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    the XLN online installer has an update showing updates for AK too
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    UJAM Virtual Drummer updated to v2.1 If you own a 2nd generation Virtual Drummer, such as HEAVY 2, SOLID 2 or PHAT 2, please head over to your account to download the free 2.1 updates. Please note that 1st generation Virtual Drummers won’t update automatically, upgrade offers to the 2nd generation are available for 19 EUR / USD per plug-in. Below you’ll find what’s new: You can now quantize Virtual Drummer to match the playback tempo of your DAW. Choose a starting point from the current grid, 1/4, 1/8, or 1/16 notes. You’ll never miss a beat again – promised! PreSonus Studio One users running on version 4.6.2 or later will now find style names and drum-elements printed on the keys of their piano roll. This makes finding the right styles and drums for your track a walk in the park. Another cool feature to speed up your production: the scale range of styles and instruments are highlighted on the left side of your piano roll. Last but not least, we also fixed some minor bugs for a better workflow.
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    my software may be up to date, but sadly, I am not.
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    working ok here update for Mellow too - but forces a full 5.5gb download
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    Just a few years ago when Cakewalk by Bandlab was still Sonar the reviews were raving, see Sonar reviews, for example. At that time the cost for the DAW were comparable to the other top paid DAWs like Cubase and Pro Tools. CbB is leaning on decades of professional development. There was a delay in development when Gibson ended Sonar, before CbB was well established, but ever since the development has been going really well, ironing out old bugs and introducing new highly desired features. Any DAW has its own advantages as well as bugs, so having a particular bug in CbB does not mean that switching to another DAW will relieve you from all bugs, just look at other forums and you'll see many bug or other problems all over the place. It is just very hard to make a program that is compatible with a virtually unlimited number of hardware and software configurations and on top of that comforts everyone's personal workflow and options wishes. I would say today it is one of the best DAWs compared to all other DAWS (both paid and free). This year CbB was again ranked in the top ten best DAWS with as main downside just that it is Windows only... In the mean time many other new features and bug fixes have been introduced, so the future just looks good! When you notice the feedback from the bakers, who in general listen and respond quite well on this forum (as well as the often excellent feedback from users when you have a problem, which has helped me out many times) it just seems like CbB is thriving. Regarding professionality and options you can't go wrong with CbB. You get at top priced DAW for free (why that is possible is covered elsewhere on this forum) However, like Lord Tim said the best DAW is the one that works best for you.
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    Hi folks! I wanted to share a few tips that can really get you moving with MIDI in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Warning - veterans may still learn WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/1115-DJPznI
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    I wonder if its forgotten my authorizations again. Have I the energy to check?
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    OK I forgot about that. That must be why I have all the XLN pianos. I have the Mark II etc. It was that deal via Focusrite. And yes the RED VST collection is one I use a lot after I say a guy using them exclusively on a digital console system. I had just wrote them off as yet more eq's and compressors to learn about but they just plain work they way I want them to work so I now use them as my "go to". I mention this fact in my how to shop for an interface blurb. Never rule out the freebies that come with some interfaces. There's a lot of added value sometimes. To the OP- my name is said just like you say Beer or Deer! When I tell people my name they always say " Oh like the Tracktor!" Thanks for taking the time to listen to my music. It's just my hobbie and I don't really do much with it once created. I enjoy the process of creating something that I like. Sorry I don't really have any pianos featured, they are just part of the background of most of my music. I use a lot of Wurly's on my backing tracks. The this one is the MArk II https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=13626058
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    Programs using the WASAPI through the "new" Windows 10 Audio Engine, should work just fine, in regards to latency. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/audio/windows-threshold--what-s-new-for-audio "In Windows 10 work was done to reduce the latency in the OS. Without any driver changes, applications in Windows 10 will experience 4.5-16ms lower latency. In addition, if the driver has been updated to take advantage of the new low latency DDIs that use small buffers to process audio data, then the latency will be reduced even more. If a driver supports 3ms audio buffers, then the roundtrip latency is ~10ms."
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    Meanwhile, there’s a new Focusrite freebie from Audio Damage.
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    Mother Love Bone - Stardog Champion:
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    Books I decided to take this one down. The lyrics didn't work to make the point I was trying to make. Thanks to people who took the time to comment
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    is this a trick question ? .....you need ALL of them
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    Painter will work as is. There are numerous brush packs and paper packs that you can buy as add-ons, but there's enough default material in there to do some good artwork. You probably do want to get a graphics tablet if you want to use this seriously, but I see you've already got that under consideration. Corel do a 'lite' version of Painter (called Painter Essentials) that is much cheaper than Painter at full price. The license is a bit more strict in terms of how many devices you can install to (possibly it's just one - might have remembered incorrectly), but it might be cheaper to get that whenever you/your kids are ready, rather than to keep upgrading to the latest version of full Painter.
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    Thanks Jim. I'll try to narrate and add text to the video next time. There's a lot of content coming soon so stay tuned. Thanks for the support.
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    Yep. As @Lord Tim and @Teegarden say, best is what works best for you. It may not always be Cakewalk but so far Cakewalk is the daw I have on my computer and the one I'm learning how to use so it's best for me. More and more videos are published that demonstrate the many different features available in Cakewalk by BandLab and a wide variety of ways those features can be used. The quality and quantity of video tutorials is increasing at a fast pace. I appreciate all the videos, they've been a big help to me.
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    Thanks Simon. I started up the XLN installer and it needed to be updated. Then it tells me the I have 3 updates and 2 installs? What have I got to install? Looked around and found out it was AK it was wanting to install. I siad to myself... this won't install anything I don't onw, so what's the deal? Then I remembered XLN had a sale recently. I was at work when I found out about it and so I got it then but didn't install it. Then I forgot all about it. IGTMSW
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    Dang! That's a pretty good overview that you can watch in less than 2 minutes. Sweet.
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    Okay, thanks for letting me know, guys. I did try re-downloading it, running it from a different drive, and running it as Admin all w/o success. And I was able to install UJam Carbon w/o issue. Very strange...
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    I'm sooooooo up to date now.
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    there's a sneaky update to solid as well (2.1.1) - must have happened in the last couple of hours as I'd just installed 2.1
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    No issue on this end with Heavy2. Try to download it again, maybe your download file is corrupt or incomplete.
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    Where in the project does the count in start? Did he set his DAW to the same BPM? Bounce the 4 tracks to one wav file. (for convince), now slide that track til it syncs up. If your project starts at measure 1 you might have to trim the wav. Worst case scenario, tempo got corrupted in the transfers. If that’s the case; You’re Screwed. HTH t
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    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Stay positive for your own and your friends’ benefit. I can’t help but think about how this beastly disease is touching my family right now but that’s for another thread as I don’t want to trample over your sadness with mine. My hopes, prayers and best wishes go out to you and your friend. Take care.
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    Hi DeeringAmps, A very energetic and enjoyable R 'n' B rock and roller with great playing and singing. Thanks for sharing, Good Job! regards paul
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    Your lyrics made me laugh out loud esp the very good Catholic girl bit I appreciate how clear your lyrics are. The words go by fast, but I understand them.
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    Hi Mike, Twenty four minutes is a long video but every minute of the video has useful information. I appreciate you mentioning the keyboard shortcuts as I'm trying to learn some well enough to use them without a shortcut. Thanks for continuing with Cakewalk by BandLab videos as I eagerly look forward to the release of each one.
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    Great mix, your song has a lot of character i really liked it...😎
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    But you can drop all off the other bundled services except Internet access - cutting down to Cable Internet, NetFlix & Prime I saved $150 a month if not more.
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    Sabby, Thanks. Obviously this is a very personal piecefor me, which is why I let it rest for a year or so. Now that I've come back to it, I'd like to make it is good as I possibly can, so comments on tech things are welcome. I've gone through this many times fixing things note by note, but there's a lot of notes, so it's easy to miss something. I felt like in the original version the drums were up too high. Maybe I over-corrected now and pulled them back too far. Really appreciate the feedback. Jeff
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    You better hope that it's $10 junk then, or I might start thinking that you didn't really send me your money.
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    I think it's the best, free OR paid. In this here pandemic I decided to expand my horizons, bought a Mac Mini to learn Logic; it does some things great, and the included sound library is on point, but I still prefer Cakewalk overall. Protools is awful, Ableton Live does some things uniquely but has perhaps the worst UI of all. R
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    Also, popularity is always dependant upon who you ask and not necessarily a reflection of how good something actually is.
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    It looks like exporting from a surround bus (when category is set to buses) broke sometime in an early SONAR version. We'll fix it. For now export the "surround main" by setting source category to hardware outputs or entire mix. There is no requirement to actually have multiple hardware outputs.
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    Live At The Apollo - James Brown IMO one of the greatest live R&B albums ever, and a lesson to every musician about audience control and pacing.
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    Like all corporations, Apple needs to have perpetual growth for its stockholders. Apple has IMO always incorporated planned obsolescence as a major part of that. Of course, they are not the only corporation to do that. That isn't necessarily a criticism, just an observation. Insights and incites by Notes
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    Hi there! We do indeed offer full training in Cakewalk by BandLab, and have done so for 15 years. We are not specifically a video training service. We are a one on one training service, via remote desktop. Think Geek Squad for musicians. Sorry that you had problems with our website. Our landing page for this promotion indeed only mentions Cakewalk by BandLab. We train in all major DAWs and hardware. I myself (Brian) have been a Cakewalk user for over 20 years, and we have trained many people in how to use Cakewalk products. We also have always worked directly with Cakewalk. Feel free to call us to discuss. 615-933-6775. Thanks,
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    This is not too bad either. David Gilmour - Shine On You Crazy Diamond feat. Crosby & Nash
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