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    We gave 30 JamPoints if anybody was making purchases anyway, to defray cost for those folks. Otherwise, we realized we had just released 4GB+ of free sound content (not a demo) and have free versions of our flagship software products for guitar/bass, mixing/mastering, etc that have gear to be able to make music completely free during this time. Having our headquarters in Italy made this hit home really hard and fast and we're definitely not taking it lightly nor trying to profit off of a crisis by any means. We give a realistic status via this news item on our site as well as what free software people can use while they are stuck inside. We also live stream daily and we field questions about how to live stream for those who are trying to stay making their living with music whilst their gigs, lessons, recording at a studio, etc are cancelled. We do have a surge of interest in our iRig Stream and such because tools like iRig Stream do help people give lessons and stream their music online but that surge was organic and not having to do with anything we would ever do to exploit such a situation that has hit us very hard (and I know it has hit everybody hard - just imagine the worry we had when Italy's cases and deaths grew multiple times over one weekend, worry for our friends and families... and then it just continued to get worse across the world - that's not the kind of "we are not alone" that we want to see we want to see things get better). Honestly, the streams are also a nice diversion and it is nice to see some of the artist guests talk to fans while they can't do so directly on tours etc. Of course my colleagues and I want to stay in business and that will be challenging for just about everybody on our planet at this point, we enjoy what we do and want to keep doing it but also want everybody including our friends, family, IK users, any human beings and creatures of all sorts to pull through this with their health and livelihood intact.
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    I don't write 'em...I just report 'em!!! 🤪
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    This has been free for years but is still one of THE BEST freebies out there!
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    Spent a bit of time extracting the ARTURIA presets from various free downloads at: https://reverb.com/marketplace?query="synth sounds of"&make=reverb&sort=price|desc&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=curated-gear&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200325 D&S US I have attached a zip with all that work done for ye. IF you want it .. feel free to download, of course at own risk, check with your AV .. fine this end though but check for yourself I have not checked them all .. so take as it is given .. SCROLL DOWN A FEW POSTS AND I ADDED 2 ZIPS WITH SYNCLAVIER PRESETS ( SYSX ) Reverb Arturia Presets.zip
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    Crystal clear, sir! I just let other people know, that things might not work as expected.
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    https://reverb.com/marketplace?query="synth sounds of"&make=reverb&sort=price|desc&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=curated-gear&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200325 D&S US
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    Danger! Danger! I refuse to demo FF because there is no way I can afford to buy them...
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    The idea "behind" the pic goes back several years on the forum. I just found it roving around on Google Someone put up a pic of a product called Crack Spackle on the old CW forum. I actually found the video for it. Marketeers capitalizing on any situation was what gave me the thought. I mean you can find almost anything put there now to fill a perceived need. The plug in guys really don't need to market to me, just lower the price and if I like it and can afford it, I'l probably buy it.
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    Virgin Choir Free I am going to foster my politically correct side and not make any smart a** comments.
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    Small reminder you can still buy Soundtheory's magical Gullfoss with a 30% discount by using INTHEMIX30 at checkout. No end date known. Note that this becomes NFR (Not for resale) because it is discounted. https://www.soundtheory.com/home
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    I think I met my new bass player when I paid for that pizza.
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    The passion for making music helps to fill hearts with happiness, so it's more important than ever we keep producing music and spread the love. We understand that many peoples income has been greatly affected by the invisible enemy, so we have decided to launch a special sale that will help lessen the financial impact of buying plugins and keep the people making music. Stay Safe, Stay Home, Spread the Love! SoundSpot Team x Get 5 Products For Just £5* *On selected products Simply add 5 of the products listed in this sale to your cart and once you've hit the 5 mark, the price in your cart will drop to just £5! TAKE ME TO THE DEALS
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    https://soundcloud.com/bats-brew/poppin-tight long time ago, i used to play in a road band, and we covered a lot of funk... r&b, fun stuff, and this kinda what i took from it all. all guitars/bass thru the strymon iridium. the bass also has a 2nd input from a sansamp bass di, that was on bypass, just for the clean lows.
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    Yep, but they were so sweet before that. I guess I got some 75 GB of freebies.
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    Do they emulate musicians too, or just bass players?
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    How some companies are kinda using this calamity as a marketing opportunity? It's a very thin line. I mean... you want to give something to people--then really give them something. Lose some money to help musicians. Maybe a credit like IK so they can buy something they actually want. Not something they don't want or already have. But a temporary demo? I don't know. You should ALWAYS make that available. Probably the best response I've seen so far was Fluffy Audio, where they totally gave us that piano. free. They didn't take a cent for it. They just used that gift to appeal to our best selves and donate. I'd like to see more like that.
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    Still the very best in my (Mac)book. https://www.fabfilter.com/news/1585565708/covid-19-response-free-30-day-trial-extensions
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    "Nothing over $29!" - Now THAT would get my attention!
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    No Mac Daddies yet!
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    Well... you can't blame APD for trying... 😂🤣
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    How would they ever know. I just played the Deflowered Choir PAID, and they sounded very similar...
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    I just started learning these apps yesterday and I am very impressed by them. I just got let go of my graphics job (because of Covid-19) I had for years and we were using Adobe CC so these apps look like a good alternative to paying a monthly fee. At $75 for all three apps is amazing if they can compare to Adobe CC.
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    Learn to use MIDI. If I'm building a backing track of a popular song ( ie "I Thank You" - Z.Z. Top) I can usually find a free MIDI file that has all the basics. Some are way better than others so you have to learn how to work with MIDI to sort them out. In the past I have purchased MIDI tracks built by companies that really know their stuff. This might be the best option if you're new to all this. Once you figure out MIDI there's a ton of stuff you can do. An example is over on the Gilmorish site (David Gilmore - Pink Floyd) there are a bunch of free Pink Floyd MIDI file backing tracks that are very good. Your favorite artists may have something similar. Check around, you'll find some decent stuff to work with.
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    Stream FREE Until April 15th! https://www.groove3.com/tutorials/Producers-Guide-to-Optimizing-Your-DAW-and-Computer?utm_source=Groovenews&utm_campaign=576c96357d-GrooveNews_2020_04_03&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8e3bd48832-576c96357d-11290713&goal=0_8e3bd48832-576c96357d-11290713&mc_cid=576c96357d&mc_eid=262ec89707
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    it was a 47 $ not long time ago , useless sale imho
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    this version fixed my original crash
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    Those were released over 2 weeks ago, get with the times. 😂
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    and I noticed earlier that had been an update since I last checked in (I'm on their mailing list why not send out a reminder ?) it now has a resizable gui
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    An absolute wonder of a plugin.
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    Thanks Aidan for all of your efforts to fill my hard drives and SSDs 🤣 All of your posts alone should keep me busy for the next few years never mind months! ...and there's all of Larry's which were already keeping me well occupied!
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    If you are not running 32-bit audio software, then there's no reason to install 32-bit versions of your plug-ins. Unless your version of Reason is 32-bit, in which case you would have both Reason and a reason. IMO, there are multiple reasons for not installing them. First, if you are like most and have an SSD as your system/program/plug-in drive, you may be like me and consider space on that drive to be at a premium. I am currently disabled and working at reduced capacity so was only able to afford a 240G drive for my computer. The first time I did a sweep I reclaimed about 4G, which for me, is a Cakewalk project or two's worth of SSD space. My system drive is also my only SSD, so it gets the projects, too. As you noted, this stuff builds up! Second, there's the matter of plug-in scanning and registering, which for most happens each time Cakewalk starts up. If you still wish to have a few legacy 32-bit plug-ins, you need to have Cakewalk scan your 32-bit plug-in directory. If it's full of iZotope and Native Instruments plug-ins, Cakewalk (and other DAW's that natively support 32-bit plug-ins) still scans and makes registry entries for all of them It's smart enough to hide 32-bit plug-ins that it knows you have 64-bit versions of, but that takes more time, makes for more possibility for error, etc. It's needless work for your DAW. (what you did with leaving the .dll's in there is fine in this scenario, because the devs recently made it so that Cakewalk will ignore VST2 .dll's in VST3 folders) Third, I'm a cantankerous sort of person who doesn't want companies putting software on my computer that I didn't ask for. I'm willing to jump through the hoop of installing their installation/authorization manager, I'm fine with iZotope Portal, Cakewalk Command Center, Waves Central, BandLab Assistant, Native Access, iLok et al, but what I want is 64-bit VST3's, and if they only have VST2's, then those. Period. I don't use 32-bit VST2's or VST3's, I don't use AAX's and I sure as heck don't use RTAS, thank you iZotope, A|A|S and Celemony for heaven's sake. I've gone to the trouble of learning that the VST2 spec has both a registry entry and an environment variable that installers may query to find out where the system's VST plug-ins directory is, and I have set my systems up to have that. Not many installers seem to look for it, though.
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    Not me since my Paypal credit bill is $100 a month. EWHO Gold was my last library and I spend most of my time in electronic genres. Their stuff gets a lot of positive remarks. I should have a contest with Larry on who spends the least.
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    April is International Guitar Month. What better way to celebrate the world's favorite instrument than to give away a vast bundle of guitar effects software to use with it? How about giving away 16 guitar effects bundles?!? KVR Marketplace has enlisted the community of guitar effects software developers you can see within the KVR Marketplace Guitar Effects Department. We are thrilled beyond measure by their enthusiasm. They've provided so much cool software we've put together 16 custom bundles. To insure there are plenty of chances to win we'll be giving away ONE 1st prize, FIVE 2nd prizes and TEN 3rd prizes. Winners will be chosen, at random, on April 15th. Check out these killer guitar effects bundles: FIRST PRIZE Blue Cat Audio - Axe Pack Forward Audio - faIRmageddon - NEW! Kuassa - Guitarist Bundle (one of every Kuassa plugin) IK Multimedia - AmpliTube 4 & Fender Collection 2 iraisynn attinom - agnarohm Line 6 - Helix Native PreSonus - Studio One Pro PSPAudioware - PSP 2445EMT - PSP SpringBox - PSP HertzRider - PSP oldTimer - PSP PianoVerb2 SECOND PRIZE - 5 Winners Blue Cat Audio - Axiom Forward Audio - faIRmageddon - NEW! Kuassa - Efektor Custom Bundle + Amplifikation Matchlock + Cerberus Bass Amp IK Multimedia - AmpliTube Metal iraisynn attinom - agnarohm PSPAudioware - PSP 2445EMT - PSP SpringBox - PSP oldTimer THIRD PRIZE - 10 Winners Blue Cat Audio - Acoufiend Forward Audio - faIRmageddon - NEW! Kuassa - Efektor Custom Bundle IK Multimedia - Fulltone Collection iraisynn attinom - agnarohm PSPAudioware - PSP SpringBox https://www.kvraudio.com/kvrdeals-and-giveaways.php?utm_source=kvr_type31_mailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020-04-02-ad-3890&utm_content=kvr_mp_igm_200402_email.png
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    This is from the makers of smart:EQ and smart:comp It looks a little like iZotope's Ozone "Smart" machine learning stuff. https://www.sonible.com/balancer/# They just put it up for free. Max Arwood (PS: it took a while to find the thread even with search)
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    What'd he say? How will I ever un-see this? 😉
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    I agree with everybody who has agreed. I also agree with everybody who chose to disagree. 😀
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    Great collab guys. Outstanding playing, production and mix. I'm jealous of people who can work this fast. Man, I can't even tune a guitar in the time it took you guys to finish this song. ☹️
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    I would prefer this be in the coffee house instead of coffee house deals. Maybe it's time for those who subscribe to bandlab stop thinking that Deals is the only place to post things because no one bothers to read anything else. I'd say this has brought me to some level of contentment. I have no income and I guess this is what it takes. It starts to make me regret all of the stuff I put on credit.
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    Does it make you uncomfortable how people are "using this calamity" to expect freebies? Jokes aside, altruism should be an individual choice. To me, demanding altruism from someone else doesn't sound right. Just take the freebies that you like and thank the giver for it (and cclarry et al. for spreading the word), then tune out those you don't care for. Even if it doesn't have value for you, don't underestimate the value of an extended demo for others. For some people unable to go to their workplace, having easier options to set up temporary replacement systems at home can bring plenty of value. (and if anybody is curious - no, I don't work for a music software company, this post is not a defense of my employer)
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    Hi folks! There are new way to use Kontakt with Cakewalk by Bandlab in 2020, and in this video I show you how WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/wF64xNsM8T8
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    https://reverb.com/software/samples-and-loops/reverb/3514-reverb-drum-machines-the-complete-collection Further down the page it details all the 50 different drum machines included. Download is 1.4GB This looks good
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    $34.71 at JRR with code FORUM https://www.jrrshop.com/image-line-harmless
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    Tom Truly unique sense of humor you have there! Teeth to piano keys - nice. The WTF at the end - nice. The burning building - hmmm. Really liked the music (esp the Gamelan (?) intro) and the performance is excellent as usual. You always brighten the day for me.
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    Cool, I thought it was important to point out to the people who wanted "VCA channels" in Cakewalk that it already has much of what they do anyway. Sure, VCA channels is a good buzzword, but it's the functionality that matters.
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