import control plus a few maintenance updates. What’s New in SampleTank 4.2.0 • Added drag-and-drop sample import functionality • Expanded options for user sample import • Updated user manual with new sample import information • Fixed a bug on the Layer Panel where notes could get stuck while scrolling • General reliability improvements Log in to IK Product Manager to update or get SampleTank 4 on the IK site
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    What's New in SampleTank 4.2: - Added drag-and-drop sample import functionality - Expanded options for user sample import - Updated user manual with new sample import information - Fixed a bug on the Layer Panel where notes could get stuck while scrolling - General reliability improvements
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    To download in your user area. Focusrite Windows driver – release notes 4.100.10 (USB and Thunderbolt) Release: 16th May 2022 Supported devices: • 1st Gen Scarlett Range • 2nd Gen Scarlett Range • 3rd Gen Scarlett Range • Clarett USB Range • Clarett+ Range • iTrack Solo + Saffire 6 USB 2.0 • Clarett Thunderbolt Range* • Red Thunderbolt Range* * 64-bit systems only. For more information on Thunderbolt Windows compatibility see this article. Supported operating systems: • Windows 11 • Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit) 1803 or newer Notes: • Fixed an issue that caused Cakewalk by BandLab to lag before projects had been opened • Fixed an issue that caused Focusrite Notifier to not scale correctly on some high-DPI displays • General stability improvements
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    Instead of $50 https://www.thenatan.store/p/underwater-fx-plugin/ CODE: SanjayCdrake
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    Disclaimer: Despite my prior involvement with Cakewalk, I have no insider knowledge about what's going on. Although I still use Cakewalk, I haven't had a relationship with the company since it was purchased. So the following might be 100% wrong...but that won't keep me from speculating In my experience, Asian companies in general take a longer-term, more strategic view of business. It's not just about what's happening in the next quarter. Several "hit" products from a variety of companies have grown out of obscure, money-losing "proof of concept"-type research. Also, bear in mind that Meng is on a mission about music. My sense is that he wants to make money in the process, but he's motivated by more than just money. DAWs like Cakewalk will never be mass-market items. Even GarageBand, basically a dumbed-down version of Logic (not an insult), has relatively high adoption but it's still not a mass-market product. It doesn't cost BandLab all that much to keep Cakewalk alive. In return, they have a technology platform that could be of tremendous value someday, either because parts of it get ported over to BandLab, or it provides a path for the BandLab users who become serious about music. If BandLab saw Cakewalk as a vehicle for making money, they would have opened a Cakewalk online store with plug-ins, presets, etc. Clearly, they have much bigger fish to fry. But by keeping Cakewalk on the rear burner, they'll be able to get it up to temperature quickly, should the need arise. That would be far better than having to start something from scratch. Bottom line is I don't see Cakewalk going away any time soon, nor do I expect to see BandLab start charging Cakewalk users. If they want to make money from Cakewalk, it would be much easier to sell add-ons to existing users instead of trying to do customer acquisition. Making it free, and still being around, seems to be all that's needed for customer acquisition.
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    Lifetime license (10 years). That’s strange, now lifetime means the life span of a dog…
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    Strezov Sampling has released DIAMOND Jazz Trio Freebie, a free library for Kontakt Player, featuring 3 instruments - Piano, Alto Saxophone and Double bass. It is a reduced version of the full Diamond library which will be released during June. https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/Diamond-jazz-trio.html The Strezov Sampling “Diamond Jazz Trio Freebie” consists of a 3 instruments - Piano, Alto Saxophone and Double bass, distributed in the following 4 patches" Alto Sax Acc Sus Cresc Freebie - experimental patch with a nice forte-piano attack and loopable sustain; after releasing the key, a crescendo is triggered Alto Sax Leg Flutter Freebie - contains 4 different sustain types and legato transitions Piano Freebie - upright piano with a classic pop jazz sound Double Bass Freebie - an upright bass, recorded with true legato intervals, so that when you play a line, you’ll hear a smooth and realistic transition TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Powered by Native Instruments' FREE Kontakt Player - Full version supported, but not required. requires free Native Instruments Kontakt Player Version 5.7.1+ or full Native Instruments Kontakt Version 5.7.1+ Approx. 5.5 GB Hard drive space (~2.6 GB for the archived files and ~2.6 GB for the unzipped library) Min. of 4GB RAM
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    Sounds good. I prefer pork ribs to beef but otherwise I'm not too picky about BBQ otherwise. I do also gift nicely if you do invite me to other types of gatherings and I have some good stories, so you won't be disappointed. That too. I have to work on the big flat top a bit, but I cleaned, prepped, and used the regular grill already so come on over. For those that partake in alcoholic beverages we also have a huge selection of liquor and mixers. Maybe this could be the top tier in a future Group Buy
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    Free for v1 owners I wish
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    Not true! In Syntronik 2, if you open the player, you will see your free keyboard at the bottom there! IK added it just for you!
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    Get it here https://www.waves.com/account/free-h-comp-mixdown-online
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    NOTE: Please DO NOT post what you donate. Keep that between you and your maker!
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    Here's another link to add: https://reverb.com/news/the-rubber-bridge-guitars-taking-over-indie-music They're a pretty recent invention--just in the last few years--but have really taken off, used by artists like Bob Dylan, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, Phoebe Bridgers, Madison Cunningham. And of course, Aaron Dessner played one in Taylor Swift's Folklore album (the track Invisible String, for example). At first I thought the guitar would end up having a pretty specialized sound, but it turned out way more versatile than I imagined. Being able to blend between a purely electric sound from the pickup to the mic'd acoustic sound adds a new dimension to the tone that none of our other guitar libraries have. One of my favorite sounds is running the pickup out an amp with spring reverb, and then mixing in the acoustic sound of the guitar--check out the "Warm Springs" factory preset for an example of that. It's sorta modeled after this Madison Cunningham performance. As you can hear, the rubber bridge guitar supports vocals really nicely, because it doesn't crowd the high frequencies like a bright steel string guitar sometimes tends to. And unlike typical acoustic guitars, the rubber bridge guitar sound is friendly to adding overdrive/distortion. The gold foil pickup installed in the guitar is what you'd use in an electric guitar, so it's very different than the piezo pickups you'd find in an acoustic guitar for adding the option of amplification. The effects chain in Evolution Rubber Bridge are set up so that the pickup signal runs through all the guitar pedals and amp/cab emulation, while the mic signal only goes through the rack effects.
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    Into and get them here https://www.izotope.com/en/learn/9-great-reference-mixes-for-modern-pop.html
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    It sketches me out that so many of these studios look like dust-free museums. It's like the entire spiritual foundation of music has been eradicated, and music is now created by super dull middle class types trying to recreate the ideas of the past...surrounded by dollar store fake plants and machine polished decorations. It's the like End Times are near.
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    Yes, the multis will unlock when the top tier is reached. They believe, I know. I just had to verify that a couple of us pushing to make 100% clear exactly WHAT gets unlocked was understood and agreed upon. Thank Mr Erik Norlander himself for putting his much more than 0.02 worth into the discussion (he and I were of the "they must be unlocked at that point" point of view). So in short yes you'll get the multis when this gets to the top tier. Thank you for your patience, sincerely. Yes indeed! I think that is attainable. I'll do what I can, we did send out a much more involved email with the timer, sharing links, and the new goal to unlock an extension so I think it will be clear even to people who don't frequent audio forums Yes, they will be unlocked.
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    Peter has to be the most patient software rep on the internet. We all love sales but they have been slamming this man every time they don't get something practically free. I will be passing up modo 2 for now because i honestly am still learning modo one and feel like i am so overloaded with vsts that i will never master them all. Modo 2 is tempting because it does offer things I wished 1 had. The upgrade price is not outrageous. I have paid ik upgrade prices full before and did not feel ripped off. In any case, Peter is not the guy setting the prices. As a former business owner, it is never wise to cater to customers who ONLY buy things at super super deep discounts. This thread proves those types will only expect that perpetually. Each company needs to clone Bapu.
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    https://www.cinematique-instruments.com/pages_instr/inst_colors.php scroll down
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    It looks like a......Less Paul.
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    They only mean the "Equivalent 33 instruments contained in Max" but not "Max" itself...that will NEVER happen, but, as usual, IK's "wording" is ridiculously vague and deceptive
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    Come on, tell us how you really feel!
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    $10 at Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/10-Delay/3291-Objeq-Delay-
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    That reminds me of a joke.... A boy comes home and says "Mom, Mom, you'll never guess what happened" She says "what happened Jimmmy?" He says "I saw this little dog chasing this big dog, and the big dog stopped suddenly and the little dog ran right up his A S S..." His mom says "Jimmy, you know we don't take like that! Don't say A S S, say R E C T U M" Jimmy says "Wrecked 'em H E L L ...it killed 'em both!"
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    I think using this on my original songs might improve the quality of those songs, but I'm still not giving up!
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    Sound Particles Energy Panner, which we just got for FREE anyways! https://www.adsrsounds.com/
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    I also found the presentation a bit wearing and ended up skipping over most of Rikk's parts - but - the software looks great. Now please do the same thing for EzKeys!
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    If you took advantage of other recent freebies, you should only "need" 31 (warning: if you felt you needed duplicates, you may want to check with a health professional if your GAS is entering its final stages...)
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    And some pretty sweet emulations. Pity about WOOOOOOOOOP.
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    Check your Vital Audio account for the new download. Click on "All downloads" to view the link. Vital - 1.5.1 (Early access) Undo / Redo Added new spectral warp modes - custom filter, custom flanger, custom phaser Added seed option to random amplitude spectral warp Added way to set a default preset Runs natively on Apple silicon Added ASIO support to standalone Added normalize and DC offset options to the wavetable editor Added subharmonic unison mode Added MIDI learn assignment indicator Sped up plugin creation Optimized CPU usage for sample rates above 48kHz Faster window opening / closing Faster browser searching Faster window resizing Graphics - New skin editor Graphics - bloom + blur Graphics - design improvements Graphics - switched from OpenGL to DirectX11 on Windows Graphics - switched from OpenGL to Metal on MacOS Retains browser state after closing and reopening plugin window Fixed slow grpahics for the VST3 version in Cubase on MacOS Fixed graphics offset in some DAW / monitor DPI combinations on Windows Fixed oscilloscope phase alignment when notes are played with sample offset Fixed logging in from app in some countries Fixed plugin startup issues with some internet connections Fixed staying logged in on non-Debian Linux distros Fixed staying logged in for some DAWs Fixed crash in Linux on fast window opening/closing Fixed crash when downloading packs with some internet connections Fixed effect modulation jumping after the last note ends Fixed some effects sounding different under various sample rates Fixed 2x octave unison mode Fixed some computer keyboard mapping to midi notes Removed some dependencies on Linux to increase compatibility Dropped LV2 support on Linux
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    That looks pretty sweet. Thanks for sharing. I've been using the Echolot theme which looks like Cakewalk. Which I still have a soft spot in my heart for.
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