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    with code jenz8q4h https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/16-EQ/3104-entropy-EQ-#a_aid=605d605c4aba7
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    Funny how FL users are afraid Image-Line is going to go belly up over free lifetime updates. Despite the 30,00+ replies from the IL staff that their model is working users need have this insecurity. If acquired by Gibson then it is time to worry.
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    You can get the upgrade at JRR for $24.36 with code GROUP https://www.jrrshop.com/sonible-smart-eq-upgrade
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    i asked tracktion what triggered this free biotek2 promo and who is eligible and received reply: "Thank you for choosing our products. Biotek 2 is available for purchase here: https://www.tracktion.com/products/biotek Thanks." Ronnal 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Thanks, look interesting.. From web page: What is it? This tube preamp emulation has been developed Philipp Bulling as a thesis work. Philipp has been offering the plugin in VST format for some time on his own website. He has now moved on to new areas for some time already but didn’t want to let down his users. Hence, DDMF took over the code and will continue to offer the plugin as freeware, with the intent to further improve it and maybe add some more bells and whistles in the future.
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    Some background, from the guy that has been running the MuseScore project. Well worth 15 minutes if you want some insight...
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    Here's everything I know about using Drum Maps in Cakewalk. Blog Post: Drum Maps in Cakewalk Feel free to let me know about errors, or other posts I should link to, or indeed anything. EDIT: I've already added some additional notes, and fixed some errors.
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    Here is a little history behind the "hidden" plug-ins. The plug-ins that show up hidden in the plug-in manager are hidden by design. Hiding plug-ins has been a design element at least since V-Vocal was added with SONAR 5. The Drum Replacer is hidden for the same reason as V-Vocal. While both use standard plug-in APIs (DX for V-Vocal and VST3 for Drum Replacer) neither are regular plug-ins and cannot be used in the FX Rack or PC. They are exclusively Region FX. The hidden VST2s started to appear in Music Creator 7 with the introduction of Style Dials. These VST2 dlls are the engines under the Style Dial UIs (specially compiled FX chains). Later, Style Dials were added to SONAR and are part of CbB. My guess is, it was easier to leave the plug-ins mostly intact and use them as-is in the Style Dials rather cripple the plug-ins. That said, the "hidden" VST2 plug-ins are older than the last official VST2 plug-ins included with SONAR. While there is nothing stopping one from unhiding and using them, the practice is not supported. Maybe some day BandLab will officially release these plug-ins like they have done with the PC2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier ProChannel module and Classic Creative Suite audio effects. Until that time, there are plenty of great plug-ins in the Favorite Freeware FX Thread
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    Run the UVI Product Portal to update
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    I completely agree with Reid that it's preferable to have chords laid out for the right hand. While those of us who went through years of lessons are used to performing chords with our left hand and splitting up chords between both hands, keyboardists largely play chords with their right hands in band settings and a lot of self taught keyboardists are mainly used to playing bass notes in their left hand. To chris.r's point, when you're playing say a 9th, 11 or a complex chord in a band setting, it's common to not play all of the notes of complex chords and I would expect that the autochord functionality (scripting) should be able to figure those chords out. I've been playing guitar sample libraries going back to the 80s (the Roland U20 was one of my first synths with guitar samples), trying to create a realistic guitar sound on the keys (mainly for demos for original songs back then, as I always played in bands with guitars). One of the features I want in a guitar sample library / VST is autochord functionality -- the ability to play a chord phrased as a keyboardist would phrase it -- say a triad like D using the notes D-F#-A and have the library/VST have a script that phrases it the way a guitarist would play it. Back when Orange Tree Samples was starting out, I strongly urged Greg (the founder) that his library had that functionality. So I like that Jesus/ (the owner of Wavesfactory) has done autochord, but I agree with Reid, the setup of the chords on the left isn't ideal. The sound and feel of the strums in Strum Guitar sounds extremely similar to Native Instruments' Session libraries to my ears. That's not terrible, I find NI's Session libraries that came with KOMPLETE are fun, they just sound really canned, lacking emotion, to my ears --but that's a challenge common to these libraries when you stick with pre-programmed, or in the case of some of them like Session, pre-recorded loops and there's not much you can do about the feel in the recorded samples. From the video, I like this a lot better than UJam's VSTs (I own, I think 4 of them, but really don't use them), but it's not going to provide the kind of ability to make something my own the way Orange Tree Samples Evolution libraries do (DISCLOSURE: I've consulted to and am friends with Greg and had a good deal of input into the Evolution libraries; I'm also friends with Andrea from Pettinhouse but beyond loving these guys, I don't feel I've lost my objectivity and I disclose these relationships to be transparent). At this point, I think the most realistic/detailed guitar sample libraries / VSTs on the market are Orange Tree Samples Evolution line and Ample Sound's VSTs; I think it comes down to usability, scripting, tweakability and tone between those two for serious work. But for $50USD, I think this will appeal to a lot of users, especially when you want to quickly add some quick strums to a song and guitars aren't the focus of the song. Hmmm, years ago when I posted my opinion on guitar sample libraries a couple of developers I've established friendships with got ticked at me! But it's one of my favorite sample library categories, so it's hard not to comment on something I've invested so many years and time into. It's pretty much as big to me as drum libraries, and I used to be a working drummer years ago (I'm just a hobbyist musician today) -- I can talk drums and drum libraries for hours!
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    Since the Cakewalk app itself no longer relies on BA for updates, I no longer see the point as well.
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    There is one thing about this that IMHO is insanely, insanely, insanely awful. You can only play the chords with your left hand. It is the only guitar instrument that works like that. ujam doesn't work like that. NI doesn't work like that. It may be the only virtual instrument of any kind that works like this. Most piano players play chords with their right hand and bass lines with their left. Unless they are extremely well trained, they don't have equal facility with both hands. So this means that for most of their users every single guitar VI will be easier to play than this This will be dead last. I watched the video praying that the settings would allow you to reassign the keyswitches. Unfortunately not. That said, I will probably buy it but I don't know why Wavesfactory has this blindness to the way pianos are played. I'm going to write them. If they would simply allow the key switches to be moved it looks like the best strummer on the market.
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    I immediately install everything I buy. That way I'm sure of what I'm not using.
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    *Pfft!* Bapu probably has 29 THOUSAND plugins that he hasn't gotten around to installing! 😁
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    We’re still collecting info and working on other fixes so it will be some more time.
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    dev. by phi-L Audio https://ddmf.eu/phi-L-Audio-Tube-Preamp/
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    I updated my original SONAR Platinum theme called Tuncury (a blue highlight Tungsten w/ Mercury style buttons) to CbB. It was a pretty quick pass through the theme and there may be some things I missed or did not get the shade just right. If so, let me know. The theme may be found on my google page along with Tuncury Light Green (the theme I use). Also planning to update Mercury Light Green soon. I will try to keep it current but since it is not my everyday theme there are no guarantees. edit: updated for 2020.04 edit: updated for 2021.01 edit: updated for 2021.04 edit: updated for 2021.04 Update 1
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    I was sitting on the fence and while still climbing there I 'accidentally' pushed the Buy button...🙃
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    $449 Essential songwriting bundle including EZdrummer 2, EZbass, EZmix 2 and EZkeys Grand Piano https://www.timespace.com/products/toontrack-ezline-software-bundle
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    Boston Flowers 90's Cakewalk spirit::. [version 2021.04] Give it a chance! Click to DOWNLOAD::. Give it a chance! Click to DOWNLOAD::. Also, don't miss new Deep in Lab theme:
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    So here’s my first and quite possibly last Light Theme for Cakewalk, as I much prefer dark themes I find it more difficult to make a light theme, so all I can do is hope the light theme likers like it cause I don’t, lol. Many greys and whites have been inspired by those of the metal ‘Titanium’, many colors have been used from my previous M-Lux Blue Theme except those I’ve had to change due to incompatibility with a light theme. Most other backgrounds, buttons, knobs etc are also from my previous theme but most with modification to match a light theme. Enjoy! (Hopefully) :~} Free Download Here.... M-Titanium Cakewalk Theme Each of my Themes take a minimum combined total of 150 hours to make, often more, so if you use any of my Themes, please consider sending a small tip for my time and effort, Thank You. ❤️ https://paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite?locale.x=en_GB (No PayPal account needed if you don't already have one.)
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    With the old Cakewalk forum soon to be frozen, I’m adding links to the themes Gran Vista and Carbon here as well for easy access and future updates. Gran Vista Black & Blue This theme is called Gran Vista as some of the design elements are inspired by the graphical user interface once found in Windows Vista. Some would say that look is dated, but hey – so am I. There are four slightly different versions of this theme. Gran Vista Black & Blue 000 No gloss on the PC modules and some other design elements being non-glossy as well, such as the track icons. This is a theme for the serious production-centric user. Download from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEbGpfDomY4iiHPfY Gran Vista Black & Blue 030 Using 30% opacity on the gloss layer makes for a matte look-and-feel. This is a theme for the quite serious production-centric user who doesn’t want to have too little or too much of just about anything. Download from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEdCAuHOsrCAeaNP4 Gran Vista Black & Blue 060 Using 60% opacity on the gloss layer gives a subtle glare. This is a theme for the more casual production-centric user who, in the middle of a mixdown, still can appreciate some black plastic. Download from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEbfXIwcxnm-Y-WPA Gran Vista Black & Blue 100 Full 100% opacity on the gloss layer. This is actually the original theme I made, something for all of us who likes shiny, black plastic without reservations. Download from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEblAVDPH9Yip3v7A Carbon The Carbon theme is for the really serious production-centric purist. It has an even darker look and also a flat, non-glossy Control Bar. All other design elements are shared with Gran Vista Black & Blue 000. Download from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEcOCxvwxFeFGalk4 Matching CA-2A Skins Those using the Gran Vista or Carbon themes and also the Cakewalk CA-2A ProChannel module might find that the module’s brushed aluminum stands out like a sore thumb against the dark theme. As I lately needed to spend some quality time with my procrastinations, I’ve also created matching dark skins for each theme variant, plastic knobs and all. For consistency, I also did likewise with the non-ProChannel effect (not shown here). As CA-2A predates SONAR/CbB themes and hasn’t been made aware of them, replacing the default skin can’t be done through a theme update. It involves some manual tweaking, but it’s still very easy. Instructions on how to install and uninstall the graphical resources are supplied in a pdf that comes with the zip file. After downloading, please begin by reading those instructions before proceeding. The zip file containing all the matching CA-2A skins can be downloaded here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEdYUVehZD7U-0cMY Background If the unlikely event that anyone would like to see the old thread describing the development of these themes, here’s the proper place to look. That thread also contains a few more preview images. Here's also a link to the Release History of these themes: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEdu3To6t7ZeQmmAo Some final words: Please be patient when starting a download. Microsoft OneDrive is often painfully slow when responding to a download request.
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    $49 at Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/64-Virtual-Instrument/6296-Session-Keys-Upright
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    Honestly, the change in performance was so extreme that it can only be a problem with the update. And I am not the only one. I usually have a very low buffer size for performance, and that has never caused problems like this before. Rolling back fixed most performance problems. Increasing the decimation number improves performance. Repeating the update brought the problems back. It's as simple as that. I have repeated it several times. I even uninstalled CbB completely and reinstalled the new version. Immediate problems. Roll back. Fixed-ish. The fact that most people haven't experienced this does not negate the fact that it is happening. I would stick my neck out and say...it has something to do with multiple instances of same brand VSTs. If I've got raw audio only (or frozen tracks) there is no issue. When I have 3 instances of Spitfire instruments (and no other tracks) the session buckles. I've gone from 20-30 track sessions running with effects and plugins to being unable to run 3 VSTs simultaneously.
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    As I disclosed, I've consulted to Orange Tree Samples, so you know my bias, but just as a fellow sample user, I strongly urge checking them out. For electric guitar libraries, I am especially in love with their Rock Standard, a Les Paul, Evolution Songwriter Acoustic Guitar and Evolution Flatpick 6 -- these guitars have just beautiful tone and the presets are superb (their mandolin library is also amazing, IMO). If you just watch their ten minute video on how to use the strumming engine, you'll see that you can chose to rely on presets or create any strumming idea you like for yourself. For customization, leads, the scripting and tone are second to none. Analyzing the guitar libraries, and I own a bunch, I do enjoy how you can use NI's strumming libraries and play a chord and choose a pattern -- it's super easy and I was doing that before I even watched a video, because it starts playing a pattern when you play a chord; but there's no customization because it uses loops. Whereas it's different in Evolution. But once you spend, I'd say, 20-30 minutes learning the Evolution system, you can come up with incredibly realistic leads, any strum you can imagine with a lot of different guitars such as a Les Paul, a Strat, a Telecaster, a Rickenbacker 12 string electric, various acoustics, mandolins, etc. The libraries are finding their way on final productions in ads, games, TV, movies, trailers...because they're that good. Now, I think Ample Sound also sounds incredibly realistic -- I think Orange Tree Samples and Ample Sounds are the most realistic guitar libraries on the market. So it largely comes down to determining your criteria and the scripting/usability/workflow that works best for you. I just think OTS is worth a serious look for anyone looking at guitar libraries, IMO. I use them in every song I do that features guitar. A review of some of the Evolution acoustic guitars: The review is decent, although I don't think the guy's playing really shows off the library very well. Just my opinion.
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    It's not hardware. It's not firmware. It's not drivers. The only change was: before updating to the new CbB build everything worked seamlessly. After updating...shit show.
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    My email inbox is so overloaded, I really need reminders from cclarry to check it for stuff or I'll miss it! So, thanks again Larry!
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    I copied the following from the 2021.04 release notes. Maybe this could be the problem. "Optimizations High resolution plug-in automation improvements Plug-in automation envelopes were previously being decimated at a uniform 50 msec interval. The automation rendering process has been redesigned to render at a much higher resolution of (default = 5 msec) and also make automation sample accurate (for VST3). For VST2 (or VST3 plug-ins that do not support sample accurate automation) the rendering will be buffer accurate. These improvements allows for much tighter sync when automating plug-in parameters synced to rhythm even at higher latencies. The higher resolution rendering also makes automating filter sweeps audibly smoother and without aliasing artifacts. The decimation interval can be changed via the audio configuration property AutomationDecimationMsec (2-30) in preferences."
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    Single machine use. 👎 It might as well be Waves. I did not install.
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    I guess that is because ARA was originally developed as a joint venture between Presonus and Celemony.
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    Hi all, Tried out all the advice and watched and listened to Johns video, all is now greatly improved! Thanks for taking the time to help, really appreciate this.
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    BandLab Technologies is a large group of music related businesses. https://bandlabtechnologies.com/ The BandLab CEO, Meng, purchased the former Cakewalk DAW from Gibson in order to add a fully fledged desktop DAW to the BandLab portfolio, and promised to release it for free indefinitely. So Cakewalk (by BandLab) is really a minor piece of a major company. Since the acquisition of the property rights for the Cakewalk Sonar software (the former Cakewalk company was totally disbanded), no parts of Cakewalk have ever been offered for sale. The members of the former Cakewalk development team that Meng hired have provided thousands of bug fixes, and many important new features for Cakewalk since 2018. Free for us to enjoy!
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    This can happen if you've previously enabled Copy-Pasting tempo changes in the Copy-Paste Special dialogs, and are dropping the clip at a different time. This is not new, just maybe more obvious because it's so easy to leave the tempo track showing all the time. Check your copy-paste settings, and also the state of 'Use Paste Special Options on Paste' under Preferences > Editing. Depending on your workflow, you may want to disable that.
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    ThxAloT for this brilliant wholistic approach to an important issue. I came to SonarX1 buying a "Roland Quad-Capture" interface. BTW: Phantom Power, High-Z and Ground Lift switches are on the back 😉 All the best to you...
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    Got it. Thanks, Larry.
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    I don't know what y'all did with the plug-in menu fonts, but it's like angels are blowing gentle clouds of comfort and joy onto my tired eyeballs, and I want you to do it to the whole program. Also: didn't expect to like the waveform outlines, but that's really visually agreeable "in the flesh" as it were. Automation display improvements also really great. Has something about the editing functionally changed? Perhaps an illusion because of the nicer visuals, but it feels really great to edit with all of a sudden. Not had something this good for free since the last time I robbed a bank*. * have never robbed a bank, it's a joke.
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    Amazing. So glad you're still here with us Shane.
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    Glad ur still around Shane. Bad as it was it could have been fatal. In that case you would not be here to write this and I would not be answering something that doesn't exist.
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    @jack c. Thanks and probably. There is a lot going on two arp patterns one playing two patterns, hope the cans or mains do not disappoint.
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    Cakewalk plays until the last bit of data is encountered (and beyond if Stop at Project End is disabled). Most often there is a MIDI event or automation node far to the right on the timeline. The steps to truncate the length of a project are: Position Now time at the expected end of the project, Enable Ripple Edit all, Select everything to the right of Now, (ex. use "Select All" then "Select From Now" from the main edit menu) Delete the selection and Turn off Ripple Edit Should this method fail, may want to submit the project to support. There has been one report of a problem with a template some years back too. This would not truncate using the process mentioned above. I do not believe support reviewed the issue. The user rebuilt suspect template and the project and the problem disappeared. This method should deal with export length too. Since I always disable Stop at Project End my projects always play until I stop the transport. Also, I always export a time-based selection.
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    It is on the Install Add-Ons... menu in BandLab Assistant While themes have occasionally required updating, the Cakewalk Theme Editor has not changed since the first release of CbB. Starting with 2021.04 there is a check for out of date themes.
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    It's just one of those "why not?" things...
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    Do a search. That's only been discussed 647,862 times....
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    I hope Richard is OK, he usually stays involved in his threads. If he come back I made him this tutorial. Well I was going to make it anyways but here it is.
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