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    Lots of freebies https://plugindeals.net/free-plugins-report/free-plugins-reports-october-21st-2021/
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    Cakewalk relies on a proper installation of various Microsoft runtime libraries for several components (as do many other Windows programs). You can read more about the Microsoft redistributables here. While the Cakewalk application only uses the latest runtime libraries, there are other components and plugins that may utilize earlier libraries. Hence the Cakewalk installer additionally installs some of the older versions of these libraries that are used by certain known modules and plugins. Occasionally the Microsoft runtime libraries installation may get damaged by installing other programs (or even Windows update itself!) by installing incompatible components or removing necessary runtime components that are required for proper operation of Cakewalk. If this happens. the typical symptoms are crashes or hangs on starting Cakewalk or opening a project. A clean install of Cakewalk will always install the necessary components required for proper operation of the program, and typically restore normal operation. However, its not always convenient to reinstall the application, so we've built a new redistributable installer to help repair a system that doesn't contain all the necessary runtime libraries. You may download the new redistributable installer here. Running this installer will reinstall all required runtime library dependencies and should in most cases be able to recover from a damaged installation.
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    I decided to buy the Behringer MEMS mike, which has a $100 MSRP, but Sweetwater offering on a special sale for $29 and free shipping plus their 2-yr warranty. It was out-of-stock and backordered when I purchased it earlier this week, but got an email that it's shipped and will arrive at my door on Monday.
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    OK, the cow is milked, and here are the results of my test with multiple instances in my DAW. First the particulars, which may be pertinent. Intel i7 Core 920 @ 2.6 12 GB Ram Win 7 Sonar Platinum Cakewalk VS 100 interface AT 5 version 5.2.0 I do have a different machine that is only 7 years old, but that is at a different location so can't test on that one. I do not have the X Gear pedals....yet, but they do show up in the collections tab, they're locked. I am not connected to the internet. ______________________ Open new Basic Project Insert instance of Jamstix with a big kit Insert Instance d SI Bass, set to play a loop Add Audio track, and insert AT5 into effects bin, it took 40 seconds to load. Duplicate track 3 times, it duplicated in less than 1 second, so now I have 4 instances of AT5 loaded. Then, just to check, I added new audio track, and inserted a new instance of AT5, it took 6 seconds to load. Now I have 5 instances of AT5. Recorded guitar onto each track, using a different amp, and stomps on each one. I recorded without a hiccup. CPU usage around 50%, but maybe that is because the CPU is 15 years old? and Ram usage around 5 GB on playback 24%. Then load ST 3, which has to rebuild the database, and takes 2 minutes to do that...aaargh Load in 24 violins patch, record audio to track, all goes well. With Splat project still open, I decide to open AT5 in standalone mode. It took 20 seconds to load in stand alone mode. So that's that, I hope this is what you meant when you asked about multiple instances of AT 5 in my Daw. I feel your pain if you people are having issues. Maybe a cutting edge computer isn't what you need afterall /s😀 Peace
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    Run the Izotope Product Portal to update
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    Evolution Series introducing the new version for the Free Clar Duduk librarie: World Colors Clar Duduk 2.0. Works with Free Kontakt Player https://www.evolutionseries.com/portfolio/world-colors-clar-duduk/ Reimagined for Native Instruments Kontakt player 6 We are very excited to bring to you a massive update to our first 'Colors' instrument 'Clar-Duduk'. It is NKS compatible and reimagined with a brand new streamlined user interface. To top that off it now works with the latest free Kontakt player Clar-Duduk is a cross between a clarinet and the Armenian Duduk. Quite often in our creative journey we only need a flavour of an instrument not an in-depth virtual instrument - just enough to add a bit of worldly magic. Focusing on textural performance, we captured an emotional and lively sound bringing to life the inspiring Clar-Duduk.
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    I'm going to load up the ARC software and play around with it and the mike for a few hours this weekend. I think it will work fine based on reviews and Sweetwater's return policy and the 2-year warranty pretty much takes the risk out of this purchase!
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    While this may be true in some instances; I am running the latest AT 5 on a nearly 15 year old Intel i7 920 @ 2.6 Ghz with 12 GB of Ram. AT 5 stand alone loads in about 20 seconds here.
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    Nice report. Didn’t know they did that. You keep on finding ‘em, Lars !
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    https://www.newegg.com/amd-ryzen-5-3600/p/N82E16819113569 Low watt and comes with a cooler. https://www.newegg.com/amd-ryzen-5-5600g-ryzen-5-5000-g-series/p/N82E16819113683 Integrated graphics
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    For those focusing on realism, pay close attention, and perhaps stick with Kontakt ... And see the comments below from Troels about SoundPaint Technology (posted at VI-CONTROL). He has previously made several remarks that his goal was to introduce an entirely new type of instrument from the ground up. My take is that it's not just a new sample engine or physical modeling. More like a new flavor of sample based synthesis.
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    ATTENTION! Use this code in "discount code field" to download for free: freedownload https://electroniksoundlab.com/creepy-piano-2-lite/
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    I wrote too soon. Order got delivered today. Here's a pic.
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    https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ECM8000 Still on sale!
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    Halloween sale almost every plugin 60% off, bundles 30% off The sale is valid from October 23rd and will last only until October 28th at 21:00 (Italy time). https://www.hornetplugins.com/
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    Wow.. Bapu just added a new word to his vocabulary: "need" 🙂 (Sorry Ed, just couldn't resist)
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    So glad I listened on nice headphones. Those guitars really dance! I appreciate the cello being understated, and how instruments are brought in slowly and only to support those god-level guitars. You can hear the wooden guitar tops vibrate. Perfect reverb as well. you can hit the "print" button. cheers, -Tom
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    I transferred B-3X and Miroslave Harmonik that I purchased a few years ago to my nephew. When I bought a third transfer it won't let me use it to transfer ARC to him. Of course with 24K new sales support must be overwhelmed so I'm not getting a response to my request to reset the limit. Question: I can't use the promo for ARC software only but I can choose the ARC crossgrade. I guess in the end the license I get is the same so I should just choose the crossgrade from the Promo drop down for one of my slots?
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    Many others also 90% off. https://www.kvraudio.com/marketplace/channel-robot or search at Loot Audio for Channel Robot and save 91% 🙂
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    The All Starz! This is one super group that is truly a super group, not just a bunch of names dropped to earn clicks, but a an amalgamation of artistic elements producing a novel compound.
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    Bjorn, this is so "spacey'"😧 You have a great ear for weaving musical tapestry, and you coax some of the sweetest sounds out of those tools you express your self through. I really like that guitar sounding thing that seems to morph onto a piano. Then you drop in the 180 and we're off to another region of the universe. Very nice!
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    An option that lets you change the background color for all the clips in one track, keeping the same foreground color for all the tracks and vice versa (without having to do it manually in the properties) EXAMPLES: First Mode: Second Mode:
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    I could be wrong, but I don't think I've seen them elsewhere. In any case though, I think you'd get the best deal buying direct - OTS usually has a group buy sale once a year. If you create an account, they'll (probably) offer you a survey that you can do to get some orange slices (discount points). If you combine the slices with the group buy price, you can get a really good deal, especially if you pick up a bundle.
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    This is a nice plugin to give a little air to a vocal. It's a good eq. Back in the day when it came out we all we fawning over it!!
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    Run the Output Hub to update
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    Piano 6 gigs! Thanks for the info. I'll pass on this engine as well. I really should concentrate on plugins i have and make something from that. 🥰
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    You know there is a completely new one available here
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    But this one's "pristine"!
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    It sounds really good to me. I would not mistake it for someone playing a real guitar, but the range of sounds he is getting from SoundPaint with a MIDI keyboard is very impressive. I don't have experience with an SG, but I do have an original 68' LP Custom. Love that tone. I was lucky enough to get the link for SoundPaint from the site (by email) and have been messing with the Steinway. I will most certainly be forking over the $20 to get the SG samples 👍
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    This is an amazing song Gary - both the music and the message is beautiful. I think the limiter might be a bit hot in the remix. For this type of music, I personally prefer the extra dynamic range and cleaner sound of the original, though I thought the vocal stood out a bit from the piano/strings in that mix. It might be an idea to gently compress the piano/strings, and also the vocals as two separate groups, and then gently compress them again in the final stage; please ignore if I'm telling you something you already know - no malice intended.
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    The engine is free, as well as the Steinway Piano. The guitar is a $20 add-on.
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    Do you really feel qualified? A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the airplane when the stranger turned to her and said, ‘Let’s talk. I’ve heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.’ The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed it slowly and said to the stranger, ‘What would you like to talk about?’ ‘Oh, I don’t know,’ said the stranger. ‘How about nuclear power?’ and he smiles. OK, ‘she said. ‘That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff - grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?’ The stranger, visibly surprised by the little girl’s intelligence, thinks about it and says, ‘Hmmm, I have no idea.’ To which the little girl replies, ‘Do you really feel qualified to discuss nuclear power when you don’t know sch!t?
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    NI updates on 15 plugins (possibly more as I'm a Komplete release behind current) Run NI installer... Edit: Fixed total. It's 15 plugins - apparently I can't count.
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    Vocal weekend offers (up to 60%) available for our most popular vocal libraries @ Rast Sound. https://rastsound.com/deals/
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    Why a Duduk? Why not a chicken? Evolution had a contest on this freebie when they released it, so I entered. It was a nightmare to do, because I didn't know what the articulations were. I literally had to put masking tape on my keyboard to tell me what each key switch did. And then, while the contest was on, they added new features. Which was nice, but it meant I had to go back to the drawing board. Anyway this new version is a big advance. Essentially each keyswitch gives you three articulations that are clearly marked in the UI. You can change the articulations either by velocity or modwheel or the CC of your choice. Well worth getting, particularly if you have an NI keyboard. You can't beat the price. PS. I lost the contest, but the consolation prize was a discount on another product. So I bought their terrific Guzheng. So... in typical fashion, entering the contest led me to spend more money!
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    Well I'm glad to hear that Cakewalk has been improved so much for you! I'm not sure when I bought Rapture Pro and the other VSTs to be honest. Unfortunately I wasn't able to notice the fact that Cakewalk ceased to exist. This is entirely my fault though! I've opened a support ticket via the link you kindly shared and I got my account reactivated. I directly offered them some account information and the support noticed that the confirmation mail hasn't been sent and fixed the issue directly. My MacBook has the M1 processor built in. Therefor I'll be going to give it a try on my system.
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    Original: Try A Little Tenderness - Ray Noble And the cover by Otis Redding:
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    90% off - $6.20 at KVR Marketplace https://www.kvraudio.com/marketplace/firewalker-by-channel-robot
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    Yes, their group sale is usually mid-summer. If you don't want to wait that long, wait for BF. Maybe they'll have something then.
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    Run Izotope Product Portal to update
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    My suggestion for the Plugin Alliance survey... fwiw, still using BFD3 here but can't in good conscience recommend it until they sort out the current issues.
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    Okay, you guys successfully talked me down. I have other plugins from InMusic that have caused massive problems and taken around a year before they addressed known software problems. The company is a disaster when it comes to software. I mostly use AD2 and, once in a while, SD2 and KONTAKT (which I do not love for drums). You'd think NI would be wise to make a really good drum plugin like AD2 or SD3 by now. But yeah, my experience with plugins for InMusic is that they buy up old plugins and completely neglect them.
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    Cool song and Great job by Everybody. Who is doing the vocals ? I'm hearing an EQ change on the mix from around 2:33 to about 3:00 where the highs seem to drop out then come back in. It seems pretty obvious especially on the lead guitar. I think the lead could be ducked a little under the vocals and brought back up between phrases. Just my first impressions. I Really enjoyed it , don't hear much metal around here .. mark
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    For me it is. They only allow for one machine.
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    @Old Joad & @jackson white when “You Really Got Me” was released it was about as raw a track as anything coming out of the British Invasion at the time. I would call it “transformative”. We all stand on the shoulders of those who preceded us. Im not “knocking” your choices. Just a reminder that the Kinks could Rock the Bandstand”. If I wasn’t on my phone I’d link to Warren’s (Produce like a Pro) video on it. It’s worth a “google” and watch. t
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    No need because you have the option to change the installation location during the install process. So not ridiculous at all AmpliTube 5 requires about 3GB disk space max. Also, see above as you do have the option to change the installation location during the installation process. Also, IK Support can handle any crashing issues you are having. As far as resources are concerned, on even a fairly modest machine people have been able to get multiple instances running in fairly complex projects so I'm sure the team can assist there too to see what's happening for you.
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