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    Sorry, sorry -- I was distracted by shiny objects and noisemakers. Here's the latest thoroughly scientific analysis of how the IK GB is going:
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    We've provided all of the appropriate information multiple times to all dealers and explained clearly how they could do REALLY well pushing this. Apparently it is not getting filtered down to all store associates apparently. I will bump our dealer reps here again. Yes, I'm on board with this as being 100% legit VAT is added when you purchase the Gear Credits, not to the price of the gear in Gear Credits when you use them. We'd rather not collection government tax from you the first time, let alone twice. Not going to happen. No TASCAM in this group buy. There are no plans to add any more items. We're in the final lap here, it has been extended twice already, and we will not be extending it again. 149.99 each. No. Absolutely. This is it, folks.
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    https://streamable.com/g0th1e EDIT: stupid non-embedded video
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    Rabbit hole achieved.
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    We got banned, we made friends, we cried together at the lack of resonator, we made jokes, we looked at graphs, we felt joy at the release of x-pedal, so over all was a great GB and best of all โ€ฆ we competed and crushed KVR. [above spoken word over hitmaker:Polka remix edition (extra cowbell) backing track] thanks IKM, Peter, and rest of gang.
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    Have to agree on those counts but I think IK should put a legal notice that they are not responsible if you get an addiction to their products
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    You can still get it from the wayback machine http://web.archive.org/web/20190215124143/https://www.riffstation.com/2520674960.html
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    I am gonna be sad when its over. It was a good 2 months of fun. I would also like to send out kudos to IKM and Peter. I think this was an amazing group buy and a great thing to do for people during the COVID pandemic. It gives people inspiration and something to enjoy and have fun with at home at a very decent and reasonable price point.
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    Written by some moron with no sense of context and who is apparently incapable of understanding the concept of ironic narrative.
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    There is no such thing as "cancel culture". It is right-wing propaganda to try and defend outdated and offensive views. The real snowflakes aren't the people who call out the racists, and misogynists and homophobes but the people who have been called out. It seems that in the western world that it is a bigger crime to accuse somebody of being a racist than any acts of racism in the first place.
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    So the KVR IKM group buy page has finally reached 169 pages which is where the originals Deals IKM group buy thread was frozen. Is it legit to add the pages from this thread to the original thread? I say it is.
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    I went to guitar center for the first time in at least 5 years to do the 4th GB buy in thanks to the hardware addition. The kiosk at the front of the store was basically all IKM products, I was shocked to see this. But the stunned look on my face only continued as I brought up the group buy to the sales associates of which none of them had a clue what I was talking about. If I worked there you can be certain I'd be selling that stuff like hot cakes with the promise of buy this and get a whole mess of software for free. I realize GC associates get a bad rap, but this makes me wonder how information is being provided at the corporate level. Point being I agree 25k should have been hit a long time ago but seems like all the available spread the word channels were perhaps underperforming.
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    That was the year and color I first bought in 1973. Of course those were the days where I could only afford one bass at a time. That bass went towards my next bass (my 1977 Alembic Series I). But today I have another Rick and love it as much as all my other basses. L to R: Alembic, Rick, Fender American P-Bass, Fender Players P-Bass, Gibson EB-3, Danelectro Longhorn, Squier Fretless Jazz Bass, Custom 5-String, Line 6 modelling Bass, Hofner Ignition, Kala Uke Bass, Epiphone Jack Casady Signature And below is my most recent purchase: Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 4HH
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    I didn't hit anything yet, because I don't celebrate until we are there. To be 100% serious we should have been there by now. This is an insane deal and 25,000 people isn't really that huge a number to be honest. I'm not mad, just disappointed OK that last part wasn't 100% serious. Just about 75% serious.
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    Now you tell me! Oh, well. It took some juggling but I think I managed to use my $50 voucher pretty well. I got the Acon Digital Restoration Suite 2, Chandler Limited GAV19T (with the discount for buying PT100) and Lindell Audio 254E for a total of $37.97, or about $12.66 a piece (+ VAT). And thanks to Eusebio I now still have the generic $25 voucher. Nice.
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    I finally fully grasped how routing works in TAL Vocoder-II, so posting it here as a public service. The basic concept of a vocoder is that you're using one audio signal to modulate another. It's a form of sidechaining, you have one audio source and you're using another one to affect it. The audio signal being affected is the "carrier" and the one affecting it is the "modulator." Many vocoders, including hardware ones, include simple internal synths to use as a carrier. TV-II has one, but may be used in a way where you may disable the internal synth and feed it both audio signals. My initial confusion with TV-II was that in order to use it with its internal synth, you set it up backward from the usual sidechain arrangement. The plug-in is installed on the modulator track, not the track actually being modulated. That was the biggest thing to get my head around. There are two ways to use it. 1. You want to use its internal synth (as the "carrier") with other audio controlling it (as the "modulator," traditionally a vocal). This is fine for the bread-and-butter Tupac/Daft Punk effect where you want a "robot voice." 2. You want to feed it carrier from your own synth track, and another audio track as modulator. This was my ultimate goal with a vocoder, because I want to use breathier pads for the synth input than the TAL Vocoder's simple internal synth is capable of. More Kraftwerk "Autobahn" than Tupac "California." We'll begin with case 1. Start with a MIDI track with the notes you want to send the synth, and an audio track you want to use to modulate it (usually a vocal). Insert TV-II as an effect on the audio (modulator) track. In the plug-in UI, at the top, click on the VST2 button and enable MIDI input. Go to the MIDI track and set its output to TAL Vocoder. That's it. Now, you'll have to fiddle with the controls in the plug-in, adjust the synth to get a sound you like, etc., but the routing will be set up. (The confusing part here is that you're inserting the plug-in on the modulator track, not the carrier. That's what I mean by backward.) For case 2., you'll be using a stereo bus. You will be sending audio only, not MIDI, to the plug-in. Create a stereo bus. Name it "Vocoder." Insert TV-II as an effect on the bus. Click the button in the plug-in UI that's labeled "Input Mode On." In the audio/synth tracks you wish to use, create sends to "TAL-Vocoder-2." Set the sends to Pre-Fader. Pan the send on the track you wish to use as the "carrier" to hard left. Pan the send from the "modulator" to hard right. To mute the dry sound from the carrier and modulator, just pull their faders down. If you want some dry sound, bring them up There are alternate ways to accomplish case 2, but this is the easiest I've found. Send a nice hot signal from the modulator to the right input of TV-II and again, do some fiddling with the vocoder controls. The internal synth is inactive in this mode, so leave it alone. General tips for vocoding: on your modulator track (usually voice) fire up a good 1176 emulation, set it to 12:1 and smash the snot out of the signal before sending it to the vocoder. Also, if using a vocal, a tuning correction/pitch changing plug-in can add another dimension. I use Meldaproduction MAutoPitch on the "Man To Woman" setting to bring my voice up (for the AIR Talkie Walkie sound), and set it so that it "glitches" a little bit. Feed the vocoder a nice, hot modulator signal.
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    The Roland JX-8P was my first keyboard. I still have it and it still works, but I found this cool plug-in that gives me the JX in convenient software form. Having a lot of fun with it... https://sites.google.com/site/mlvst0/
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    Ohio State Marching Band halftime show on 9 Oct. Great job by the arranger - drum line must have been especially pleased with the project. And some of the best marching choreography ever.
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    The drop down list helps but it is not full prove.
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    You can't fully trust the drop downs or the website. If you have say Dyna-Mu from one of the T-Racks Packages, Dyna-Mu will still show up as an option for a freebie for you in the drop down and on the website. Synths are out of control like this. So there are many potential pit falls unless you really know what you have and want.
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    Nobody delivers bang for the buck like Rigid Audio. IMHO these are some good ones, if you haven't already snapped them up in the past. Nothing new in this batch. Oopsy Dupesy! ๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ™ƒ
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    A toast message appears when there 14 days left in the current activation period.
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    Making another plug for one of my favorites I think IK-Multimedia did a fantastic job on the Hammond B-3X.
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    What happened to no poly ticks?
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    My exact situation...3rd time's a charm? ๐Ÿ˜
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    Considering a third buy-in on some Sampletank instrument I donโ€™t care about (have everything I really would have wanted) to scoop a bunch of the Amplitube amps and pedals that have been added as potential freebies. Hmmmmm.
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    They are $150 each for the software version.
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    I made a layer in Cakewalk with the PG-8X and Syntronik DCO-X. They sound great together! Especially with a little reverb tossed into the mix.
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    It looks like you've recorded after the track was already frozen? In which case, you'll get your mono input, but won't get any of the stereo effects in the FX bin at all. What you need to do is unfreeze the track first, record your new vocal parts, and then freeze the track again - you'll see them processed through the stereo effects at that point.
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    One thing Noel mentioned years back (around the time we switched over to Bandlab) was that if nothing could be sorted out for SONAR going forward, they would likely release a perpetual activation patch. As we all know now, that wasn't necessary and we've had years of excellent updates and fixes since, but I'd feel pretty confident that if Bandlab ever dropped Cakewalk for whatever reason, the Bakers would be going out of their way to make sure we're all covered.
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    Fixed. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/quality-of-life-rankings Even the shithole I live in ranks higher.
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    Available until 17th of September 11:59 PM AEST. https://www.zenhiser.com/collections/fx/products/spinback-and-tapestop-fx
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    Peter has stated that the Electromagnetik or Cinekinetik collections will only get you in at the $149.99 level. The $50 savings comes from buying the bundle as opposed to buying each library in the bundle separately. Your second statement is correct.
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    Just saying about waveshell. It must be a good practice because Studio One uses it too lol! Why donโ€™t I hear complaints about the Studio One shell?
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    @Peter - IK Multimedia I am pretty sure there is an error in the latest mailing from IKM that you might want to check out. The mailing is talking about the T-Racks tape machine collection and how if you buy a tape machine from it, you can get 24 other software titles. See if you can spot the problem with following: I don't think that is suppose to say TASCAM TAPE COLLECTION, unless you are adding it as a qualifying product.
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    @Josh | W. A. ProductionThanks for joining the forum and giving updated info. It does go a long way to building confidence in your brand and products.
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    He's stuck in *ockdown. ๐Ÿ˜†
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    They have sales on the WUP plan throughout the year. IDK when they happen. But when Waves do have the sales, go to your account and get the upgrade price. Then you will see an option to purchase from a dealer/third party. They will give you a code that you need to take to Koby over at everyplugin.com He has the best prices for Waves updates. You can go to everyplugin.com and they have a link if your looking for Waves Update Plan. Click that and send Koby a message telling him what you want to do. He may ask for your Waves account info so he can look into what you already have, giving you the best option. He has helped me and others get good deals on our Waves plugins. I trust him.
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    Hey Zo, Whatever you get have them professionally set up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGu7BcUrEkM
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    I get the impression that Waves has a business model built around catering to audio professionals who make a living in the business. And they have never bothered to alter it for the home studio musicians and hobbyists, who may have different priorities around support, upgrades, etc. Although that is clearly who their recent marketing efforts are going after, what with all of the $29 sales, and the buy x, get x deals.
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    I donโ€™t understand unless there is a graph haha
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    I bought the base module "Sketchpad" on release. At the time no one on VI forum posted any comments about it, so I suppose it was not up to their standards. I had little experience with orchestral libraries and probably have a tin ear, but I liked it. I later added the soloist library (Melodics) which I liked as well. When I discovered Sonuscore "The Orchestra", I kind of forgot about Palette. TO is much lighter (I think Palette Sketch+Melodics run about 60 Gigs, but it sure sounds good to me. Palette does have three mics, which is nice so far as balancing some of the room sound out when desired. Palette also has the nifty ability to layer multiple articulations (just hold two or more keys). This let's you "cheat" some "new" sounds by mixing, say, a spiccato with a marcato or tenuto to get a shorter note with a sharper attack. I will no doubt give in and get the missing parts of the collection. My excuse being that I don't have any alleoric or runs/arp libraries, and this looks like a good intro for me. Guy Michelmore did a 30 minute video on Sketchpad. I have heard good things about the Primary Colors "taster" mentioned by @hsm, so that would be a good place to start.
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    I think they might be running out of things to shape, but you gotta LOVE that interface. $22 if you already own ShaperBox 2 bundle to add it. Not sure how long the intro lasts. https://www.cableguys.com/noiseshaper.html
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    not getting out much?
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    A dose of reality. This is what my grandson's cat did to my home theater JBLs yesterday. She'd been using the grill to climb on, the grill popped off and she probably fell, got angry and took it out on the driver. I don't blame the cat, and am proud of my grandson for immediately stepping up and ordering a replacement speaker. Which wasn't cheap.
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    Sub 900 now! Just sayin I think Peter hit the liquor cabinet early in celebration ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    pushing us slowly in the matrix , smile and be happy ....
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    I love their "Sharp Dressed Gender Neutral Individual".
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