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    What's New in SampleTank 4.2: - Added drag-and-drop sample import functionality - Expanded options for user sample import - Updated user manual with new sample import information - Fixed a bug on the Layer Panel where notes could get stuck while scrolling - General reliability improvements
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    Hi Saverio from HoRNet Plugins here. I'm sorry you don't like our upgrade policy but keep in mind that when we release a new major version we always add features and we only require a small fee on the order of some euros (never happened to be more than 3,99€ yet) so it's not something that everybody cannot afford. there is some plugin you bought that we then upgraded and you think it's not worth it? if you are willing em to let me know I'll be more than happy to improve and learn if we did some mistake. Saverio https://www.hornetplugins.com
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    Hey, we are beating KVR in number of GB thread pages.... again! 😄
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    OK all you holdouts and lurkers... It's TIME to pile on!!! 🤣
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    The idea behind this plugin was not to make just another guitar plugin but to create inspirational sounds from guitars: 18 instruments created from recordings of classical, acoustic, folk, electro-acoustic and electric guitars. 5 performance techniques: Open strings, harmonics, muted, short notes and special (fx). 5 textures to regulate independently. Get it now for free https://zaksound.com/sapphire-guitar/
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    Now time for the free $10 Cymatics gift card! Just use the code "FREE10" at checkout, no purchase necessary. You can use this on any pack or plugin in our store. https://cymatics.fm/
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    Yeah, but I think they'd be beating us in beating IK 🤭
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    Recreates the super-fat, room-rattling sounds of the most legendary dual-oscillator bass pedal synth ever made. Now $25 (out of $39) as introductory price. EveryPlugin Price = $20.99 https://everyplugin.com/lowdown.html
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    along with (7): So, thanks for the clarifications, Doug. I'll go with (6) + (7).
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    thanks Fleer - great to see this because I ordered it less than 30 seconds ago...
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    Absolutely love it, especially as it’s got instrument specific presets. Sadly it ain’t M1 native yet.
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    Mick can't sue. Its impossible. "You shouldn't have named yourself after a car you stupid 'ole git"
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    Geronimo did it.
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    From a development standpoint, they each have to be docuented and investigated individually; if they are found to have a common cause and solution, great, but that's for the Bakers to determine. From a forum standpoint, multi-issue posts are not as sensible as you might think; they tend to just become a confusing mess of random responses. Videos can be helpful but they only show the actual result, not the expected result which is required to have a full understanding of the issue, (and to confirm whether there is even an issue or whether the expectation was faulty) and requires a verbal description. The problem with this is that you're relying on users to correctly determine whether their issue is actually a bug and whether it's the same bug as someone else reported. I can't tell you how many times someone has posted "I have the same issue", and it's not the same at all. Sometimes the same symptom, but a different cause (at least as often a config or training issue as an actual defect), and sometimes not related at all. I guarantee almost none of that will be reproducible by other users or the Bakers without a detailed description of the steps and much if it will turn out to he hardware/plugin/project-dependent. Personally, I have never encountered any of that or recall it being reported by anyone else in so many words with the possible exception of "worse performance at higher buffer settings" which can happen when your audio and disk buffers are not well-matched among other things. Bottom line: if you seriously want to see anything 'fixed", it needs a separate post with reproducible steps and a copy of the project in case it's not readily reproducible in a new project started from the Basic template. I believe your expectation of what should happen in the last two cases is mistaken, but I can't make sense of what you're trying to accomplish or why you're talking about 'slip-resizing" a clip and expecting other clips not to be affected when you're using the split move tool instead of the single-clip crop tool. I was mistaken BTW; It's Shift that changes this tool. not Ctrl.
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    I'm just glad we have competition in the CPU space. Hope it stays that way!
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    The very strange part is spot on🤪
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    That has been stated from the beginning, there will be MODO BASS 2 CS. So they're either not reading, that's not what they really want (I think someone expects both upgrades for free), or something else. Purchasing the new basses individually will definitely be more costly than the special upgrade price.
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    I understand, but if we make a plugin now and we spend a certain amount of time and money for R&D, then we market the plugin for then next 2 years, providing bug fixes and sometimes small feature updates, then we decide to upgrade the plugin and we ask you 3€ for the new features it's not a shame I think... the only issue is if you buy the plugin after a year and half we have released, but this is not our fault and to provide the new version we had adde costs for research and development. If you buy any DAW now and in 6 months they release a new version you'll have to pay the upgrade fees, I don't see what's strange here...you are not forced to upgrade to new version if the ones you have still works fine Saverio
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    Water Cooling can be extremely quiet... IF... you pick the right cooler. The key is getting one with pump noise ~10dB. I've got both 12900ks and 5950x based DAWs. For maximum performance, you can't run either one without water-cooling. (Same is true with the 10980xe) Well... you can... but it'll thermal-throttle under heavy loads (rendering video), which kind of defeats the purpose. 😉 On YouTube, you'll see some folks running ThreadRipper (280w TDP) with a NH-U14S cooler. It runs... but nowhere near full potential. With 280w TDP, there is no building a "quiet" machine. To add insult to injury, the motherboard chipsets are active cooled (small fan). For these reasons... and poor ultra low latency performance, I won't build ThreadRipper based DAWs for myself or clients. With Ryzen 5k series, AMD finally got their ultra low latency performance together. Ultra low latency performance wise, Intel's 11th Generation 11900k was actually a step backward (vs the 10900k). Ryzen 5950x bests the 10900k and 11900k (both single-core and multi-core performance). The 12900k then leap-frogged the 5950x (both single-core and multi-core performance). The latest 12900ks is basically a 12900k that can clock up to 5.5GHz (vs 5.2GHz for the 12900k). If you're pushing the limits of ultra low latency performance, the 12900ks is currently the best performer. Working at say 1ms total round-trip latency is not something that lends itself to being heavily multi-threaded. Clock-speed is the single most important factor. With the 12900ks, you've got highest clock-speed available... and 16 cores (best of both worlds).
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    Abbey Road II Boom, outta here!
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    Asking 299 euros for an update seems obscene to me and I don't care if they give all that software that I don't need.
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    The Heart Throbs - Cleopatra Grip* (Full Album) * You might need to google it. On the other hand, under absolutely no circumstances should you google it.
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    IK has been pretty good with extensions before AND... It's much better publicity for them if it goes all the way, so there may still be hope. People talk about those sales for many months, or even years after the event for really great group buys, which generates more sales, but customers are not going to rave about it to the same extent unless they get all of them! 😉😎
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    You've given up vindaloo? Surely not!
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    Well, until the Rolling Stones started taking him on tour with them, B.B. King was a thing of the past, too, so I will be keeping the forum flame alive until something actually better, and by that I mean "better at conveying information and fostering a sense of community" rather than "better at attracting people with the attention span of a cocker spaniel puppy" comes along to replace forums. I think the issues with Facebook are at least twofold, maybe more. First, information posted there is really ephemeral. It scrolls away, it's gone, no searching topics or thread titles. I eventually get bummed about answering the same questions over and over. Second, some answers really need to be long, and Facebook doesn't lend itself to that, big blocks of text in smaller type. Third, due to its structure and culture, Facebook encourages people to try to be "helpful" when they really have no idea what they're talking about. Forums have the advantage that they are communities, and as such, reputation has a certain amount of value, both for people holding the opinion and for the person hoping to get and maintain a good reputation. If I think someone is being a little rough on a n00b, I'll try to pop in and encourage civility because I have something invested in helping the community be a welcoming and friendly place. Facebook, and especially YouTube, encourage a more "hit and run" style. Lord knows, I just saw a YouTube Cakewalk user who asked his viewers for help with a crackling and dropout issue he was having with Cakewalk on a powerful new computer (turned out to be a plug-in, surprise!). There were 2 or 3 valuable responses, and the rest were suggestions to switch to whatever DAW the person typing favored. One person suggested he try ASIO4ALL (rather than the driver supplied for his RME PCIe interface). Great use of the downtime, John! Your collection is a great set of tutorials on the basics.
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    Had to laugh because you used the word Grok. I think that’s a word not many people will have a clue what it means but I sure do! What was that dang book though? You got me thinking about it Edit. Ok now I see it’s like a classic SI Fi term coined buy Robert Heinlein. Actually a Martian term.
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    Sounds like a spot-on Mesa Boogie emulation then.
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    This thread is longer than all of the Tracks modules installed but unavailable in my computer
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    Check it out, Apogee! There's people updating drivers for their still useful equipment!
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    No singing robots here. Just me. 🙂 Like it, love it or hate it. ☺️ https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14397716 😀John B
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    Or just wait for the next Total Studio crossgrade, which should include everything released to that date...
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    I was just saying that I don't think that we have enough drum libraries.....
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    The group buy page https://www.ikmultimedia.com/syntronik2gb has links to all 33 Syntronik 2 synth choices for entry.
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    I thought I might go with it when Sonar was stopped as my future daw. Liked it and yes it is extremely powerful. But when CbB became a reality I stopped upgrades of it. I think if you're heavy on the audio side it is great. The MIDI side was lacking IMHO.
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    Grok - to fully understand something completely, like drinking it in. Sounds like downing a full mug (grok grok grok....)
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    This will not get an "installed" from me. I pretty much abandoned this DAW at Pro X5.
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    Great job on the vocals ! Loved the song. The first time thru I thought they were a little dry. Second listen I got it. Enjoyed it .. mark
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    Ok, on the first part I stand by my point (Fractal and AS sounding very similar, prob Fractal better, IK not good). But then on the 2nd part the Fractal with the Resistive cabinet sounds way better, and better than the IK. The IK doesn't sound bad on the 2nd part of the video, but omg does it sound lifeless (on the 2nd part of the video, the IK sounds different from the first part of the video, and doesn't sound like piss). Now it seems we don't agree, I guess we are all guitar players? 😆 (Not exactly thread related but I wanted to add: when I watch movies, sound is amazing, you can tell they focused on quality sound 200% vs 99% of all Youtube+youtubers, that's why I can't really watch that much Youtube even though I wanted to. Although with my setup, I reiterate: Harshness is gone 99%).
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    Hi John . . . I'm a liker of this one ! So many interesting moments along the way, great instrumental surprises . . . I actually found this very theatrical in it's presentation, like something you would hear in a musical stage production.
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    Sorry King, but IK sounds like piss. Listening through an ADI 2 DAC, through 2 WA73 preamps into a Yamaha RECEIVER, using its headphone output. The preamps give the signal something that makes it sound 1000x better and removes 99% of its harshness (ADI 2's headphone output is just trash). Anyway, the Audio Assault sounds very much like the Fractal, wow.
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    Are you able to hear how Amplitube is really rolled off compared to the other two? I listened using Sennheiser HD-600's, and it really sounds deadened compared to the other two. But I do like high gain metal 🙂 I wonder if it was using the same IR for all three though.
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    I've had Syntronik 2 Full since less than a week before the SYN2GB was announced. So, I don't need more than the 11 new ones. At present, I have 14 promos available that are useless to me. Wishful Thinking: Wouldn't it be great (as in a 3-way win-win-win scenario) if after the SYN2GB ends and it doesn't go all the way to 33 Instruments, loyal customers (say for example, those who have paid cash to IK of over $300 since first becoming customers) are given an opportunity to gift (i.e., no transfer fee) unused/unneeded promos to other customers to fill in their collections? Gifters win because their duly earned promos don't go to waste; giftees win because they get to round out their collections; IK wins because when new IK synths and bundles come out all customers will have wonderful feelings about IK and will likely spend more money to up-/cross-/max grade to products that include what they already have.
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    MARK YOUR CALENDARS JUNE 24–25, 2022 GearFest Online is Sweetwater’s annual celebration of gear and the musicians that love it. We’re streaming GearFest to you live with exclusive product launches, artist interviews and performances, unbeatable deals, and a whole host of great content that’s all about GEAR! https://www.sweetwater.com/gearfest/
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    What is BYO ? We always poked other stuff around , and the fact that i value my friends around more that people in other forums must be taking in account . Not the first thread i see closed for no reason ... I don't care about the thread , i do care more about the forum vibe ....
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    Wow, I see why it's called ShineVerb !!!! damn .... I really don't need any more reverbs! And yet... the sheen on the sound ... it sounds so compelling ... Anyone know what that's down to? I can't think of any other reverbs that have that particular sound. It sounds like fully produced music that one might hear on an album, rather than simply an instrument with reverb applied to it. Compelling.
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