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    I was blessed by one of my clients/friends and I was able to pre-order this! I think the lead time between announcing and actually being available was a little long; just about 32 days to go 😜 The problem now is that I am now looking to upgrade my computer which is a whole other situation indeed. Looking to build an i9 system so it should hold me for a while. I have been running an i5 setup for many years but over the last little bit have been just hitting the ceiling problem shine so many things and this new library coming is just another reason to look into getting a more powerful system to handle things. Very excited however and of course will keep everyone up to date on my progress!
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    I have most of the AIR instruments, and the best recipe for installation success is to always authorize them in iLok BEFORE installing the plugins. Never had any issues doing it that way over many instruments and two computers.
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    Wow, thank you so much for the super-quick reply! You made that post you linked on the day I bought my used FaderPort (#timelyas*****). 😃 Originally, I was still not able to get it to work, but I finally found the right combo of settings (took me forever to find out where the Mackie Control plugin options were! Seems to be working perfectly now! The timing of your release is impeccable. I was worried I was gonna have to drop a lot more money on something newer when literally all I want is a motorized fader because I'm tired of drawing volume automation after 100 years, and transport control at this point will be nice. I started with Cakewalk on version 3... as in Pre Sonar, Pre Pro Audio. I think it was the first version that supported audio at all. Again, thanks so much!
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    Now i understand when we request bigger gui's , he be like "why ? we're good ..."
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    I've spent way more on divorce attorneys. Ha ha, brilliant - and a great way to look at the true costs of even the most expensive software -!!! Nigel
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    I keep a squeaky toy in my hand to 'mark' false starts, pronunciation, and inflection problems. In that way, I can simply stay in the zone of reading, without doing anything with the keyboard. When reviewing/editing, the squeaks are obvious visual markers, and are easy to spot/correct and splice the good stuff into a glorious contiguous reading performance.
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    I would like to rescue the themes that were in the old forum. I haven't made any of these. It just a reminder that they exist, if someone wants to try them. (Most of them are not updated) DOWNLOAD LINK THEME PICTURES I don't know if Elffin is still around. So thank him. Greetings!
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    Anyone excited about this? https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/bbc-symphony-orchestra/ I am, and I don't even do orchestral stuff...
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    A live recording we did this week at my church. Thoughts please... this is the first track from a 1.5hr concert 🙂 Thanks for listening.
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    https://pluginfox.co/products/psp-triplemeter Use code CWFORUM to save some more
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    Earlier today, I popped in to a place called Daniels's Cafe for a bite to eat However, I was annoyed by the non-stop George Michael music and memorabilia, I'm sure it was putting subliminal lyrics in my head... I'm never going to Dan's again. .
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    I clicked on the link , saw 199 , is said "mmm nice price "..then i saw it was the SSD lol lib is actuall 799 !!!
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    Leave my grammer outta dis. She come an get ya.
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    I'm very close to what Skytron has too. Not at home right now to look at the boxes.
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    This is what I bought at the start of the year, @Simeon Amburgey :- Case - BE QUIET! DARK BASE PRO 900 FULL TOWER GAMING CASE Processor (CPU) - Intel® Core™ i9 Eight Core Processor i9-9900K (3.6GHz) 16MB Cache Motherboard - ASUS® ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING: ATX, LGA1151, USB 3.1, SATA 6GBs, WIFI - RGB Ready Memory (RAM) - 32GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 2666MHz (2 x 16GB) Graphics Card - ROG STRIX GTX 1050Ti 1st M.2 SSD Drive - 500GB SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2, PCIe NVMe (up to 3500MB/R, 3200MB/W) 2nd drive - 1TB Samsung 860 QVO 2.5" SSD Power Supply - CORSAIR 650W TXm SERIES™ SEMI-MODULAR 80 PLUS® GOLD, ULTRA QUIET Processor Cooling - Noctua NH-U14S Ultra Quiet Performance CPU Cooler Of course, things will have moved on a bit since then, but I am still very pleased with it.
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    Just an observation here, but I think the term "sampler" means different things to different folks, as it appears to often be a used in a rather broad context. This seems to sometimes result in a rather polarized discussion where both viewpoints can be correct, but are actually referring to different objects. To the folks that consider a sampler as something to load in a ready made instrument library and play back those sounds (aka as a ROMpler), or something to painstakingly build an instrument library up one multi-sample at a time, I totally agree that we don't need yet another one of those. But to those who actually prefer to sample (record) sounds within their projects, and like to manipulate them as melodic or percussive instrument parts in their creative song writing process, that can be a different animal. And I don't think this is genre specific in any way, but is a new type of workflow enabled by working in the modern DAW. There are a few existing DAWs that have successfully integrated some built-in basic sampling tools to improve the workflow for those who choose to use sampling that way. I can see that Studio One Pro, Cubase Pro, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Reason, Traction Waveform, and possibly others already offer integrated sampling. I don't think that having an integrated sampling tool available would get in the way of those not interested in it, so it really all would come down to development priorities. But adding this one feature would up the game for Cakewalk, and maybe even interest those existing users who have never tried it, but may be seeking some new creative juice. And quite possibly bring more users into Cakewalk.
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    Thanks PluginFox, PSP Triple Meter is a good meter to have, I'm buying.
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    One of the beauties of working in Cakewalk, is that there are generally multiple ways to approach things, so that folks can work out what works best for their ways of looking at it all. I am a keyboard player, primarily, so I usually take some time to set up a new loaded synth and preset and audio tracks etc., but I do also sometimes insert one of several track templates for different synths, to quickly get me in business with some sound to play or record something bouncing around in my head. (I have a variety of track templates I set up for this, with single midi tracks for: Piano, Bass, Rhodes, Organ, Piano/Strings, and a couple of leads. I also have a couple of track templates to bring in multiple midi tracks and instruments, such as one that has: Piano, Bass, Organ, Drums). Regardless, I would approach arming one of those tracks the same way I would any track - arm for record when ready to record, and disarm when done recording. But, that is just my approach, and it is a big planet, with room for folks to do as they choose.
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    Yep. I got an old Blue MIJ Chorus pedal that's just won't give it up!!
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    Doing the same Simeon, and for the same reason!! I got the parts, just needing the down time to do it.
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    Hi grem Cheers comments really appreciated - it really has been received well - we've had over a 170000 views on YouTube now! Nigel
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    I have a MkIIb head that I bought back in the day. That's my baby. To experience the sound and power that thing is capable of is really something special. I don't do it often, but when that thing gets cranked with my LP plugged in, it's just a dream come true. It sings like there is no tomorrow. Sweet, singing sustain. But at a volume you can hear around the block!! : ) And I ain't kidding there. With a 2x12 setup, it gets loud!! But the response and feel are to die for. Seriously. I also have a Mk IV that I play through today. I have 2 6L6's and 2 EL84's in it. Sweet!! But nothing can beat my MkIIb for clean. That thing is crystal clear at almost any volumes. Until it starts breaking the speaker up. I got spoiled with that thing. And the sim that is most like it with clear clean sound is AT American Clean MkIII amp. And the AT MkIV amp sounds real close to my MkIV.
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    Old boss / roland gear are terminators ... you ll die before they do lol
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    being totally pedantic - it's a TU-12H I've still got my TU-12 that I bought in 1984, hundreds (thousands ?) of gigs later still works great and gets lots of use.
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    Im sorry but I simply do not understand, 1- Would you like help ?? 2- or just want to announce to Noel that you no longer use Cakewalk ?? If the first, I will surely give my time to help you. If 2cnd, I wish you the best but remember no DAW is free of errors.
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    There is nothing better than a full sounding guitar lead (that is done using delay). I use Waves Manny Delay. I have presets for all sorts of havoc I reek.
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    Nice video @Chandler I use a similar technique for ping pong delay. mostly used on repeat guitar/Vox. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
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    Symphonic Bundle $198 https://8dio.com/instrument-category/8dio-instruments-on-sale-vst-au-aax-kontakt-instrument-samples/?utm_source=8DIO+Newsletter&utm_campaign=6915ae6282-lov8+Cinematic_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_bfb160c302-6915ae6282-298264053&mc_cid=6915ae6282&mc_eid=48c5d3390b Individual Prices vary
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    The only reason I upgraded to SoundForge 12 was to use 64 bit plugins. I don't see anything, or any reason to upgrade other than it being free or close to it with a Humble Bundle upgrade price.
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    All of that is fine. Everyone is grateful. Myself included. Even if I had never used the software, I'd be grateful. A competitive market only benefits consumers, and Cakewalk forces other competitors to deliver by virtue of existing at its price point. It means that any product that wants to sell for anything has to "approach at least as good" as CbB to be worth it (value proposition) - assuming they've heard of it. That is a good thing for all of us. However, in order to get people to switch over - particularly those who already OWN other DAWs, and can easily secure Upgrade or Crossgrade pricing to competing products - or rope in and keep serious users; the product needs to grow its user base and it needs to give the impression that it isn't just being kept around in maintenance mode. Stagnation is a deterrent. Artists are innovative, and they want to feel like their tools will enable that [by developing and innovating] as well. Much as we detest it, this is an industry of FADs. Waves come and go, and products that don't allow people to surf them tend to get left by the wayside. Cakewalk is already an all-arounder. The issue isn't what "type" the DAW fits in (90% of DAWs are all-arounders, even when marketed with historical strengths). It's whether [or not] it delivers what users are looking for; and whether what it does deliver is worth using it over paying for a competing product. In principle, I don't disagree with anything you're saying. Patience is easier to have when you don't depend on these tools for your quality of life. The grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes it's a mirage. Other times, it's just the fact of life.
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    A quick proof-reading of that paragraph confirms that they did not get this motivation from you. 🤣 (Sorry Ed! 🤭)
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    The "pedal" is a BossTU-12 Chromatic Tuner. LOL
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    My kids High School told them, leave the building and it will count as unexcused absence. Which my one child thought was humorous and sad as she is a leader in environmental club and wrote an article for the school newspaper on environmental concerns. The school wants them involved but god forbid we stand up for what we believe in! Anyway, I'm glad teens are voicing an opinion.
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    How much does Pro Tools charge you for being, using LAME 😁
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    I have all of those and then some. Some are better than others but nothing in the sub-$30 dollar range would I classify as improving workflow. Even at the sky is the limit end of the pricing spectrum (Cubase Pro/Orb Composer S/Rapid Composer) you really don't get much in the way of really improving workflow. I only mention Captain Chords because it really does seem to replace all the functionality Waveform has in a DAW neutral way. There are a some free plugins that can help with various things though, the stuff from https://www.codefn42.com is very good. The pizMidi stuff is also pretty nice https://code.google.com/archive/p/pizmidi/
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    @SomeGuy I am extremely grateful to the new owner of CakeWalk. I believe him and the developers of CdB would like to satisfy all of its users, catering to the audio, electronic music and composing crowds simultaneously. At the moment Bandlab are aiming towards 100 employees. The startup itself is fully funded and the investors of Bandlab have a net worth of $13.2 Billion Dollars US. I believe the resources to turn this DAW into an all-rounder are there and it will happen. We just have to be patient.
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    1. The feature gap that is obvious when you use other DAWs and then use Cakewalk. It exists, it doesn't mean CbB is "bad." Yes, CbB is fine; maybe even AMAZING for the people who have sat on SONAR for many years and are used to just working with what they are handed. However, there is a pretty sizeable disparity in feature set in core areas vs. many other DAWs due to their superior development momentum and investment from the parent companies. This leads to a product that is less dependent on plugins and/or external applications to work productively (if we can say that). People have been doing Orchestral Composition in DAWs like FL Studio and Ableton for a decade or more. Typecasting DAWs is for the 1990s. Most of them are pretty well-rounded and "generalist" these days - even if they still retain clear historical strong suits - because there is only so much you can do within one niche, and sitting within a niche is not good business. And if you aren't delivering the goods, then users see no point in paying for upgrades (or subscribing/moving up from perpetual to subscription). They will just use their old version, and keep on trucking. There is a decent amount of disparity between CbB and LPX. Just look at the Staff/Score editor that [paying] users had been begging for the developers to fix for probably a decade. Logic is in a completely different league, there. Logic also has much better audio editing than CbB. Cakewalk feels the base of an amazing package, but the developers shifted away from shoring up the DAW itself to bundling Plugins, Instruments, etc. instead 2. Read the forums? Instruments and Plug-Ins aren't worth complaining much about, except for the fact that it is not great for getting newbies onto the platform . Those users tend to prefer to get a decent "package" out of the box so that they can at least have fun making music without having to worry about what they need to add onto it. Stability fixes and small things here and there are nice... if CbB - as it stands today - were a $200-250 upgrade from SONAR Platinum... how would you feel about that? That isn't to say the changes they've made aren't good (and bug fixes are always good). I just think they're overrated, and the development rate is such that the product is still seen as stagnant by most people. There's a reason why the mad rush of cross grade offers after the Gibson announcement was so successful, and most of those people did not come back after the BandLab announcement.
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    @Tez the only way those keys could get set is if your controller spuriously sent those notes. I suspect you have a flaky USB port or the controller itself is sending bad data under some conditions. The PRV UI is responding to MIDI input exclusively so the bad data couldn't come from CbB. I was able to replicate the problem artificially by holding down some keys on a MIDI controller and yanking the USB cable while the notes were held down. I've fixed it now so that pressing the Reset button (panic) will also reset the PRV notes so in the future if this happens you have a simple way to clear it.
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    The answer to this really depends on what your "general purpose" needs are. If your other software is going to include a lot of background processes, messaging apps, cloud syncs etc, then this will affect the performance of your DAW to some extent. Obviously with faster machines, this may not be an issue. Personally I always use a dual boot for music applications, as I want to keep my DAW boot as clean and minimal as possible. If nothing else, it drastically reduces the risk of some other application breaking something. This of course is my personal choice, not a recommendation.
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    If your DAW computer doubles up as the "family PC", then I would definitely go for dual-boot.
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    I wonder if Bandlab will ever partner with Roland and revive some the old plugins that were part of the DAW. Roland GrooveSynth and DreamStation DXi were pretty good for its time.
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    I think I would disagree slightly on the notion that CbB is not as good as Sonar Platinum - the thing is, those bundled 3rd-party plugins were all extras - the cost of which was absorbed into the license purchase price of the product. They never 'owned' those, so they would never have been able to continue to be part of the core product. The CbB core product has continued to see remarkable maintenance and clean up of bugs, as well as new development, which for free is outstanding, and CbB is outstanding, in its stability, increased functionality, and that it exists at all, given Gibson's involvement in dumping Cakewalk. Folks legitimately got a bit hacked at paying the one-time lifetime maintenance charge, but as far as I have ever viewed that, that was done by Gibson, the owner of the company at the time, and they seem to have done a cash grab before turning Cakewalk to the wolves and abandoning the company. THANKFULLY, CbB not only exists, but does so with continued development and maintenance. Bob Bone
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    Having paid quite a bit over the years (multiple hundreds of USD, maybe more), this thread has made me realize that I need not be jealous of people who are now able to get Cakewalk for the cost of setting up an account, downloading the software, and updating it periodically--I have some wonderful softsynths and many FX plug-ins that I have acquired as part of my Cakewalk/SONAR purchases!! 🙂
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    This is a courtesy service to people who bought software from the old Cakewalk, Inc. What is the purpose of trying out Cakewalk plug-ins and old versions of Sonar that can no longer be purchased? The old Cakewalk, Inc. web server, with licensing and downloading engines working, is being kept running as a courtesy for the old customers of the company it used to belong to. It still has ads for the products that Cakewalk, Inc. used to sell. The employees who originally built the server probably now have new jobs and the web developers at BandLab have more important things to do than work on an old server other than maybe keep it patched enough to prevent it from getting hacked/crashing. But it's unlikely that anyone's going to open up the code and change it enough to remove the ads for the defunct products and risk breaking the parts that old Sonar users might need to use to download software. Think of it like a gas station/grocery store where the grocery store part closed down, but if you had a credit card with them, you can still get self-service gas. At some point, maybe the underground tanks will run out and they'll stop filling them, who knows? At some point people are going to have to download all the installatin files for the old program and do the offline registration or whatever. It will not be there forever. In the meantime, don't be concerned about the ghost Internet server. If you purchased Sonar and have your serials, BandLab might have some way of helping you out. If not, there's a really great DAW you can use for free. Maybe someday they'll reissue some of the other Cakewalk software too. Until then, there is so much other free music software. Look in the "Favorite Free FX" thread. In my first post, there are links to 80 plug-ins to try out. I think the name change was a good idea, to distinguish the old program from the new one. I tried the first version of Cakewalk by BandLab that came out and then the next release and the improvement in the first few releases was impressive. Like it or not, Sonar was known for being buggy and crashy. The first version I tried, the transport indicator would get separated from the rest of the program and go cruising across my screen on its own, if the thing went one session without crashing somehow it was unusual. Good idea to distance themselves from that legacy, however it had come about. The current team are slaughtering bugs and doing some good optimizations as well.
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    @Efrem C.'79, I agree with your assessment that the Sonar/Cakewalk legacy is complex. On the one hand Bandlab Technologies is trying to "do the right thing" by maintaining Sonar for former Sonar clients by archiving the Sonar forum, maintaining legacy releases and the Command Center download manager. Sonar clients continue to have access to the resources they collected as a Sonar client. It is Bandlab's gift to Sonar clients. Unfortunately if you were not a Sonar client in the past you can not become a Sonar client now; it's that simple. Bandlab Technologies has Sonar assets that it has not utilized yet. They may or may not use those assets in the future . I bet even Bandlab Technologies doesn't know for sure. Bandlab Technologies is growing through frequent acquisitions. Bandlab Technologies has properties in the USA, Great Briton and Singapore and other Pacific rim countries. There's likely other locations I don't know about. There's retail stores, manufacturers, social platform, magazines. How do you pull it all together into a cohesive unit? I don't know. I was involved in two situations where my employer purchased some or all of the assets of bankrupt companies. It's rarely pretty, there's always loose ends and it takes about five years for the old business culture to feel comfortable with the new organization and for the new business to come up with a plan with what to do with the assets they bought.
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    Only BandLab knows the plan for the assets they purchased from Gibson. The development staff is pretty small and have been concentrating on CbB development. There was talk after the acquisition about releasing some other products but there has been no mention about it in some time. AFAIK, BandLab cannot just give away or sell old Cakewalk products, they did not purchase the company. At a minimum, the products must be re-badged. For now, to augment CbB look to third party offerings. There are thousands of them.
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    @ $750? I ain't saying it don't sound good. But man!! Out of my league. : )
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