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    Happy New Year for ALL good people here In my country there is already 2020 so let me wish absolutely fantastic full of great music production year with excellent deals with compromise to let us get great plugins with nonbrainer deals but still providing a way to keep business for all music software makers And let this 2020 will be safe for ALL of us.
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    Here are direct download links 😇 OU-80 Windows x32: https://reflektaudio.com/?download_file=13993&order=wc_order_Jg26k85sQd58H&uid=8c76579d69e517b54bc2c7fbdf7be72eedcd1a5d470e1bd6a81ff7c684933248&key=a7a374b6-28e7-4a88-a08a-9ab6da61be74 OU-80 Windows x64: https://reflektaudio.com/?download_file=13993&order=wc_order_Jg26k85sQd58H&uid=8c76579d69e517b54bc2c7fbdf7be72eedcd1a5d470e1bd6a81ff7c684933248&key=0bf74ed1-f6af-42fa-aaba-6e5172d61946 OU-80 Mac AU: https://reflektaudio.com/?download_file=13993&order=wc_order_Jg26k85sQd58H&uid=8c76579d69e517b54bc2c7fbdf7be72eedcd1a5d470e1bd6a81ff7c684933248&key=7da61134-bc25-4f93-879a-4b7e6533112c OU-80 Mac VST: https://reflektaudio.com/?download_file=13993&order=wc_order_Jg26k85sQd58H&uid=8c76579d69e517b54bc2c7fbdf7be72eedcd1a5d470e1bd6a81ff7c684933248&key=d22f83cb-3bcd-426f-be57-a001ae98cf30 OU-80 Installation Guide: https://reflektaudio.com/?download_file=13993&order=wc_order_Jg26k85sQd58H&uid=8c76579d69e517b54bc2c7fbdf7be72eedcd1a5d470e1bd6a81ff7c684933248&key=3191f35c-3501-478a-9266-f004ee5d900d
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    Happy New Year my good buddies!! In your honour, I'm having a adrink... or 4. 🍻🍻🍻🍻🎸🎹🎵🎶🎤🕺💃
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    Happy New Year everyone !! Greetings from India 🤘May you all have a Year full of Deals and Gas !!
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    Happy New Year to all my gassy friends! May 2020 be the best deal for us all!
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    Happy New Year everyone! May your GAS in 2020 be plentiful and fruitful.
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    Happy New Year from Deeeetroit, just down the road from King Larry, where we're too busy buying plugins to shovel the snow.
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    Happy New Year and Happy New Years Eve to us still not in 2020!!!!!😃
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    Word, Happy New Year to all my good people here - as well as the bad people here too.. bad @ss that is, which is everyone. This 40 of Old E I drink to you all! @Piotr, what country are you in? I'm in Seattle. Actually, where in the world are all of you?
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    That's supposed to be HAPPY NEW DEALS!!! Same to you Piotr!!!
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    https://cinematique-instruments.com/pages_instr/page_klang.php for those to lazy to click the link - yes it requires FULL kontakt 😀
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    Happy New Year, folks! 🎆 🎄🎇 FWIW, incquiring minds want to know why December, which is literally the tenth month out of twelve, is considered to be the last month of the year? Shouldn't we celebrate NY somewhere in March?
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    Happy New Year piotr, Larry and all! Looking forward to many great deals in 2020! 🍻
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    That warm and sunny Mississippi Gulf Coast sounds good. Happy New Year from just southeast of The Miniapple and St.Paul Mn. If anyone welcomed the new year by kissing the brass monkey last night they are still attached.
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    Well, I live in the UK ... but I just send a text and a very nice gentleman delivers it to my door that day.
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    Happy New Years! To all! From all of these great united counties of Virginia!
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    Happy New Year! -- Scott R. Garrigus - http://www.garrigus.com * Cakewalk SONAR Video Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/user/ScottGarrigus?sub_confirmation=1 * Author of the Cakewalk Sonar and Sony Sound Forge Power book series: http://garrigus.com/?PowerBooks * Publisher of the DigiFreq music recording newsletter: http://www.digifreq.com/ * Publisher of the NewTechReview consumer tech newsletter: http://www.newtechreview.com/
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    "1.) Follow me @reflektaudio on instagram 2.) Tag 3 producer friends 3.) Send me a dm so I can send you the link path to the download" I don't understand a word of that.
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    In fact it is ways too pricey for me as I have no account on insta by purpose
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    Happy New Year from Portland, Maine! Peace out. ☮️
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    Happy New Year 2020 for ALL our beloved CbB devels and other staff caring about providing to the world best ever free DAW and for ALL Sonarians making with it great music, learning or just having fun Let CbB will improve significantly to reduce amount of bugs as much as possible and improve workflow to make it pattern for others (hopefully with improving stability (including memory management), transient detection, further improvements for plugin manager, audio workflow improvements and other With our brilliant devels we can be sure it will get better and better Also Let this New Year will be for ALL of us more generous about weather to avoid all possible natural disasters for all our continents which sadly 2019 brought to Asia, America and Australia Crossing fingers for that very strongly...
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    Isn't instagram one of those mail order dispensaries for medical grade 'hemp' products that you can now get legally in some states? I'll have to ask one of my kids.
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    There are 10 total FREE instruments in this series so far Clashing Rails Sonic Wastelands Abandoned Zoo Debussy Freeze Krautrock Maschine Neon Tube Buzz Hammered Violin Cloud Harmonics Echolette Choir Unstable Guitar
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    Um, it's not free : Here is how to get your copy. 1.) Follow me @reflektaudio on instagram 2.) Tag 3 producer friends 3.) Send me a dm so I can send you the link path to the download
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    Greetings from Germany. Hope you all arrived well in 2020.
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    "ARCTA is a celebration of our very first offering in the world of cinematic preset collections. Created exclusively for OMNISPHERE (2.6.2 or later), ARCTA represents the cold stillness of winter on the frozen tundra. Haunting textures and ambiences, bitterly cold arps and sequences, and frostbitten basses, mallets, and strings round out this special collection of 40 presets. FREE for a very limited time!" https://www.hiddenpathaudio.com/arcta
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    Happy New Year 2020 to you guys too! I never introduced myself I just started posting and you took me like a new family member right away. So hugs to all too 😎 😍 (<--- in an amicable way ).
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    Happy New Years Eve Everyone. Peace from the Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA 😎 where we look at every deal that Larry throw at us. Thanks you everyone who contributed to offering a great DEAL in 2019 and I look for many more great ones in 2020!!!
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    Thank you My King, please find in this incoming year a little time to rest and have fun as well, you were working too hard
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    Happy New Year!!! All the best in the twenties. Rocky
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    Libraries up to 60% off https://www.boldersounds.com/
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    As if my life could use another drum vst. Easy pass.
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    I think these alongwith the ProjectSAM TFO and of course, the Spitfire LABS are some of the finest freebies one can get.... And all of these are really pro level ! In fact, I can add the recent 8Dio freebies alongwith the aforementioned as well..... Amazing stuff !!
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    new year all i make myself a new gift for the new year i bought amplitube-4 + TR5-EQ-81 martin
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    Anything from Craig is a bargain at any price.
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    There is a free mixing class available on the site that you all may have over looked. https://www.creativelive.com/class/robert-lang-studios-mixing-class-casey-bates
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    Happy New Year, all, from the warm and sunny Mississippi Gulf Coast (just an hour from the French Quarter). May this be the year that that someone finally releases the Betterizer plugin.
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    Danke Frank, Don't say anything else to me in German because I Googled "Thank you" in German and I copied "Danke" off the Internet, so I don't know the language. 😁
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    Hello Anders , You did a Fantastic job of recording and mixing the acoustic , that was the best I've heard in a long time. Your vocals are Very nice an well polished , and the video itself was well done. The only glitch was your vocal became buried when the drums came in. They came back in when you kicked in the harmony then fell back out again. Hard to tell on this laptop but it had the sound of being over compressed in the quiet parts .. If I couldn't get it fixed with vocal automation or lowering the drums , This is one I would try sidechaining a comp. to the drums triggered by the vocals , (mainly for the sheer fun of editing for hours on end). Great job , Very impressive. mark
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    Marc, Thanks for hooking me up this earlier this year. Cheers from Canada! Larry, thanks for making us all aware of the great stuff out there. I must admit that I was happy to beat you to posting a deal. I didn't think it was possible : )
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    Honey, did I ever tell you about the time I was bullied by a vegan? Never again!
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    Many years ago, I bought the original IK Total Studio when it came out. Then, when they introduced Total Studio 2, they didn't offer ANY upgrade path for the original TS owners, and upon inquiry, their answer was basically "Too bad, so sad". They haven't offered an upgrade path at all from the Original Total Studio to ANY of the Total Studio Products EVER! Up until the CURRENT Max your I/O promotion, you could do what's called a Maxgrade to Total Studio MAX, which means that if you own any MAX product (Amplitube, SampleTank, T-Racks MAX) you could do this "Maxgrade" to the Total Studio MAX product. When THIS current promotion started, they CHANGED the "Maxgrade" qualification to "Any PAID version of a Max Product", which basically means that, if you spent $300 on a piece of hardware, and got a MAX product during the promotion, THOSE MAX PRODUCTS that you received for purchasing their product, are EXCLUDED from the "Maxgrade" option to Total Studio!!! So, unless you actually PURCHASE a "Max" product you have been BARRED from "Maxgrading", DESPITE the FACT that you NOW own a Max Product, and NOW have to pay a HIGHER PRICE for it!!! Now, mind you, they ALREADY have the IDIOTIC policy of charging you THE SAME PRICE for Total Studio Max if you already own EVERYTHING, as a person who owns ONLY ONE PRODUCT!!! They can't seem to figure out a "Graduated" Upgrade path, based on what you already own, like Waves, and other companies, do!!! Basically they say to their LONG TERM CUSTOMERS, sorry you spent all that money with us, but we REALLY don't give damn!!! This is ANOTHER TICK on my "IK-DIOTIC" Business Practices list!!! The Business practices of this company, and their Marketing Dept, are the most IDIOTIC of ANY company ever! I've never seen a more IDIOTIC way to do business!!! They CONTINUOUSLY, and UNAPOLOGETICLY, alienate their PAYING Customers!!! I don't understand WHY any company would want to ALIENATE customers from buying MORE PRODUCTS, but they do...REPEATEDLY!!! End of Rant!!!
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    As I've gotten into home music production, I've learned so much from everyone here. I pay close attention to pricing, structures, and how companies operate. I've looked at IK before, but never really had a strong desire to jump into their ecosystem - it just seems too confusing. Jam point, credits, custom shop, etc. There are great options out there without having to jump through hoops.
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    I think the problem to put a policy in place is at least you have to have the minmum stability and visibility on products life and dev witch i think ik own guyz don t have necessarely . They chose the safest and easiest way to handle it to keep it simple for both side at the expense of sometime faireness ...but at least it s not PA like choatic .... Now what Larry pointed out is something we see more and more with every brands forcing to re buy stuff again and again and being so agressive in price for new comers that it doesn t make sens to event bother for old costumers witch is imho THE issue ... clients like to feel considered and taken care of ....even after purchase ... marketing guyz are too often focused on sales technic but not enougth in clients portofolio management .
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    We're pleased to announce the 2019.12 release, which is a stability update in keeping with our goal of making Cakewalk as reliable and enjoyable as possible. A big thanks to our community for sharing your valuable time and feedback - you're helping us build an unquestionably superior Cakewalk with each release! Thanks, The Bakers 2019.12 Highlights Behavior changes & optimizations Improved audio resampling quality in WASAPI Shared mode. The default MIDI Prepare Buffer size has been changed to 200 msec. Limitations preventing the MIDI buffer from being set lower have been removed. There should be no need to change the buffer size from the new default value anymore, since the engine automatically raises the internal size when necessary. On first launch, Cakewalk will reset the MIDI buffer size to the new default value of 200 msec (Preferences > MIDI - Playback and Recording > Prepare Using n Millisecond Buffers). Bug fixes Opening Cakewalk in WASAPI Shared mode stops audio in other apps that share the audio device(s). Potential crash when changing audio configuration settings (Preferences > Audio - Configuration File) during playback in ASIO driver mode. Potential crash when opening ASIO panel from Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings. Deleting data clears the selection. In rare cases, Input Echo could not be disabled in Instrument tracks. Reassigning a synth output track's Input control to None no longer disables the Input Echo control. When doing a real time export of a project (Fast Bounce disabled), the project no longer scrolls. Now time in musical time (H:M:S:F or any time based format) doesn't update to reflect new time when changing tempo. PreSonus Studio 192 crashes when changing buffer size. Playback distortion at certain buffer sizes with some ASIO drivers after 2019.11 update. Changing the audio latency in Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings can cause audio distortion in ASIO and WASAPI Exclusive mode if the driver doesn't accept the new latency value. Plug-in Load Balancing crashes if MixThreadCount in Preferences > Audio - Configuration File is set to a value of 1. Potential hang if certain kinds of dropouts occur in the audio engine while using Plug-in Load Balancing. Setting Fade On Stop in Preferences > Audio - Playback and Recording to >0 prevents RestartEngineAfterDropout from working.
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