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    https://youtu.be/FK0HRDOoDC0 September 6, 2022 New Update - StudioRack v14.2.52.174 can now host non-Waves VST3 plugins from any manufacturer. Now you can create and save complete chains, assign plugins to macros, turn any plugin into a multiband tool, and create instant parallel chain splits, with all your Waves plugins as well as your non-Waves VST3 plugins.
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    TAN 2, the Free VCA Compressor from Acustica Audio, revamped What's new? - Oversampling inside the compressor emulations to improve audio quality. - New "Hyper" engine. - Internal sidechain. - Stereo link control (available only for the Stereo/Double comp. emulations). - Anti-Aliasing. - Resizable interface. - Various optimizations and graphical improvements. run Aquarius https://www.acustica-audio.com/store
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    Evolution Vintage Violin Bass Available Now + Introductory Discount We're excited to present our latest virtual instrument, Evolution Vintage Violin Bass, which we recorded using an authentic '60s violin bass. This often-requested bass is unlike any of the other instruments we've developed. Not only is a short scale bass, but also has a hollow body, both factors which contribute to its unique, iconic sound. The instrument includes both picked and fingerstyle techniques, each covering open sustains, muted notes, harmonics, and more. And of course, as part of our Evolution series, you can customize how you want the articulations to be mapped. It also comes with a comprehensive collection of built-in effects and a wide assortment of ready-to-use factory presets, many of which take inspiration from the classics that originally made the bass famous. Evolution Vintage Violin Bass is normally $179 USD, but until September 30th you can pick up your copy at an introductory discount of $139. Check out its webpage to watch the walkthrough video and listen to audio demos.
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    If you really feel like paying for it... you can always WUP it and Waves will happily charge you a price
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    I will say though that there's no way that I'd do what King Lar did without affiliate links. He just did so much you have to wonder how many hours of his time and day that took.. and he gets nothing for that? I think that's why he got so pissed at those two dudes that were disagreeing with them. I watched that whole thing go down; objectively speaking, it wasn't that bad.. I wouldn't say they were trolling him per se, but they were definitely disagreeing with him--and the disagreements weren't completely out of line either--but one guy was sort of following him around over the course of a day or two and disagreeing with him on various stuff. And considering that Lar made no money doing what he did.. I think he just got mad and bailed, and I don't think he's coming back this time either. Maybe that was the straw that broke the camel but probably there was something else going on too.. there almost always is. People are so complicated ibtl
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    It's ok if the Coffee House doesn't have to do with Cakewalk 100% of the time. Every forum I know of out there has an 'off topic' section. Lar was the biggest sole contributor here and the best at what he did no doubt, especially considering his lack of affiliates -- and not that this is gonna happen, but if this forum got shut down over one person's absence that would be the ultimate insult to all the members who hang and contribute here. This forum/sub forum ain't going anywhere, ibtl
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    Hello to all my CW friends! It's been a long 6 months since I've had much spare time, but here I am with a new song. I recently purchased Waves Harmony and used it on this song to experiment a bit. It's fresh off the press and can be found here: https://soundclick.com/r/s8mawa I managed to listen to some of the new songs here from time to time, and I've been very impressed. I would like to have commented many times, but time has been precious this year. Thanks in advance for your time and good ears! Lynn 9/28/22 Thanks to my co-producers here, I remixed the percussion, smoothed a few rough edges, and slightly rearranged the beats. I also lessened the f/x on my vocals a bit and raised the bass gtr a tad. I think this helped to get me closer to the end.
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    https://soundcloud.com/tagruvto/cool-in-the-shade?si=cc64c73bc64b4282a3d8904ef39df192&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing It is hot today in California. My goal is/was to stay inside, stay cool, and write a tune. Here's what came out.
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    https://batsbrew.bandcamp.com/track/jezebel first pass on this one, i'll continue working on the mix and some arrangement thingys, til i get to the time to combine this one with the others i have finished, for album #6.
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    Pulse Audio, which makes the downloader used by a number of KONTAKT developers, has a sale going on multiple indie developers' libraries (Multone Audio, Sonora Cimematic, Rigid Audio, etc) with up to 92% off regular prices. https://pulse.audio/product-on-sale/?jsf=jet-engine&sort=orderby%3Ameta_value_num%3Border%3ADESC%3Bmeta_key%3A_discount_amount
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    This is a prepared piano with a lot of control offered. APD had it as a deal last year: https://www.xperimentaproject.com/preparato-piano/
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    Good work mate - and definitely well worth the time & effort you put in ๐Ÿ˜ What else could I say .... ..... but ..... Well done ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    Hey there, I stumbled on this thread and thought I might just chime in, since I'm the developer of these sounds! So, yeah, sorry for the confusion. There are two types of products. There's a Kontakt instrument, which is a playable drum kit, and then there are two loop packs of WAV files (which also include some one-shots). The Kontakt instrument's samples where made during the same recording as the loops, so it blends perfectly with the loops for adding fills, intros, breaks, etc. To @PavlovsCat point, at the moment the GUI is pretty bare bones (๐Ÿ˜ฌ), but there is a new GUI in the works that will be a free upgrade for existing users! So stay tuned for that. But, honestly, the point of this library is not tweaking, it's playing! All the tone was baked into the samples as they were recorded, just the way they used to do it. And because it's not trying to be the one and only drum library you'll ever need, it is very light weight, loads up super fast, never chokes your computer, and is super fun to play, IMHO ๐Ÿ˜‰. That summer sale expired a week ago, but there's a day left on the Labor Day sale...no pressure....srsly
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    Iโ€™ll โ€œbuyโ€ into your argument!
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    The Cramps - Dopefiend Boogie:
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    Was just wondering that too. I sent him a PM with a music channel a few days ago, but haven't heard from him since! Holiday hopefully.
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    Installed!!! I previously had the old Waves only version, but never really used it. This VST3 free-for-all opens up a lot of new doors. For example right now I have the new Studiorack running plugins from Waves, plus VST3 such as IK Mixbox, IK T-RackS modules, Eventide, and Cherry. This thing is a no-brainer!!! The CPU use of Studiorack with these 5 plugins inserted is at about 5% here. Tossed it onto an Arturia B3 V track which uses about 5% itself. Not bad! Waves CLA EchoSphere IK Mixbox with 4 modules: distortion, reverb, delay, saturation IK T-RackS Leslie Eventide Blackhole Cherry Audio Stardust 201 Definitely a space organ, LOL!!! ๐Ÿคฃ
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    Soundiron's Struck Piano is pretty unusual prepared piano. $69, although it was recently on sale for $49. Ever seen Blue Man Group's cover of The Who's Baba O'Riley, where they smack a piano with a large mallet? It's like that.
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    I've used Win Amp since I guess 2004 without any issues on it's behalf. And the big reason I stayed with it is it seems the only player that allows you to set it to " Manual Playlist Advance" Someone said Foobar also works but I haven't tried it yet. I do not want to have to press STOP when a song ends. Win Amp has a huge selection of options to customize. Little things like the playlist font size. Those things make a huge difference. Example in pour lighting conditions like outside on a sunny day. Playback is controlled using keyboard shortcut grouping of the lower left row -Z-X-C-V-B Z=back, X =Play and so on. I have my Stealth foot switch programed for these. But for simple set ups it's easy to use these keys. I have them marked. But generally like to perform with my hands on my guitar at all times. ( unless there's a cold one within reach) Win Amp can have just about any type of media files mixed in your playlist. Including Midi. Of course that plays the dreaded MS wavetable synth. I just recently have started adding Video files. And my Backing tracks are a crazy mix of MP3, Wave 44.1 and 48. It doesn't care. I have spent hours researching different software for live performance and it's always missing these key features. Here is my list of what I require and Win Amp does this all except the midi data output and the 2 track limitation. 1- Stop at end of song 2-Drag and drop playlist editing on the fly at the gig. 3-Hot keys for playback control 4-Custom Font Size 5-PLay a mix of file formats including Video 6-GUI is resizable to fit anywhere on screen. 7-Midi output 8-Display lyrics ( can do this with video) 9-play 4 to 6 tracks of audio 10-Save multiple Playlists 11- Print a set list
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    ppft... Shpongle - Nothing Lasts...But Nothing Is Lost
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    there are several plugin bits that need to load as services - such as the Wave Local Server. so, if you don't have those start up with the OS, then you can see a brief delay while they activate, but as noted, once those are services are loaded, the plugin loading is pretty fast. since my DAW uses iLok and Waves, i keep those related services set to automatically start. so my Slate, Waves, and other iLok depedent plugins load quickly.
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    How could I forget Modwheel? There are so many great small developers, but they make high-quality stuff that is really unusual. Anyway, I was reminded because they sent me an email about a new freebie that is available for a short while called Wreckage. https://www.modwheel.co.nz/wreckage?utm_source=MODWHEEL&utm_campaign=40c364968a-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_20220905_WRECKAGE_LAUNCH&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a67e6c42b0-40c364968a-443798345&mc_cid=40c364968a&mc_eid=1c0d8cda9e I use their acoustic bass a lot. This began as a library with a lot of unusual bass noises. They then updated it and added the typical pizzicato and arco sounds. I tend to use it for acoustic bass, as it has a lot of stuff you can't find anywhere else. https://www.modwheel.co.nz/the-lowdown-v2 There's a free version of some Lowdown soudns called Tasty Morsels https://www.modwheel.co.nz/free-stuff There's also a freebie that's all Feedback.
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    LOL - can't see if you don't take the time to look... https://www.tracktion.com/products/biotek BioTek is a beast. Multiple facets for creating a large variety of tones. Looks like a tweaker dream - you could probably get lost for years just with all the sonic possibilities. BUT having said that I am actually just a bit underwhelmed by default sample library - lots of stuff there but not really that impressed with a lot of it. Maybe I was just demoing the wrong patches or maybe just jaded. If I was just starting to build my synth library I'd jump at this - it's a great price for something with a lot of possibilities. But personally, at the moment, I've already got enough beasts in my zoo that don't get enough attention.
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    Since Halloween is coming next month, I stopped in at a costume shop while I was visiting England. A nice lass came out from the back room and asked what I was looking for. After I told her she said "We don't carry that sh!te here, but they do." while pointing to a sports apparel shop across the street that featured a Liverpool kit in the window. To this I replied "Sorry, you misunderstood. I want to look like a Count!" ๐Ÿ˜
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    I use AVG on some of my company computers. Every time I ran a new program, it flagged it as suspicious and would not let me run it until it had uploaded some sort of signature to its website. Terrible behaviour IMHO.
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    JMO: Facebook is the devil.
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    That right there is the best malware protection! ๐Ÿ‘ And there are some good free solutions out there! No excuse not to be doing that for your valuable DAW! I'm not sure that I would ever trust a machine that actually got infected to be "clean" after removing the malware. I would just rather nuke and restore the entire system drive from a backup image made prior to the infection.
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    FWIW, My DAWs are all connected to the Internet... and most run 24/7. Never a problem... First, make sure you have proper backup. Next, make sure you're running Win10x64 Pro... so you can fully disable all automatic updates. Not a fan of any 3rd-party AV application on any high-performance machine...
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    Like, Lar was great, and he had long since earned the King moniker which preceded his name, but there's also many other regulars here who I come to this forum to read and hang with too ibtl
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    That's a lot of synth for $10. I bought it years ago when it pushed my CPU over the limit. But on modern hardware it plays well. Great if you are into sound design and like to work with samples. You get 4 sample layers/slots to work with and you can import your own. Just the 11GB of factory samples alone is worth $10!
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    Well, I found it, thanks to John Maar As VSTi: In spanish, (sorry, my melodyne is in spanish). Asignaciones----->preferencias----->Look----> Contraste mรกs alto. As standalone version: File | Preferences | User Interface | Look
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    It is a large install for sure and I was pretty surprised at that when I first got it, but when you consider all the samples it comes with, that you can reshape into anything you want it makes sense. My main criticism of this synth is it can be a little heavier on the CPU, but that's become less of an issue as CPUs have gotten faster. In terms of sound, you can get some insanely good sounds out of this thing. If it can't make the sound, it's not the synth! Hell you could probably program a good sounding 12 layer Kazoo out of it ๐Ÿคฃ
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    Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots
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    I've been waiting for a great Hofner 500/1 bass library for what seems like forever and been begging Greg Schlaepfer/Orange Tree Samples to make a Hofner 500/1 library and this hit it out of the park, which is what I'd expect out of OTS, but still, playing this is incredible. I've had it since last month, as I made a demo for it that will go live later this week. The Hofner 500/1 is my absolute favorite tone for a rock bass guitar and in the weeks that I've been using the library, I've found that it not only completely nails the sound of the bass and plays great , but with some effects on it, it goes far beyond the signature tone that McCartney made famous and it sounds great in harder edged rock songs too. In fact, I was using it on a kind of Zeppelin-esque alt-rock song last week that doesn't sound anything like the McCartney signature bass tone it's famous for, and it sounded great. In the month I had it, this has become my go to rock bass guitar out of a total of easily 40 really fine detailed sampled and modeled bass guitars. (Disclosure: I've consulted to Orange Tree Samples. I'm a former semi-pro musician, well a drummer -- as my musician mother used to say "You're a musician because you play piano and organ; drummers aren't musicians!" -- who has a home studio where I regularly record original music and covers that extensively use sample libraries and plugins. I've long been a huge fan of OTS libraries -- that is what led to my consulting.)
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    Some links that may help you https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Tempo.12.html https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=AudioSnap.07.html
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    Great tune, what markno999 said about the guitar tone is right on.
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    I'm guessing kazoo karaoke's greatest hits. ๐Ÿ˜€
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    Because you already gave them hundreds of dollars/pounds/gilders/dineros/yens?
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    All Things Must Pass - George Harrison
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    This is a really good track - I agree with the comments above re the mix - definitely needs a bit of tweaking. but definitely worth the effort as I think as Mark says above, this could be stellar if mixed properly Welcome to the forum Cool stuff Nigel
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    Great first song post here Mike ! A very cool song, with some interesting change ups, unpredictable is always good . . . yes, you could dial in the mix a bit better for presentation, but the passion and performance is all there, no doubt about that. I'm OK with your thick sounding guitar mix, but if you could carve out a bit more space for those amazing vocals, and more some definition in the kick drum and low frequencies, that would really help this piece. There's also a very thick sustained pad instrument that could be tamed a bit to add clarity ?
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    But Fleer don't want to "curate." I believe what he wants is something closer to concierge amirite? But it's not always about finding deals on specific stuff you want. What if I don't know that I want anything at all? I can't tell you how many times I just randomly decided to look on the Cakewalk deals forum after not having done so for weeks, and saw a deal that I wasn't even thinking about -- didn't know what it even *was* until I looked further into the thread and then said "oh yeah actually that'd be cool to have." It's like I go to the grocery store, and I don't plan to eat anything while I'm in there, but there's some guy giving out toothpick samples of prime rib he just grilled up and I'm like "actually yeah dude hook it up," but I didn't go there expecting that. That's what I like about the Cakewalk Deals. You don't know what you want until you see it; I see it.. I need it. Plus, I'm a Cakewalk lifer since Pro 8, so I *want* to be here. I'm also a Duped Lifer as I bought in to the "Lifetime Updates" final grift that Roland or whoever it was got me for.
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    10 years ago my 3000$ TV gave up, just after warrenty, even this Philips could not be repaired....no more Philips products for me. Then I thought 'let's buy a computer and DAW (Sonar X1) instead of a new TV'. Never watched TV again and probably not missing lots.
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