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    Here's what I got! This view also! Paris Hotel Las Vegas!
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    I bought the Elgato Streamdeck+ and sideshowfx templates for Cubase and Photoshop. I would really like the Opus Hollywood Orchestrator, but if I can only last a few more hours, I'll be safe.
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    Oh, man. Now I have to pull my head out of the sand to see what I got. Looking thru my receipts (and ignoring the free stuff) I see: Marc Jovani's Cinematic Composing deal: free for 30 days, impulse buy VI Lab's Modern U: $110 BFD Jazz & Funk, Jazz Noir, Sabian Cymbal Digital Vault, Maple Custom Absolute, Jex Drums: $160 for all 5 Westwood Instruments ALT Piano: $35 Riot Audio Putty Piano: $15, impulse buy Soniccouture's Ondes & Ondioline: $93 for the pair Mastering the Mix eBooks: $32 for two, impulse buy Skybox Audio, completed my collection: $149 Ample Sound Rickenbacher: $80 Loops de la creme's Cymbal Rolls, East Theremin, Magic Jaw Harps, Melodic Jaw Harps, Chimes Deluxe: all for $73 Groove3 five videos: $70 Sonuscore's Medieval Phrases Lute & Theorbo: $50 Cinesamples' Taylor Davis Violin & Dulcimer/Zither: $117 Redroom Audio's Traveler Series Bodhrans & Bones: $25 impulse buy Wavesfactory's Boomwhackers & Suspended Cymbals: $55 VSTbuzz Cymba Rolls: $9 impulse buy Soundyan's Intersteller Waterphone: $34 Gforce's Oddity 3 upgrade: $30 OMG, that's over $1000! I should have kept a running total. I knew I should have kept my head in the sand.
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    I didn't want to know this, but here goes... Audiomodern Atom BFD3 + 5 extensions Cherry Audio DCO-106 Cherry Audio Dreamsynth Cherry Audio Eight Voice Cherry Audio GX-80 Cherry Audio Memorymode Cherry Audio Miniverse Dawesome Abyss Dawesome Novum DDMF PluginDoctor Evolution Series Erhu Evolution Series Harmonium Evolution Series Suona Evolution Series World Percussion FXpansion Cypher FXpansion Strobe GForce Imposcar2 IK Multimedia Tape Collection inSession Shimmer Shake Strike 2 Klevgrand Fosfat Klevgrand Skaka Madrona Labs Aalto Madrona Labs Aaltoverb Madrona Labs Kaivo Madrona Labs Virta Nembrini IR Loader Newfangled Equivocate Newfangled Generate Newfangled Invigorate Newfangled Saturate Physical Audio Derailer Physical Audio Preparation PSound Vintage Accordion Rhizomatic Plasmonic Softube Model 84 Softube Modular Softube Parallels Sonic Academy ANA2 Soniccouture Hammersmith Pro Upgrade Soniccouture Sun Drums Crossgrade Spitfire Originals Cimbalom Spitfire Originals Cinematic Soft Piano Spitfire Originals Jangle Box Piano Spitfire Originals Mrs Mills Piano Spitfire Percussion Swarm Taqs.im SOLO TBTECH Kirchhoff EQ Tone Projects Kelvin u-he Diva u-he Repro XILS KaoX XILS PolyKB XILS PolyM Really gotta put a leash on myself next year.
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    2 Serum presets. Ujam Heavy 2. So proud of myself. Real loot was 6 Beringer Estate Founders Wine, buy 6 @ $4.49 each.
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    Just 8 years late ... Back in 2014 Robert del Naja of Massive Attack provided 9 multitracks to developers creating games for Ludum Dare 31. They are still available here: https://archive.org/download/LudumDare31RobertDelNajaStems (2.16GB download) You can here the mixed tracks here: Please note the usage permission is: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0
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    BTW, I fixed my licencing issues by signing out of the licence manager and signing in again. As an IT person, I feel especially dumb now.
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    This year my focus was vocals: Synthesizer V Studio Pro (love it!) Dreamtronics Natalie (love it!) Eclipsed Sounds Solaria (love it!) Zero-G Ethera Gold Atlantis 2 (hate it!)
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    I am still sitting back and waiting to see how this all pans out.
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    Eh, I caved in. Can't really argue with the price anymore, and even when the lowest price was closer to $400 everyone said that of all the orchestral libraries it's the best value for money. I had previously dismissed this because I thought the sound was too smooth for my taste, but I have since realized that I sometimes need that kind of sound. I still like grittier strings but they don't always sit well in the mix. And who knows, maybe now I'll start doing more orchestral stuff. Now I just need to make some space for it!
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    This year I got: nothing Yep. I resisted every offer.
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    You left guitar stuff in the cart?! OMG. Didn't know that was possible...
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    My BF booty.. Spent more than I wanted but didn't go too crazy**... **compared to what I've previously done or could done Software: Eventide - Invigorate Heavyocity Punish2 Vanguard 2 upgrade (debated this but Vanguard1 compatibility and all the included free libraries swung me over) Tracktion Novum & Biotek Nugen $41 - update to Visualizer2 & ISL2 (probably a great price but still have mixed feelings on this as I haven't used the v1 versions in ages) Edit: forgot about Neural DSP's Tone King - wasn't even on my radar until someone mentioned it in regards the 50% off sale (which expires Nov 30th) and I tried it out. Loved it, bought it. Hardware: New set of glasses from eyebuydirect.com (been on my todo list for way too long) Yamaha PSR-EW310 keyboard w power supply (upcoming holiday present for my son) PRS locking tuners for SE Custom (hey they were on sale) Really wanted to pickup a Fender baritone guitar but it was either get my son his 1st piano or another guitar for me. On my wannabuy list but decided to opt out on:| ********************************** Audio Damage: Quanta 2 upgrade (opted for Novum, besides my upgrade price was better than the BF price so if needed this can wait) Continua - opted for Bio Tek (yes, they are not the same but to get one the other had to go) Photo, Publisher, Designer - all for $99 (barely used the previous version, can't justify buying an upgrade it) Krotos Dehumanizer 2 $150 upgrade from Simple Monsters (fun but no practical usage in near future) Vocoder by Xli (it's mine when price hits $29, otherwise it waits) NI Ultimate - KOMPLETE 14 COLLECTOR'S EDITION $499 - Oh I want it... but can't say that any piece of it will make or break me when I already have similar or in some cases better. Studio One 6 Pro update - should be cheaper around New Year's Image Line $85 Upgrade to All Plugins EDITION (no need when all this upgrade gets me is additional locked in plugins) PSP Saturator $49 (got Punish instead)
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    Thanks for the post. I remember demoing this one alongside others and really liked it, but the others inched it out for me. Now that it's on a deep discount, I bit. Should be a nice addition to what I already have.
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    My own list this year was short but with some large bundles Custom Bundle: Xils Analog String machines, PolyKB III & II, KaoX, Xils Analog Vocoders bundle, Bfd3, Earmaster Pro 7, $268 (dontcrack) Plugin Alliance PA ALL BUNDLE 2022 $224 (Pluginalliance) Izotope everything bundle upg from RX Adv $169.15 (JRRShop) Eventide Anthology XII upgrade $130.13 (eventide) SSL Native Guitarstrip $35.98 and 1.79 Deluxe Bucks (Audiodeluxe) Many soundpools (producerplanet) Very tempting but I didn't get: Cherry Audio Synth Stack 3 Sonnox Claro MTM mixroom Wavesfactory Cassette Kilohearts Ultimate upgrade Fluid chords Beast D-Lay Softube Parallels 4ms pingable envelope generator Mixed in key Pilot Magix Bundle (MMM Premium+CoreFx)
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    From November 28th - December 4th, save $70 on the best guitar amp modeling tones around. Get our biggest and best ReValver bundle at the ReValver Amp Store for only $29 (regularly $99). The ReValver Producer Pack is a massive collection of ReValver modules and content. No matter what tone you are looking for, you will find it here! AMP MODELS Michael ACM 900, Basic 100, BluesMaker '62, Budda SD 18 II, Budda Superdrive V20, Herr Demon, Flathill Dual, Fox AC30, Peavey 3120, Peavey 6505, Peavey 6505+, Peavey Classic 30, Peavey Masterpiece 50, Peavey Sensation 20, Peavey XXX II, Redhot AD30TC STOMPBOX & FX MODELS Analog Flanger, Budda Bud Wah, CE-Guitar Chorus Pedal, C-verb, Digital Flanger,Greener TS808, Käften, M104 Analog Delay, PRESSOR, Sher'ff, Slammer compressor, Square-Phase, Treble Booster, Wham!, World-Wide-Verb, Again Delay CAB MODULES & MODELS RIR cabinet model module, RIR2 cabinet model module 1960A 4x12, 6505 4X12, BluesMaker 2x12 open back, Budda V20 1x12 open back, California Twin 2x12, Classic 4x12, Delta Blues 1x15, Delta Blues 2x10, Flathill 4x12, Fox AC30 2x12 open back, Järnmalm 4x12 cab, 6505 Prototype 4X12, Redhot PPC212, Redhot PPC412 ACT Instrument Models LP Std Instrument Model, Brazilian Nylon Instrument Model, S_Caster Instrument Model UTILITY MODULES 3rd Party Plugin Host Module (VST, AU) New to ReValver? Download ReValver for FREE today at https://www.audiomediaresearch.com – Then load up ReValver with a Producer Pack bundle for $29!
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    but wait a week or two, and …
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    I would have jumped on this in 2002
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    I would like to see a global output knob or gain compensation. Some presets are very loud and some are very quiet. Would be easier for searching presets.
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    I am not listing prices because it messes with my denial. Reveal Sound Spire synth + 500 preset bundle Synapse Audio Dune 3 Dawsome Novum UJAM Synth bundle Completed patch lib for AAS 3 Unify packs Audio Imperia Nucleus + free Lite series Nucleus/Areia/Chorus Audio Imperia Solo Audiofier Pragmabeat Cable Guys Shaper Bundle Upgrade Devious Machines Infiltrator 2 Reason+ sub Audiothing Bubbles, Melda Mtransient and some other freebies
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    I did WUP In October.. and I am being very good all around, other than hardware :)). I only did an update (at LONG last) TO Soundtoys 5.3 from just having Little Alter Boy. They finally up-graded me for a really good price, unlike previous silliness. I feel like a scrooge compared to others here LOL.
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    @Jan SchmitzSchmitzSchmitzSchmitz 😳 If you've got that much lolly to burn, feel free to throw some of it my way. 🙏 I've been sweating over whether to get a 23 dollar plugin or not. 😰
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    Yes, it's been on my "to-buy" list for years, but I never thought it was worth what they were asking. Just demo'd it again now and it does sound great and is definitely worth 29 bucks.
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    This BF I didn’t think I would buy anything, but managed to find an old boxed version of Steinberg Groove Agent 4 at a local reseller for around $30. It got automatically upgraded to the current version Groove Agent 5 when activated (MRP: $179). If this sounds familiar, I had a similar experience BF 2021 buying a boxed version of Steinberg HALion Sonic 2 for around $30 (at the same reseller) which upon activation was automatically upgraded to HALion Sonic 3 (MRP: $249). Hell Yeah! An important bonus to me is that they both run under Cakewalk, whereas Grove Agent SE and HALion Sonic SE, which both came included with Cubase Pro, apart from being meager in comparison are restricted to Cubase.
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    I KNOW, RIGHT?!!!!!! I'm a collector and it's a problem. I've already owned Helix Native and S-Gear fer God's sake!!!!!!!
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    I backed out of much of the list after realizing how much additional duplication I would have, even though I would miss all the shiny new things. Keepers: Toontrack Fusion EZBass MIDI Toontrack Metal Machine EZX = maybe some useful sounds and decent MIDI all for a MIDI pack price Audiomodern Playbeat Arturia FX3 upgrade from FX2 Left in the cart: Helix Native Scuffham S-Gear Mercuriall Reaxis Studio One Pro 6 update Baby Audio Crystalline Saved some $$$, for sure.
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    Got: UAD 3 Bundle that got me 3 free UAD Manley Tube Preamp Rigid Audio Everything Bundle Two Notes IR's Audio Assault IR's EZD midi pk EzD UK EDX Cube Mini And a very nice mic for half price, but it doesn't qualify as a BF/CM deal. And I think that's it. Had 5 PA amp sims in my cart and with the dynamic discount could have gotten them for less than $10 each... but didn't pull the trigger. All in all I didn't go overboard. Glad for that. Almost pulled the trigger on the Positive Grid Smart Amp with the Carry Bag and Foot Switch. But I am hoping the wife gets the hint and picks it up for me for Christmas!!
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    My consumption was not as conspicuous as previous years, and I felt quite happy about that! - upgraded an internal 1TB drive to 2TB. Can breathe now! - Nembrini "Cory Wong" amp - Cableguys "Shaperbox 3" bundle. Amazing value - DJ Swivel's "Spread" multiband eq widener - Gospel Musicians' "Splat to Clat" drums Had a decision to make about Reason 12 or just the subscription Reason + . . . I don't need any Reason synths or effects, most of which have a 20 yrs ago sound, like the AIR Xpand stuff. But Reason's new BVX Vocoder is da bomb, it sounds amazing. Almost thought about buying Reason outright to get it. That would have been around $420. Not worth it, as owning the rest of Reason 12 would be just too dumb, given what I already have covered. So I subscribed to Reason +, like 20 a month, that's lame too. A great vocoder though. A good savings season, so glad it's over!!!
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    At one point this was highly regarded. It probably still compares well with most of the stuff out there with a couple of exceptions.
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    IK Multimedia T-RackS Tape Machine 24
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    i got into EZKeys and a EZB midi pack. - EZKeys Hybrid harps - EZKeys Folk & Epic midi packs. - EZBass Fusion midi pack.
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    I mean, we definitely encouraging reporting issues when you experience anything with stability. But as you said, it can be difficult trying to triangulate things sometimes. The moment we're able to identify where a stability issue is, we'll fix it, but that requires being able to track down the root of the problem. For plugin crashes, there's often not much we can do on our end as if it's not the app itself that's crashing, it's up to the plugin developer to fix issues on that end. That said, we did add improved crash reporting, so even if you do not get a prompt about the crash, check the Minidumps folder in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\MiniDumps to see if a system dump was copied there as the app crashed. Beyond that, for intermittent issues, that would boil down to trying to eliminating other variables to see if you can isolate a cause that we can investigate. I appreciate this might not be the most exciting thing for many users, however troubleshooting things on the user end can greatly speed up being able to fix any potential issues on our end. Try noting whatever common threads you can find when you get a crash, particularly if the app just silently crashes.
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    Probably best to ask for this advice in the Unify user forum for the best answer! https://forums.pluginguru.com/ The default with the Unify approach is to use ONLY the VST2 plugins, unless VST3 is the only option for a specific plugin that is used. For example, the plugin operations command "remove redundant plugins" deletes all VST3 plugins that have duplicates in VST2 format. That's just how they roll by design. They felt that VST2 was less problematic for them to support in general as a plugin host. They are a small team: 1 sound designer and 1 programmer. Here's a comment by Dr. Dunne on one of the Unify Forum threads: "We prefer VST2 over VST3, when available, because VST2 patch data tend to be smaller, and more compatible cross-platform (Mac/Windows)".
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    I got a lot. But, almost everything was from my wishlist. So...partly successful? Some very expensive, some very cheap. Moogerfooger bundle (not on the wishlist, but it was brand new, it probably would have been), Skybox audio full bundle, Tapes.01, Neural DSP Rabae & Corey Wong, Kush Omega bundle (not on my wishlist but it was last year), Kazrog True dynamics, Newfangled Audio Invigorate (again, brand new), Goodhertz Vulf compressor, Klevgrand Fosfat, Embertone sensual sax, Yum Audio Mr Bill Slap, Ramzoid 808 cooker, Softube Tube Tech CL1B, Waldorf Streichfett, Aberrant Digitalis, Blacksalt Audio Low control, XLN Addictive drums XL. Various sample packs & preset packs (both Jovian Abyss packs make up the majority of the cost). Ujam Brute. Didn't get: Ujam brasss, Vogue and some upgrade, anything Spitfire, lots of sample packs, Dr Ms spacial thing, a couple of Klevgrand things, anything Heavyocity, and a load of plugins that didn't meet my discount criteria. Next month, some hardware.
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    Nolly. Also the most versatile. Do keep in mind these are not Silicon native yet.
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    That kind of self-control impresses me!
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    I posted this same concern on FB and was told they are working on an upgrade and had enlisted beta testers.
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    The best part of EW Hollywood OPUS is that you don't need to download all at once. If you set it right, orchestrator would download what is needed for the preset you are using. I hope they will come with orchestrator presets that will make use of their other libraries. For example, choir, pianos, etc.
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    Haven't pulled the trigger on almost anything yet. Luckily many of these sales go till tomorrow / Thursday. Still deciding on: 1) Audio Imperia Lite bundle + upgrade to Nucleus Full + crossgrade to Jaeger + grabbing Cerebrus. 2) Orchestral Tools Ark 0-5 bundle. 3) Spitfire Audio ==> looking at various libraries to qualify for Cassette Symphony. Likely Polaris + a couple of Originals I don't own. 4) East West Opus upgrade from prior orchestra. 5) Performance Samples Con Moto Basses to qualify for Pacific Strings intro offer. Will potentially spend a TON of money in the next 6 hours. Or nothing at all. I can't decide. Fffffffffff. Clock is ticking.... Did pick up Total Max 3.5 upgrade for $70, and a couple small plugins and libraries. But can't decide on big orchestral purchases, and I haven't upgraded orchestra stuff in years. Which is why I'm tempted to wait on Pacific Strings.
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    *This offer excludes the Area 33 SDX and the Orchestral Percussion SDX.
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    @abacab @ZincT Ye ( and i ) mentioned Instachord and Instacomposer. WA Prod have InstaChord 2 & Expansions on sale BF for $29 https://www.waproduction.com/bundles/view/instachord-2-and-expansions Same goes for Instacomposer & expansions - $29 https://www.waproduction.com/bundles/view/instacomposer-and-expansions Instachord and Instacomposer on there own are on sale for $19 each
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    If you're getting an app hang, you might be able to force a dump by following Noel's advice here: Also, another good idea is to set the ExceptionHandlingSeverity variable to 7 (Preferences > File > Initialization File), which causes Cakewalk to report every error it can, including any otherwise benign ones. That should give you an error log at %appdata%\cakewalk\logs\cakewalk.log Like Jon said, if you can reproduce it and report it, there's a better chance of it being fixed and we all win
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    I don’t get out of bed for anything less than 50% off.
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    I got: -Sonarworks upgrade to Reference ID from 4 -Socks Didn’t get: -Anything else 😎
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    Take a look at them. I originally bought Waveform back in version 8 with the plan to create MIDI patterns in there and export them to Cakewalk. But Cakewalk never really liked how Waveform exported multitrack MIDI files. Funny enough, I discovered that Reaper was actually brilliant when you imported the same file. It prompted you to split to separate tracks! So you might appreciate the Waveform MIDI export since you mainly use Reaper. The Waveform generators are not as sophisticated as those in Scaler, or probably something like InstaChord or InstaComposer, but they are quick and fun to mess with. Note: this is an old video but it's a good getting started overview...
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    You should buy some lottery tickets....
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