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    2020.05 Early Access installer now available! We're pleased to announce the Early Access for 2020.054! This release introduces dynamic waveform scaling when changing clip automation, offline activation, enhancements to mono plug-in support , improved mouse wheel handling, lots of automation enhancements, optimizations, and over 50 bug fixes. We'd love for you to check it out before we drop the official public version, which should be in roughly a week. This time we're also providing an easy rollback installer should you need to quickly revert to the last public release for any reason. Please note that Early Access installers are update installers, which only update from a specific version. To install the 2020.05 Early Access build, you must be on the latest public release of 2020.04. Download Cakewalk 2020.05 EA installer Should you need to revert to the 2020.04 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2020.04 Rollback installer. If you haven't already done so, please read about the Early Access Program before participating. Thanks again for your participation! The Bakers 2020.05 Highlights New features Dynamic waveform scaling when changing clip automation When Display Clip Fade/Envelope Attenuation is enabled in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Display, Cakewalk dynamically updates the waveform amplitude when changing clip fades, clip gain automation and clip pan automation. The waveform display is pre clip FX Rack and only applies to clip automation, not track automation. Additionally, clip gain and pan envelopes are not applied to active Region FX clips. i.e. If you have a clip gain envelope on a Region FX clip, it will be ignored unless the effect is bypassed. The Display Clip Fade/Envelope Attenuation option is now also available as a key binding (under “Track View”). Offline activation Note: This will be available in the next update of BandLab Assistant, which will be released soon. Activation is the process by which Cakewalk validates that your software is genuine and being used in accordance with the license agreement. Cakewalk can now be activated by an online or offline process. Cakewalk will operate in Demo mode until it is activated, and saving and exporting will be disabled. A toast notification appears at the bottom of the screen to inform you if Cakewalk has not been activated yet. If your computer is connected to the internet, click the toast notification to open BandLab Assistant and activate Cakewalk. If Cakewalk is installed on a computer that is not connected to the internet, you can use offline activation as long as you have access to another computer that is connected to the internet. To use offline activation In Cakewalk, go to Help > Offline Activation > Export Activation Request to open the Save activation request dialog box. Select the folder you want to save the activation request file to, then click Save. Cakewalk saves a Activation request.crq file. This file is encrypted and machine-specific, and can only be used to activate Cakewalk on the machine that was originally used to create the Activation request.crq file. By default, Cakewalk appends a timestamp to the file name, using the following format: <Month><Day><Year>_<Hour><Minute>. For example: 052120_1157Activation request.crq. Copy the Activation request.crq file to removable media, such as a USB flash drive, that you can transfer to another computer that is connected to the internet. Using an online computer, open BandLab Assistant and sign in with your BandLab ID and password. Click the Apps tab. Under Cakewalk by BandLab, click the drop-down arrow next to the Open button, then click Process Offline Activation Request. If activation is granted, BandLab Assistant generates an Activation response.dat file. Copy the Activation response.dat file to removable media that you can transfer back to your offline Cakewalk computer. In Cakewalk, go to Help > Offline Activation > Import Activation Response to open the Import activation response dialog box. Select the Activation response.dat file and click Open. If the response file is valid, Cakewalk is activated. Early Access toast notification Early Access availability is checked whenever normal updates are checked, and a toast notification appears if an Early Access build is available. The Early Access Program provides pre-release versions of Cakewalk to the public for general testing and issue reporting. We provide Early Access builds to help us get better real world test coverage from users, which is useful to improve the reliability and quality of our releases. Participation is 100% voluntary. Please read this topic to learn more about the program. Enhancements Mono plug-in support changes This release greatly improves the FX Rack handling with respect to mixing and matching mono/stereo plug-ins. These improvements are across the board and work in track/bus/clip FX Racks, FX chains and the ProChannel. Bypassing or removing plug-ins in an FX Rack, Rack bypass or global FX bypass operations will now revert any mono/stereo interleave changes caused by the plug-in, and recalculate delay compensation properly. Changing the mono/stereo interleave from the track strip button now updates the FX Rack routing correctly. (Note: this is dependent on whether the ProChannel bin is pre FX Rack and if it contains mono plug-ins) Pitch shifted audio and distortion were symptoms of issues that are fixed in this release. This could occur under multiple scenarios, such as moving plug-ins, bypassing, deleting or undoing. Improved mouse wheel handling Console view vertical scrolling via mouse wheel is less prone to inadvertently adjusting parameter values if there is a brief pause during the scroll gesture (for example, while vertically scrolling with the mouse wheel, suddenly it starts scrolling the volume slider instead). The internal timer that waits for inactivity before treating the next mouse wheel movement as a new operation has been increased from 500ms to 1,000ms. This ensures that the current scroll operation doesn't change mid-gesture. In the Console view, tooltips dynamically show values when changing parameters via mouse wheel. FX Racks for tracks, buses and clips can be scrolled via mouse wheel. Increased contrast of ghosted envelopes The color contrast of ghosted automation envelopes has been increased, making them easier to see against the dark Clips pane background. Clicking on the bus pane now automatically sets the bus focus strip This facilitates copying and pasting bus envelopes by clicking and pasting. Scrollable Clip FX Rack in Inspector Clip FX Racks in Inspector now display up to 10 plug-ins and are scrollable using both mouse wheel and the scroll bar. Improved support for recording automation via numeric input When recording automation, envelope nodes can now be recorded by typing a value in the pop-up edit controls in the Inspector, Console view, Track view, ProChannel EQ, and EQ fly-out module. The numeric input will be recorded as a Jump during automation recording. To show the numeric input pop-up, give focus to a control or its value display, then press F2, or double-click the value display. Improved recording automation of synth parameters Multiple synth parameters can be recorded in a single record pass and all envelopes are now retained. While loop recording, in order to avoid clutter the automation preview only shows the last loop record pass. All recording envelopes will be displayed when you stop playback. Improved support for copying and pasting automation envelopes Automation envelopes can now be easily copied and pasted from tracks to buses and vice versa. To copy track automation to a bus, first select and copy the envelope from the track, then click on the target bus or lane and paste. You can also copy and paste bus automation to tracks the same way. Moving or copying arrangement sections now properly manages copying and pasting the associated bus and synth automation envelopes. Bus delete stability improvements Bus deletion can now be performed while the transport is rolling without stopping the audio engine. Also an intermittent crash and app shutdown on undoing bus deletion was solved. Optimizations When using workspaces, projects now open with the correct initial UI layout, rather than opening with the project layout and then visibly switching to the workspace layout. This is faster and prevents unwanted flicker. Many improvements and optimizations for editing mono effects in FX Racks Improvements to drag and drop between clip and track FX racks Solved multithreading race condition leading to latency when using Aggressive thread scheduling model Bug fixes Stability Crash on undo and redo of automation recording of synth parameters Deleting or undoing bus delete operation can crash User reported crash in 2020.04 Waves OVox plugin crashes on project load Crash when using SmartSwipe gesture in Piano Roll view track list Potential crash on startup unless specific Windows DPI settings are used Memory leak when using the Aggressive Thread Scheduling model Automation Unexpected envelopes created when moving section in project Bus automation copies to tracks unexpectedly with (Arranger) Section move Duplicate automation lanes can be created for unedited automation Draw Tool draws random points when drawing automation outside of lane Draw Tool not working as expected on bus automation in user project Stop at Project End not respected in projects with automation after deleting buses or replacing synths Automation behaves incorrectly after manually typing in a value Automation not fully removed when deleting bus Pasting bus automation should not rely on Copy/Paste Special Pasting bus automation doesn't change the edit filter leading to hidden envelopes Automation envelopes appear out of scale Cannot copy synth automation to buses Draw Tool does not update envelopes preview during playback Adding nodes by typing values during write automation over existing envelope causes unexpected results Synth automation gets discarded unexpectedly while write recording multiple parameters UI Scale for Synth automation not displaying correctly Clip FX in Inspector does not display more than 6 plug-ins Hit zone for Draw Tool on buses does not match Insert Soft Synth Options dialog should remember the checked/unchecked state of the Enable MIDI Output option User reported issue with zoom fader control becoming stuck [Chinese version] Overlapping text in Preferences > Customization - Display Tooltips for controls in the Console view do not update when changing values by mouse wheel Incorrect Track view tooltips when creating a new project with the Basic workspace Console view control tooltips show incorrect value and obscure value label when adjusted via mouse wheel Track view horizontal zoom slider window is shown in wrong position on secondary monitor Now Time cursor draws incorrectly Arranger Arranger options in Keyboard Shortcuts should specify “Arranger Track” Arranger Section time-format needs to be backwards compatible Bus Edit Filter changes unexpectedly after moving Section Section operations do not always move/copy track/bus automation Duplicating Section won't duplicate MIDI envelopes for Instrument tracks Double-click rename of Arrangement sections should not rewind to start of section during playback Misc. Moving mono Waves plug-in forces track into mono unexpectedly Eventide VST3 plug-ins hang when changing interleave Hitting Play fails to start Play List when no project is open Make Instrument track not working with multiple split instrument tracks MIDI Chase not working as expected with 2 tracks assigned to single synth Delete Track can fail unexpectedly with MIDI tracks Mackie C4 does not respond to modifier keys in plug-in mode Markers/Meters do not ripple as expected when pasting special with meter/key changes Duplicate does not Ripple Edit in the Piano Roll view Duplicate Clips should respect Select Track Envelopes with Clips setting Race condition when closing a project before a workspace has been loaded Cancelling Bounce causes first play attempt to fail Unexpected latency when using the new thread scheduling model Select by Filter key binding not working as expected
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    2020.05 Early Access 2 (EA2) installer now available! Please note: EA2 is a release candidate that will be released early next week, pending any last minute critical issues reported by testers. Our sincerest thanks to those of you who have provided feedback on Early Access 1 - your support this week has been fantastic! We've addressed all issues reported by Early Access 1 testers and found opportunities for additional refinements as well. We invite you to try out the latest updates in EA2. Please note that Early Access installers are update installers, which only update from a specific version. To install the 2020.05 EA2 build, you must be on the latest public release of 2020.04 or 2020.05 Early Access 1. Cakewalk 2020.05 EA2 installer Should you need to revert from the 2020.05 EA2 build to the public 2020.04 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2020.05 EA2 to 2020.04 Rollback installer. If you haven't already done so, please read about the Early Access Program before participating. Thanks again for your participation! The Bakers New in Early Access 2 Misc: Major UI improvements to prevent screen flickering when loading projects or switching between open documents Exporting with Thread Scheduling model 3 can fail when plug-in load balancing is enabled Playback glitches with Thread Scheduling model 3 and plug-in load balancing enabled With console open in larger projects UI scrolling can be sluggish Under high system load, UI is unresponsive and playback cannot be stopped Using Clip Gain on some Groove Clips causes unexpected drawing when clipping Null Pointer crash after reordering automation lanes in attached project Committing an arrangement containing clips set to absolute time moves data past the end of the original project Deleting "n" folders only deletes one folder Make Rename Clip available in key bindings Synth and bus automation is not selected after duplicating clips Early Access toast notifications added Dragging ARA clips out of the Clips pane can impact VocAlign clips to lose timing Allow .midi as a supported MIDI File extension for reading Host reports incorrect path for VST2 plug-ins via audioMasterGetDirectory View list of updates in Early Access 1
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    FREE Get it here https://valhalladsp.com/shop/reverb/valhalla-supermassive/
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    My first reactions, based on a quick runthrough. Overall, I think this is a triumph and it will be a major asset to my songwriting efforts in the future. Toontrack has hit it out of the park. I think both basses sound great. Of course they will be coming out with classic basses--but I like the way these two sound. I'm looking more forward to the deluge of MIDI packs. I am a decent piano player, so I don't buy EZKeys MIDI anymore--but I probably will buy bass expansions. I didn't have time to check it out long, but it seems like it has surprisingly little control of effects. As far as I can tell it doesn't come with the usual pedals for reverb, compression, phaser, chorus, etc. Just 8 knobs to tweak the overall presets, of which there are few. The good news is that these 8 knobs auto-map to the ones in Komplete Kontrol. Maybe I'm wrong about this. But most people will be running this through outside effects and Toontrack might have felt that they were better off focusing in other areas. Based on my first explorations, the pattern based, EZKeys part is as awesome as it looks in the videos. Lots of great patterns that sound good and are easy to tweak. It's a better program than EZKeys in a lot of ways, in this regard--you aren't able to see and edit all the MIDI like that. The GUI is very simple. All those things where you drag in sounds--you don't have to read the manual to find them. This thing is a home run with GUI and looks great too. Love the way the basses look. While the basses sound good, they are definitely meant to be programmed and not played. I found all kinds of problems when I played it fast or at high velocities. You get a whiff instead of a note. This is the kind of problem that would be a deal breakers for any quality bass virtual instrument. If you play it slow and are careful with velocities it is fine. But I kicked the tires and Modo Bass, OTS, ujam, the free Ample Sound bass, etc can sleep quietly. No competition here IMHO. But this product is not aimed at people who have played a real bass and have solid piano chops, and have spent years creating and playing bass parts on a keyboard. It is great for what it is intended to do. But it's weird that it doesn't work as well the other way. Oh well, I already have lots of keyswitched instruments to do that. There is a part at the bottom where you can adjust the playing style in various ways. But this feature doesn't work when you play it--the time you need it the most. It only works when you use MIDI to play it.
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    One of the best Pianobook freebies, Quarantine Piano is a Yamaha U3 recorded several ways, plus extra noises of the pianist moving around, and several textural Kontakt instruments built from the samples. A freebie that has a 25-minute walkthrough, and actually needs it. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/library/quarantine-piano/
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    This is a good deal (free) but there are a few things you might want to understand. The Boris FX Title Studio and Film Impact Essentials Collection both are plugins for Adobe Premiere/After Effects/etc. The Boris FX plugin also includes OFX support and also works in Resolve, though I've never had a lot of luck with BorisFX plugins and OFX. Film Impact are video transitions and it's a subscription service. This free license for the essentials will expire in one year and stop working completely. Unless you resubscribe. I played with them, they are nice but not exactly amazing and their subscription pricing is crazy. I can't see me using them since I know they will stop working at some point in the future. BorisFX Title Studio is a permanent license. But BorisFX is some what like Waves, only with even worse customer issues. The Continum units (which Title Studio is one) are part of a larger package, but you can buy the parts you want or the whole package. Normally you get a year of support when you buy a unit(more on this in a bit). Which for BorisFX that means any updates that ship during the year you will be able to install and use. But as soon as your license expires, any updates dated after that will not work/can't be used. However, unlike Wave's BorisFX have decided to make it impossible to install multiple versions of Contitunum on one computer. And they only have one master installer now. So you cannot mix and match versions of Continuum unit plugins. So if you bought (like I have) older versions of some of the units you can't have/keep them and install this free Title Studio. If you don't have any BorisFX Continuum units this doesn't really effect you that much, but it was a major pain for me, since the handful of units I had appear to have all expired very recently. I went ahead and upgraded even though I'm not sure Title Studio was worth it. The Continuum stuff is on sale and I was likely to have upgraded sooner or later. But it wasn't exactly cheap just so I could get everything to 2020.5. Now the giant catch on this specific free offer, the license you get for BorisFX Title Studio expires the day you get it. You don't get a year. It is ended today. So if next week they ship a new version of Title Studio you will have to pay for a year of updates in order to use that new version. You can keep using the old version (save the installer I guess) but you won't be able to install the new version nor will you be able to install any other Continuum units you buy in the future (without losing your Title Studio). In the past you could make things work with mixed versions but they seemed to have gone out of their way to make it pretty close to impossible. They also don't offer any upgrade path from a bunch of the units to the full package, which bothers me a lot. I played with Title Studio and to be honest it's kind of unimpressive. It really needs some 3D/video card acceleration support I think. There are better title plugins, even for free this might not be all that awesome.
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    Yes . . . Essential Studio I'll be on my way
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    I have Anthology XI so there may be some individual plug-ins in the collection that were not updated. All the plug-ins not in Anthology were updated except for SP2016 which was updated 2020-05-04. Installers available from https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads The link also has Newfangled Audio updates from 2020-05-07
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    if only there was some sort of waveform describing the answer, then we could all understand it.
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    If I go for it, this will be my 5th major upgrade since starting with Melodyne at version 1. Each time, I told myself no, the old version already does everything I need and the new features don't justify the upgrade price. And each time, Celemony eventually came around with an offer I couldn't refuse. But that usually happened a year after the release. Not saying that'll happen again, but they've been consistent in the past. It's a sensible strategy: snag all the instant-upgraders in the first round, then come back later to scoop up the stragglers. I'll be one of those. I've done the same with Kontakt and Ozone, both of which have consistently seduced me into belated upgrades with an "ok, what about this price?" email.
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    at Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/5662-Mutant-Reverb?fbclid=IwAR0fHJG-dBK8w9P4Pp0m3KGL9KdnbsPnWhWEBagTrxZHKwXkMar3E0msBR4
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    Hi folks! As some of you may know, there is a new 'Arranger Track' feature in Cakewalk, so I've made this easy tutorial to get you started! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/_2e1SUcEpms
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    If you own previous ver of Scaler. https://www.pluginboutique.com/search?qs=match&q=Scaler&oses[]= At $19 - that’s an easy decision!
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    Actually, singing lessons used to cost me $65 an hour or $200 a month in LA. Thinking Melodyne upgrade is cheaper. 😏
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    FREE Hammond B3 - HaNon B70 "HaNon B70 is an emulator of the B3 Hammond equipped with a leslie 122. It is based on the emulation of the 91 toneWheels, which rotate permanently at low cost CPU, which allows to have natural keyClicks and a relatively simple synthesis. The leslie is composed of its tube preamp, its tube power amp and the emulation of the 2 rotors as well that first reflections on the body" https://www.lostin70s.com/#/plugins/HaNon B70 download here >>> https://www.lostin70s.com/#/download --- It's quite simple. The only thing I found really bad was the Vibrato simulation that cancels part of the volume and that's why I leave it off.
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    Get Synths Abyss now for FREE for a limited time only! ABYSS is a designer bass collection focusing on deep and atonal sounds, created with classic and modern analog synthesizers to produce rumbling soundscapes, dystopian pads and characteristic drones with real low-end and depth. With a lot of instrument presets and the updated Synths Engine 2.0 you get great flexibility and sound design possibilities for your next film, videogame, ambient or any other music production. Full version of Kontakt 5.7.6 or higher required. Download free here: https://audioplugin.deals/synths-abyss-by-karanyi-sounds/ Offer ends June 2nd, 2020
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    Golden Age Project EQ-81 MKII Half Rack EQ 2 of them arrive on Friday. My new hardware bass recording chain will be: LA-610 -> EQ 81 -> KT 2A (LA-2A clone) -> 76 KT (1176 clone) - all patch in bay so I can reconfig easily and of course I have two sets of that chain so my Alembic and Rick, which have individual outs for the bridge and neck pups, can be recorded with the utmost of options in the mix.
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    Here: https://www.lostin70s.com/#/plugins/Keys of the 70's
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    Ozone 9 elements free until June 5. https://splice.com/plugins/38774457-ozone-9-elements-vst-au-by-izotope
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    Great balls of FIRE! When I do these for APD I never know what kind of sales they would run and this one is a great deal, indeed! Check it out (don't miss the very end)!
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    It's a long story and I'm just glad to be back . Kenny
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    ok, I'll bite and I apologize in advance if I'm spoiling the game - go to the link posted by @dee, scroll down a couple of pages where it shows the issue content, look at the entry for page 82 and enter the different words there, it doesn't take many tries...
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    Melodyne 5 it out now, prices have remained largely stable. Upgrades available with grace period: For all customers who purchased a Melodyne 4 Full Version or an Update/Upgrade to Melodyne 4 this March or later, the update to Version 5 is free of charge. http://everyplugin.com/celemony.html Upgrade prices also updated.
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    Hi Well, with the hard lockdown we are enduring here in South Africa, as we didn’t have much to do, we thought we would do some videos for the album we released in 2017, On Top of the World – the first one , Make me Smile, went live today. Hope you enjoy – oh and turn up the volume!!!! Nigel
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    Free upgrade Essential 4 to 5. Yay!
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    v5 will pull the chords from the Studio One chord track. No need to reenter them! Boo yaa!
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    Cheers Larry! Didn't see this one coming. That sibilant detection alone is going to save me a ton of time.
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    How does this..........oh look a squirrel
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    Sound Aesthetics Sampling (makers of Mountains, Resona, Talua, Autumn Choirs, etc) is releasing a new synth for full Kontakt, FRAGMENTS. It's up on their SITE now. From their copy: Fragments is a free virtual instrument for Kontakt with various Organic Synth sounds, that have been created using various Synthesizers. Most of the sounds have movement within themselves so most of the time tune/pan/volume drift to achieve that fragile tone we're looking for. Also they are all multisampled (except the bonus sounds), which gives you even more variation. In addition to that the engine carries a round robin/variation system to get very organic results. Last but not least does it of course include some cool shaping tools like some deep effects, movement and gate and of course drift for that extra fragileness The product will be listed with a price of $15 in the shop but you can enter three different Coupon codes (FRAGMENTS_FREE, FRAGMENTS_5, FRAGMENTS_10) to get it for free/$5/$10 depending on what you want to give and just to clarify. We won't track if you pay something or not, it's just because some people are willing to and this makes it a lot easier for us to work with. I hope this sounds fair to everyone While you're at it, they have a freebie called Consona and have introduced another new product, Paradise Lost Redux, which is only $9.99 until 5/23. I have the four instruments listed above and they are all beautiful. I had no idea they have been adding so many more. I'll be paying attention the next time there is a sale. They often offer amazing deals and when I hear about the next one, I'll post it here, if Larry doesn't get to it before me. 😄
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    This is only the first release version. Planned future releases include: ABMD (A Bit More Difficult) Bass RQH (Really Quite Hard) Bass CHLTPTFBBN (Could Have Learned To Play The Fookin Bass By Now) Bass
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    I was thinking it was the TWO licenses 🤪
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    I guess I do need to improve my bottom end. 😳 I probably should stop worrying and just let 'er rip with this purchase.
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    VINTAGE PAD Download Your Instrument NOTE: Requires full Kontakt 5.8 or higher
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    GAS, it's always better to let it out than keep it in.
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    We created this for ourselves so we could reopen and make sure we were following the requirements of distancing. We are the main use case for it and knew that it would be useful for other companies (definitely many - probably most - outside of the music industry). The price may seem steep if you are thinking it is made for home use but one look at https://www.safespacer.net and you can see for whom this is for.
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    Don't know if it has been posted before but these are some awesome free libraries for Sforzando (free sampler). Strings and Taiko. Videos: Download links: http://schristiancollins.com/vi-orchestra.php http://schristiancollins.com/vi-percussion.php
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    BBC SO Discover Template for Cakewalk: For those who have Cakewalk and bought or grabbed Spitfire's BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover for free, I created a simple Template to load all the instruments of the Orchestra with instrument icons, family colors, the tracks all named and separated in folders. There is no mystery. It is very basic. Just to have a starting point and not spend more than 2 hours assembling everything before starting to create music. Note: This consumes about 5.72 gigs of RAM to load all instruments. Note 2: If you make modifications to the template, it is better to leave the .png image next to the .cwt file when doing SAVE if you still want it to appear as a Template icon on the Cakewalk home screen. ------ (PT-BR) Template BBC SO Discover para Cakewalk: Para quem tem o Cakewalk e comprou ou pegou de graça o BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover da Spitfire, eu montei um Template simples para carregar todos os instrumentos da Orquestra com ícones de instrumentos, cores das famílias, as tracks todas nomeadas e separadas em pastas. Não tem mistério. É bem básico mesmo para ter um ponto de partida e não ficar gastando mais de 2 horas montando tudo antes de começar a criar música. Obs: Deve consumir uns 5,72 gigas da memória RAM para carregar todos os instrumentos. Obs 2: Se você fizer modificações no template, é melhor deixar a imagem .png junto do arquivo .cwt quando fizer o SAVE se ainda quiser ela aparecendo como ícone do Template na tela de início do Cakewalk. --- Thanks to the user @Matthew Sorrels for the track icons and for the other Template Spitfire BBC SO Discover - Cakewalk Template.zip
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    It's not up on the site yet, but you can check it out on Best Service HERE I can't find it on the English language version, though. Probably the sale will officially kick off in the US tomorrow.
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    $136 to upgrade Studio 4 to 5 at EveryPlugin ($149 at Celemony). Money gone.
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    Yes its same requirements as online activation - every 6 months or so an activation is required. If you haven't updated in 6 months you are probably missing out on a lot at our pace so its a minor inconvenience
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    First...it should be added to any license that currently has valid WUP...not have to wait until you BUY WUP. THAT is the BIG mistake.
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    TERRY & BELLS : FREE KONTAKT LIBRARY Crypto Cipher is proud to announce free Kontakt library which includes 10 Elephant Bells patches, 5 guitar patches & 30 sound design patches. “Terry & Bells” Library also includes a cubase project file created by Alessandro Ponti from Italy. Solo Patches Details Elephant Bells Instruments : Master Patch, Mallets Patches, Rolls, Bows, Clusters & Noise patches. Guitar Patches : Master Patch, Pluck, Tap, Percussion & FX patches. 30 Sound Design Patches ArpSticks.nki, Bell Rain.nki, BellMond.nki, Bells of Lal.nki, Christmas Bells.nki, Crazy Arps.nki, Emotional Releases.nkm, Gamelanesq.nkm, Glass Pluck.nki, HarpsiPluck.nki, In Your Face Pluck.nki, In Your Face Tap.nki, Legato Colors_ModWheel.nkm, Lush Ambient Pads.nki, NarniaBells.nkm, One Pluck.nki, Pitch Distortion.nki, Pitched Rhythmic Bell Movement.nki, Rain Pad.nki, Random Reverse Pluck.nki, Retro Grunge.nki, Reverse Bells.nki, Rhythmic Pad.nki, Rhythmic Pads Variation.nki, Rhythmic Pads.nki, Sample & Hold Pluck.nki, Shiny Bells.nkm, SoloLegato.nki, Sprinkle Bell.nkm, Wobble Synth.nki Best Wishes and Love Crypto Cipher https://www.cryptocipher.in/product/terry-bells-free-kontakt-library/?fbclid=IwAR0yNybfn2BCPe89OYyceafbaNWT98oyN73ecn9NfNrIkKW_dXChWwKpGdU Please Note : TERRY & BELLS works with latest Kontakt 5.8.1 version ( full licence ). Free Kontakt player will only work for 30 minutes. The “Add Library” import process do not support this standard format Kontakt library but you can use Kontakt file browser to load .nki Instruments.
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    Don't forget about two-factor authentication. GTA V Premium Edition
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    Sad part of all this to me is the people refusing to wear a mask. If both parties where a mask and one has the virus, the chance of giving it to others is under 2%. What is so hard about doing your part to help health-care workers cope with this outbreak and protect people around you! We personally know 4 people who have got it. 2 survived and 2 didn't. The 2 that survived had it pretty bad but they didn't need to me ventilated. The other two that need to be didn't make it. I think one will have long-term health issues. Might only be a few percentage that get it bad but how would like to be the one that brings it home to your family. You only have mild case but by time you know you passed it along to your spouse and kids or parents. A little precaution for the loved ones around you. Sorry about my Soap-box here. My wife is a Nurse and has seen first hand what this virus can do . Sad to both of us is the leadership in this country. I'm talking all of them that they can't stop the bickering and actually do the job they were voted in office to do.
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    New version of Ripchord, only vst3. It's free. https://trackbout.com/ripchord
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