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    Amen, brother. I recently bought a plugin that I already owned and have never used. Still haven't used it. This will likely be the third Black Friday in a row where I haven't bought anything. I just can't think of anything I really need, regardless of price. That includes both software and hardware. Too bad you can't buy motivation. I'd pay full price for that. Wisdom, though, I'd wait for a sale.
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    I can see the ad now.... VACANCY: Salary Neg. + Benefits (100 Jam points) Exciting opportunity for upcoming UI designers with actual functioning eyes to work on IK's new Sampletank 5 project. No experience necessary. IK is an age inclusive organisation, so don't let only being 5yrs old and only used to working with finger painting or wax crayons put you off applying. You literally can't make it worse....
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    Even better deal Use the code: APGMARS and get "All the Samples From Mars" for $19.50
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    First, buy the Super Cabinet Plugin directly from Overloud. It's $36.79...and it's $59 everywhere else! https://www.overloud.com/products/supercabinet Then go to JRR and buy the TH-U Premium upgrade from any "Edition". This includes the Super Cabinet, and the price with code GROUP is $92.40, making the total price $129.19!!! https://www.jrrshop.com/overloud-th-u-full-upgrade-from-any-thu-edition From Overloud's website on the upgrade from Edtion to TH-U Premium TH-U PREMIUM (UPGRADE FROM TH-U OR TH3 EDITION) With this option you can upgrade to TH-U Premium if you have the SuperCabinet, TH-U Rock, TH-U Metal, TH-U Funk and R&B, TH-U 60's pack, TH3 Rock, TH3 Metal or TH3 Funk and R&B You just saved over $13 off the price of buying TH-U Premium at JRR, which with the GROUP code is $141.96!
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    It will. I feel like I've failed as a human being. My only comfort is that most of y'all will be quite a few levels in Hell below me, and I expect to hear your screams.
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    Anything Soundspot https://www.pluginboutique.com/search?qs=match&q=soundspot&oses[]=
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    Hmmm. I am surprised this thread hasn't been locked by now. Might be a good idea to delete the political posts before the moderators get wind.
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    Studio One: "too many updates, and paying for every single one of them"... huh? the updates are free
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    My current strategy: Looking at my bills (current and upcoming, including credit card charges not yet billed and anticipated housing costs) and checking account balance 😞. Looking at my monthly income. 😞 😞 Reminding myself how I made a very bad decision in October to join a popular marketing scheme discussed heavily in the forum instead of waiting until I could get far more with about the same amount of money. 😞 😞 😞 😞 Deleting tons of e-mails that have proliferated since I started purchasing music stuff. 😞 Deleting tons of e-mails that have proliferated since I started signing up for so-called "free" plug-ins. 😞 😞 Trying demos over the span of a few days 🙂 instead of getting caught up in impulsive consumerism and asking myself if I need it or just want it Taking a new look/playing around with soft synths and other music tools I have in my inventory. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 With bundles, asking myself if this developer gives me substantially reduced prices for products I already purchased. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Spending time to make a spreadsheet of possible purchasing options. 🙂 Then, limiting impulsive purchases to a very small percentage of what I think I might ultimately spend. 🙂 Any or all of these might or might not work for others, but I think its a good question to reflect on especially given all the hyper-commercialized marketing that seems to be all over the place. Caveat emptor!!!
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    My small family consists of my wife and two kids all had a nice Thanksgiving. But yes, my wife's family has similar views to Larry and don't like people of my ethnicity (I was told very directly), so the upside is that we don't see them on the holidays. More time for music too. I recorded a cover of "All You Need is Love" with my wife and kids singing harmonies.
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    IBTL? If it were me? I'd delete some off topic comments and get back to business. t @cclarry I get it, I feel it, but we're on the edge of the TOS; just my nickel98, word to the wise maybe?...
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    What? No pants ? C'mon Paulo, get yourself together man, it's waayy past lunchtime already......
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    That's part of the reason for pushing the age back... Luckily I beat that! The start for "pushing the age back" was being born on Jan 1st, 1960 or after...I was born Dec. 27th, 1959! It's been a major struggle these past few years...so looking forward to being "Solvent" again!
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    ...mine is always to get the MOST of what I want at the lowest possible price...as always. I can't buy much during the rest of the year...so this is my time to "splurge" for goodies, and that's only THANKS to you guys here! Fortunately I just spoke to the guy from Social Security, and I have to provide proof of my identity? And THAT is after answering a hundred questions about...MY IDENTITY! And, I can't "scan" or email anything to them...I have to use PHYSICAL MAIL to send it to them, and it HAS to be an "Original", not a copy! They do EVERYTHING that they possibly can to make you "give up"...but that's NOT going to happen...LOL
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    Personal codes work on top. I can get Silver B for €8.55.
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    I recently started playing around with AmpRoom.. it covers same ground as AT 5, but it sounds very different (to my ears). The cleans are really really good.
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    I tried Unify with Softube 72 demo the other day - a couple of clicks and 8 voice polyphony
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    Very humorous, and enlightening regarding the need for accumulating endless libraries... 🤣
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    This has nothing to do with plug-in UI. The buttons are in the standard header added by the DAW. Ignore the red box around the VST3 drop down, I lifted the first image of the standard header found in the documentation. The answer to the subject is there is no mute button in the standard header. It is a feature request. Feature request belong in https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/8-feedback-loop/ Unlike mute, all the existing functions in the standard header have something to do with the open plug-in UI.
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    Yes...it went over my head! But like I said, thanks anyway because you made me look to see if I had it, I didn't, so got it with a freebie that I got in the GGBO21!!!
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    It's joke son...ya missed it...LOL
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    I am waiting for the Black Saturday deals, known in other circles as Black Sabbath.
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    Just a bump for SFM. Their stuff is great! Well recorded, well organized, and includes Kontakt instruments as well.
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    BTW...just a note...SSL rarely has a sale...so when they come around I recommend jumping. All their plugins are VERY worth having!
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    Another thing that has saved me A LOT of money? Sites with a feature that tells me "you already own this." That's saved me hundreds of dollars. Anyone else with me on that one?
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    Speaker Shaper sounds great. My favorite of all speaker-sim plugins. IMO, on par with the UA OX Amp Top Box (hardware)
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    I got 2 Drum MIDI packs for SD3 at a tenner each, minus some best coin and extra discount at Best Service, and that is all I'm gonna get this time. I kinda got my GAS under control after the IK GB. Unless it is very cheap, and I can use it with my Console 1, I'm not that interested anymore. I know I should be ashamed...
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    @bad penguin - If you're okay with using a standalone app to feed midi into your DAW, don't forget to check out sundog song studio - only 15% off for BF though. https://feelyoursound.com/sundog/
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    Yep PavlovsCat I'm glad my family stayed home for Thanks Giving as a couple of relatives are as far removed from my point of view. I learned to just be quiet as it is not worth it. They won't change and I for sure won't. So I made a small Turkey and sidings and had a peaceful day. Even got to go play my keyboards for a little bit. All was well.
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    Maybe that $94 was supposed to be $49....THAT would be a deal...not this
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    the two major issues with Social Security are. 1. First and foremost, our Crooked Congress has stolen (and spent) the money 2. The boomers are coming of age to collect, and that's HUGE, so they will try to do everything that they can to discourage us from collecting. If the CROOKS in Congress had their way, SS would be eliminated...because they've already stolen the money! That's why they have started calling it an "Entitlement", which it's NOT! WE PAID FOR IT! And if they had RIGHTLY paid us INTEREST on the money in our accounts, we'd be LOADED for retirement! Instead, Creepy Joe, when he was a Senator, decided to back the TAXING of Social Security, and THEN he backed the INCREASE of taxes on Social Security, even though SS was supposed to be "Tax free"! CROOKS AND CHARLATANS...one and all!
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    I'm sure I'm not the only one to see Wytse's Snake Oil video on tape plugins. Found a promo code that takes 60% off Softube's $99 Tape plugin. $39 net. Use Promo code: TUNECOREANDSOFTUBE
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    I greatly appreciate what you do. Hopefully the SS thing isn't a new way for the govt. to save money. They just claim they lost us in the data base. Funny how that all works. When they were deducting money from our pay they seemed to find us every payday. Good luck! I would be relentless too. You worked for it, you deserve it.
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    Objective was to not buy anything. In the last moment I crumbled and ordered a battery for a wireless Xbox 360 controller.
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    Funnily enough I bought a as US 16x08 just this week as my ui24r has gone faulty and I wanted something to replace that whilst it's in for repair - worked like a charm out of the box on mac m1 mini using driver class compliancy.
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    Unify for $61.41 at JRRShop with code Forum. https://www.jrrshop.com/pluginguru-unify
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    DDMF 40 % sale! https://ddmf.eu/ Dear DDMF users, As DDMF is a place where traditions are cherished and respected. Who would we be to decide that Black Friday already starts three weeks earlier? 😉 But now, the wait is almost over: from this Friday, Nov 26th, all the way until Cyber Monday, Nov 30th, all DDMF products will be available for you with a 40 percent discount. I know many of you have been holding back purchases due to the difficult times we are somehow still finding ourselves in. This is your chance to get gems like the new MagicVerb, the MagicDeathEye bundle, Metaplugin, Plugindoctor or any of the other great DDMF products at a hugely discounted price. and finish the year with some fantastic new tools in your arsenal. Looking forward to seeing you all there, don't forget to spread the word to your friends and family! All the best, stay safe and healthy, Christian (DDMF)
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    I quite like Organteq (and love Pianoteq). There’s something about Organteq that makes it more like an actual instrument when compared to sampled libs. Same goes for Pianoteq, of course.
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    Also, this says more about me than it does about Waves: I visited Waves broken website several times today before I finally got their freebie that I didn't even find remotely like something I would ever use. I watched their YouTube video for their new plugin while their site was down and found I had zero interest in the effect. And yet, I still went back to get it. thinking, well, maybe there's some use I'll have for it that I just don't realize at this moment. This is how the mind of a sample and plugin hoarder works. Someone really needs to do a show on sample/plugin/data hoarders where just about every user of this forum could be on it and Larry -- our Walter White (yeah, I've used that one before, but it's true) would be seen in between our interviews laughing. From now on I'm referring to Larry as Heisenberg (and we're the junkies).
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