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    Hehe, not compressor, cannot believe it https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/ampeg_v4b.html Brainworx and Plugin Alliance are thrilled to present the native plugin version of AMPEG’s seminal V–4B 100W All-Tube Bass Amp.
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    I thought I got Bassdude a while back, but it was Bassdad. Bassduddy. Getting me coat.
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    Thanks everyone for weighing in with experiences, thoughts and insights. I found solid guidance as well on the Focusrite site, since I have a 2i4 interface. Specifically, by interface line, they report: As a general rule, higher impedance headphones require more power from the headphone output of your interface than lower impedance headphones. If unsure of what to purchase follow these general guidelines, though you may find that our products can actually drive higher impedance headphones than the values listed below without issue: - For all Bus Powered Scarlett interfaces (Solo, 2i2 and 2i4), iTrack Solo and Saffire 6 USB look for headphones with a maximum impedance of 200 ohms. - For all mains powered Scarlett interfaces (6i6, 8i6, 18i6, 18i8 and 18i20) look for headphones with a maximum impedance of 250 ohms. - For all Clarett (USB and Thunderbolt variants) and Red (Thunderbolt) interfaces, headphones with impedances of up to 600 ohms will be fine. https://support.focusrite.com/hc/en-gb/articles/210708269-What-impedance-headphones-should-I-use-with-my-audio-interface- Always something to learn... Billy
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    But they left all of the accordions.
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    A lute? To me, crimes like these simply defies logic, far beyond reason. Just as Mark said, having used pro tools, breaking in must have been a cakewalk. And still – just a lute? Was that instrument made for live gigs or was it a studio one? As musicians these thieves obviously aren’t into any digital performance. And that kind of instrument would hardly be used in a garage band. I think the crime investigators need a cue: base the police investigation on the "modus operandi". There’s simply no endo to the possibilities. Sorry for the last ones. Ok, all of them.
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    Thieves made away with the lute. (Groans appreciated) Lame humor by Notes
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    I got another reply from IKM support. They have acknowledged my issue and they are going to fix it.
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    You also might use *Spacedesk* (https://spacedesk.net/de/multi-monitor-app-virtueller-bildschirm-software-videowand) and use five or ten tablets / smartphones to control everything in CbB in it's own outsourced window… 🤠
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    I agree with the comment that Meng was probably more involved with communicating to this forum and the FB group in the beginning, and now that things seem to be on track and maturing nicely, he's probably stepping back a little because his regular presence isn't really necessary. That's how I've seen other businesses "introduce" new products anyway. As far as the offering of Cakewalk for free, I'm going to agree that it's really looking a gift horse in the mouth to ask why, when someone gives you a free gift. Think about this: How easy would it be/have been for Bandlab to charge a small monthly fee? Would you pay it? I would. But they don't. Think about that. As a business decision, ever heard of a "loss leader"? That's what businesses do every day to get customers. They reduce the price of a product to get your interest in hopes of you becoming a customer and buying something more. I'm not saying that's what Bandlab is doing. What I'm saying is that people don't think twice when a company offers a special, coupon, etc. Then why wonder about CW being free? Last I checked, Meng was part of a billionaire family. I'm not worried. Peace!
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    Zinc - I don't seem to have it either. I don't have the .vstsound file - all I remember is I paid $10 to upgrade to PadShop Pro. Maybe that upgrade didn't include it....
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    +1 what Cakewalk offers is plenty for the future already. The only thing I'd really like to see is some simple arrangement "chord" type of tool built into the interface. Would be helpful to see, create chords and song structure in an easy to setup and with a sizable view. This kind of thing (Kind of Like EZ Keys) is harder to work with as an "external" tool. I think this would also help bridge the gap for newer composers. Not needed of course, but is one of the view things I could see as a real value add to the way the whole tool could be used.
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    Bassdead? Blastdude?
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    Have you considered Analogue Lab from Arturia (199 Euro's). You get access to about 30 classic Keyboards and it comes with 6500 presets. Whilst you are limited in the editing of completely new patches on the synths you can make adjustments to the existing patches within Analogue Lab via its interface. Then if any excite you can buy either the individual synths or buy the entire V Collection at a sensible upgrade price.
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    Good work Wookiee. I liked the whole thing. Very pleasing sound that sets you in the mood to just let it go!
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    Really clean mix you got now!! Like Wookiee says, more open. And that translates to a very god sounding beginning of the song. That is much better! But the scream... I went back and read what I posted before and sure enough, I said something about that scream in that post too! But in this mix it just isn't as up front as it should be. Vocals before and after are right there, in your face, then the screams kinda drifts out there in the 3:17 until the main vocals come back in. And of course myriad, this is just a personal thing of mine, it really does sound good as is! : ) Drums sound good with the kick having some umph! The bass in the middle breakdown has great tone. Lots of low end and a metallic sound on top! You definitely are finding your sound. Sounds to me like your zoning in on it. Great work.
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    outstanding! made me cry, touched me it did nothing more to say
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    Don't be scared to run multiple reverbs on things too. Like, for example, having your general 2 second decay reverb on a vocal, but then also running a really thick 200ms one as well, but much quieter. You won't really hear the short one but it'll add body and a bit of "it's in the room" kind of vibe to the vocal. Typically I'll run just the one reverb, a tempo timed delay and also a stereo slapback delay of less than 100ms quietly under the vocal to thicken it up and add subtle width. Works great on all kinds of lead instruments or voices and doesn't get washy like a reverb would do.
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    Lovely track! ♥️
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    You got the notion I was trying to express! Thank you, Steve!
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    Good find abacab! 👍 Like others, I always deselect everything except 64bit VST on installers but I also had 2.5Gb of worthless content there cluttering up my SSD. Not any more!
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    A few good questions here! Like others have said, there's really no "proper" way to use reverb or any other effect, really. The end justifies the means. Does it sound how you want it to sound? Great - mission accomplished, end of story! But as for "best" ways to approach things, to make it more streamlined and save CPU, there's a few best practices that you can use. My advice is to set up a good general purpose reverb on an effects buss and set the mix on it to 100% wet. Then, for any track that you want to add reverb to, make a send to that buss and adjust to taste. Be prepared to use far less than you expect, especially on vocals. I usually have backing vocals summed together in some kind of buss or aux track (so set the output of all of those tracks to go to a single point) and add my reverb send on that, rather than doing it to each track individually. Ultimately it sounds more or less the same if you do it this way or on individual tracks, but when it comes time to mix and you go "you know, the Bvox are a bit wet" you don't have to turn down 12 separate effects sends, you just have the one summed track. Multiple reverbs are a can of worms. A lot of seasoned mixers use several different reverb types / lengths to get the sound they want. Sometimes you want that initial slap of a small room, sometimes you want a big washy plate. It's hard to give any advice in general for what to use. I'd suggest that for things in general, keep it simple - if you have a great sounding room reverb, say 1.5 / 2.0 seconds or something, use that us your default reverb send, to get it all in the same space (obviously adjusting send levels for each track going to that reverb, so it's not just everything getting a big wash). The more reverb, the more things are pushed back, so think 3 dimensionally - the things you want up front should have less send to the reverb buss, the things you want pushed back, have them a little more wet. I typically use a different reverb for drums because what sounds good on vocals can tend to sound a little thin if you want to add a good room crack to a snare, for example. Some synths can benefit from either leaving their built-in reverb on there because it's part of the sound, or disabling it and using your global reverb to help it fit into a space, or making an extra "special effects" reverb which may be good for super long tails, that sounds good on strings and pads, or accents on certain words or drum hits. There's really no rules other than understanding *why* you're sending to the reverb. Don't just put reverb on everything just because; ask why you want it on there. Does it need it? How much? What are you going for with this? I tend to use delay on its own buss (100% wet too) rather than combining it with the reverb directly. That way I can control how much or how little I send to it, and do fun tricks like automating its send to go off on single words or hits. A cool trick is to set up a send on the delay buss to go to the reverb buss, so each delay sounds like it's in the space too, rather than it sounding super dry compared to everything else. About the only other tip I can give, besides just being a little careful how much you use overall, is that aside from reverb feeling like it builds up a bit if you have too much everywhere is, it can make the mix sound a little muddy or foggy, especially if you're sending a lot of low frequency stuff or sibilant stuff through it. I'd suggest strapping an EQ over your reverb buss, but BEFORE the reverb plugin, and rolling off both the lows and highs to taste. You'd be surprised at how much you can remove in the low end before it's noticeable in the mix, but it seriously makes a big difference to your mix clarity at the end. Ultimately though, everyone has their own way of working and there's no right or wrong way to do this. Some really great advice posted above too - it should get you on the right track.
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    I think they're (Bandlab) headed for more and smoother integration between CbB and their online "social music" project. It would be great if they could make it so we could collaborate with others more or less in real time using a set of online tools designed to work seamlessly with CbB. But that's just my guess, and given the current state of technology, who knows how long it would take? FYI, forum users have been grousing at each other and The Man since forever, regarding the direction we are all headed. Toes are sometimes stepped on. Feathers are ruffled. But it's not real -- it's just an online forum. No real harm, right? Don't be so touchy.
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    MeldaProduction has announced the 28th round of the Eternal Madness Discount 2019, offering 50% off 4 plugins every week. This deal starts on Monday, July 8th. Deal of the week: MTurboReverbLE Price: €75 €149 MCharacter Price: €50 €99 MFreeformEqualizer Price: €25 €49 MStereoGenerator Price: €25 €49 Note: If you happen to be new to Melda plugins, you can use someone's referral code for an additional 20% discount off whatever you're buying. Here's my referral code: MELDA1548575 (Feel free to use it, or use a friend's because Melda gives them 10% credit too!) Plus get 10 credits free for signing up to Melda newsletter!** **thanks to @Royal Yaksman for pointing this out!
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    You missed out on all the excitement! We've been through some dark times. Gibson acquired Cakewalk and proceeded to treat it like an unwanted stepchild. Although they did give Craig Anderton a job for awhile. Then when it was abruptly announced that CW was ceasing operations altogether, there was panic as many scrambled to find an alternate DAW in case SONAR stopped working after some future Windows update. Even diehards like me who were planning on using SPlat forever prudently investigated other DAWs (I bought Samplitude as a fallback but never really used it). So when BandLab came through as the white knight a couple months later, there was a collective sigh of relief. Now things are better than ever. The software is no longer on an artificial annual release schedule dictated by marketing, now replaced by rolling updates. The head count over at Cakewalk is smaller now, but we still have Noel so we're OK. Any old projects you might have on disk can be loaded up into the new Cakewalk by Bandlab, no problem. But keep SONAR installed, as CbB doesn't come with all the third-party plugins and instruments that were bundled with SONAR; almost all of them are still compatible with CbB.
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    Your music is definitely original - and I thought this song was a trip. In other words, your music is a lot of fun to listen to. Nice job on the collab guys.
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    I liked this one a lot - from start to finish. I was impressed by the mood of it - which fit your deserted beach description. Hard to find those on the 4th of July weekend😄
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    A few more opinions... The main music delivery system used to be speakers, so I mixed on those and used headphones as a reality check. Now the situation is reversed, I think at this point headphones may be the dominant music delivery system (I don't consider laptop speakers and their ilk as relevant, I mean what people actually listening to music use). As such, a lot of people use earbuds. The ones designed for telephone use tend to be more like open-back headphones, but quite a few insert into the ear canal, and are more like closed-back headphones. The conventional wisdom is to use open-back headphones because they sound more natural, i.e., more open than closed-back headphones and somewhat more like speakers. However, I simply don't know if that's equivalent to how most consumers hear music these days. My main headphones are the closed-back KRK KNS-8400, because of course, you need closed-back earphones for tracking. But just as we used to mix over multiple speaker systems to get an average, I mix over multiple sets of headphones, and do the reality check on speakers. Mixes done on the KNS-8400 actually do translate well, but only when mixing on them at low volumes, because then you don't have any issues with sound waves bouncing around inside the cup, and you don't get the listening fatigue problems typically associated with closed-back earphones. Ultimately, I think the best option is a set of closed-back headphones for tracking, open-back alternating with closed-back for mixing, and of course, good speakers. I start my mixes on headphones, and end up on speakers. Tweaks I make to accommodate speakers always make the mixes sound better over headphones as well. I also have multiple sets of headphones, from Ultrasones with treble that will rip your head off, to Beats that have a response worse than Apple's white iPhone earbuds, to the KNS-8400, to really nice open-back AKGs. A mix that sounds good on all my phones has at least a fighting change of sounding decent on playback over the zillions of different systems out there , Hope this helps.
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    This is really nice Wookster. Love the synth brass arp that comes in - straight off A Broken Frame by Depeche Mode. Can I suggest a title for the follow up to this one - 'Son of a Beach' ?
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    Yea they are not 100% identical. There are reviews online for the massdrop models which are helpful perhaps and HD6xx has got quite raving reviews from what I have seen. Btw I had good experience EQing the 590 series and make them sound more relaxed like the 600 series. The 590 series is a little bit harsh on the 5-8K region. A plugin like Toneboosters Morphit is really useful for this.
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    Police are investigating that inversion groupies helped with the lute. Now were the groupies in first inversion or second inversion? Police were questioning everyone at the scene " Is that a pocket trumpet or are you tooting a song🙄😛 I know............................................I already got my coat😀
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    Well, that's a note worthy story. If caught, the thieves will go to sing-sing! When accused a suspect responded, "you're a lyre!"
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    Well, we are in the middle compressors invasion
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    The store has scheduled a press conference to provide updates as well as to detail the current Independence weekend deals...
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    I never know what to expect with your music Jessie, Think this is the clearest I have heard your vocals on your tracks.
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    This just in: possible suspect identified as Dynamic Mike
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    Just picked this up. I've only had a chance to run through some presets, but it sounds good.
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    Police could find no "Lead Sheets" to direct them in which direction the Lute took off in 😆
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    Even the multiple "Prophets" couldn't foretell the outcome.
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    After they broke in, an automated voice informed them that they could steal anything they want, except for Monster Cables which are never discounted and can't leave the store for anything except full price... 😆
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    Police were silently working to MESH the luters with a mesmerizing drum beat
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    Well, although I am a native Californian, I don't care for such sentiments. The belief/attitude that people who colonized or inhabited a place first have greater claim to it than those who arrived later or whose ancestors arrived later than other people's ancestors has done so much horrible damage to humanity in the past that I recoil from it. I think it's poison, and that bumper sticker is rude and unfriendly. Notice I "reveal" the actual numbers behind the "secret" when I make that joke. This is so that our beloved state can continue to attract people who are good at math, probability, and statistics. Anyone who is smart enough to realize that it's highly unlikely that they will be harmed by an earthquake will be welcomed by me. So will anyone else for that matter. Once they "survive" a couple of quakes and notice that nobody else is freaking out they will calm down like the rest of their fellow Californians. 😊 The first state that I noticed making a big deal about the "native" thing was Colorado, during the '80's (surprise). My mom moved there around '81 or so and I noticed all these bumper stickers that had the green and white motif and mountain outline of the Colorado license plate, and read "NATIVE." Then I started to see other ones in the same style. The first one was "ALIEN," which I thought was a good start, then there were a variety of obligatory geek ones like "HOBBIT," "JEDI," and "VULCAN," and then "WHO CARES?" which became my favorite. Then. Finally. I saw the winning entry, the one I had been thinking of myself, the one I would actually put on my own bumper, which was "NAIVE."
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    This may help: Cakewalk's own tutorial: @Gswitz's tutorial (the guts of the actual loop construction it are about 11 mins in):
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    Reminds me of a bumper sticker I once saw: Welcome to California! Now go home - and take a friend.
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    At the moment, Cakewalk by BandLab is headed to Summer NAMM in Nashville
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    Do you know the bass player who placed this advertisement ? Dokument.rtf
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    Ya, I really like this song. The over all arrangement and sound just had something that really appealed to me. Good suggestions above but to my tired old ears everything sounded good. Excellent stuff!!
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    As I said before.... "I don't want to save the project as a Cakewalk file and I'm not going to. I prefer the universality of MIDI. " It is confusing when you take an automation snapshot...nothing shows up in the PRV event list. When you save and re-open the file, the event is in the PRV event list. I understand the developers had to make decisions and compromises when deciding how things work (two representations of the same parameter certainly makes things complicated). Perhaps this is something they could re-visit in the future.
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    I already have some Sampletraxx libraries and they are great. I will check this bundle to see if I can add some more.
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