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    LOL! This is a public forum, and you will get opinions that you don't agree with. No forum etiquette was broken here, except for you deciding to be rude!
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    Thanks everyone for weighing in with experiences, thoughts and insights. I found solid guidance as well on the Focusrite site, since I have a 2i4 interface. Specifically, by interface line, they report: As a general rule, higher impedance headphones require more power from the headphone output of your interface than lower impedance headphones. If unsure of what to purchase follow these general guidelines, though you may find that our products can actually drive higher impedance headphones than the values listed below without issue: - For all Bus Powered Scarlett interfaces (Solo, 2i2 and 2i4), iTrack Solo and Saffire 6 USB look for headphones with a maximum impedance of 200 ohms. - For all mains powered Scarlett interfaces (6i6, 8i6, 18i6, 18i8 and 18i20) look for headphones with a maximum impedance of 250 ohms. - For all Clarett (USB and Thunderbolt variants) and Red (Thunderbolt) interfaces, headphones with impedances of up to 600 ohms will be fine. https://support.focusrite.com/hc/en-gb/articles/210708269-What-impedance-headphones-should-I-use-with-my-audio-interface- Always something to learn... Billy
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    But they left all of the accordions.
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    A lute? To me, crimes like these simply defies logic, far beyond reason. Just as Mark said, having used pro tools, breaking in must have been a cakewalk. And still – just a lute? Was that instrument made for live gigs or was it a studio one? As musicians these thieves obviously aren’t into any digital performance. And that kind of instrument would hardly be used in a garage band. I think the crime investigators need a cue: base the police investigation on the "modus operandi". There’s simply no endo to the possibilities. Sorry for the last ones. Ok, all of them.
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    Thieves made away with the lute. (Groans appreciated) Lame humor by Notes
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    Your music is definitely original - and I thought this song was a trip. In other words, your music is a lot of fun to listen to. Nice job on the collab guys.
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    There is no typical chain nowadays. Changes with the wind and the song.
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    A few more opinions... The main music delivery system used to be speakers, so I mixed on those and used headphones as a reality check. Now the situation is reversed, I think at this point headphones may be the dominant music delivery system (I don't consider laptop speakers and their ilk as relevant, I mean what people actually listening to music use). As such, a lot of people use earbuds. The ones designed for telephone use tend to be more like open-back headphones, but quite a few insert into the ear canal, and are more like closed-back headphones. The conventional wisdom is to use open-back headphones because they sound more natural, i.e., more open than closed-back headphones and somewhat more like speakers. However, I simply don't know if that's equivalent to how most consumers hear music these days. My main headphones are the closed-back KRK KNS-8400, because of course, you need closed-back earphones for tracking. But just as we used to mix over multiple speaker systems to get an average, I mix over multiple sets of headphones, and do the reality check on speakers. Mixes done on the KNS-8400 actually do translate well, but only when mixing on them at low volumes, because then you don't have any issues with sound waves bouncing around inside the cup, and you don't get the listening fatigue problems typically associated with closed-back earphones. Ultimately, I think the best option is a set of closed-back headphones for tracking, open-back alternating with closed-back for mixing, and of course, good speakers. I start my mixes on headphones, and end up on speakers. Tweaks I make to accommodate speakers always make the mixes sound better over headphones as well. I also have multiple sets of headphones, from Ultrasones with treble that will rip your head off, to Beats that have a response worse than Apple's white iPhone earbuds, to the KNS-8400, to really nice open-back AKGs. A mix that sounds good on all my phones has at least a fighting change of sounding decent on playback over the zillions of different systems out there , Hope this helps.
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    I bought 2 plugins for 25$ on a previous sale. Registered during the current sale and got a link for a free plugin!
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    Yea they are not 100% identical. There are reviews online for the massdrop models which are helpful perhaps and HD6xx has got quite raving reviews from what I have seen. Btw I had good experience EQing the 590 series and make them sound more relaxed like the 600 series. The 590 series is a little bit harsh on the 5-8K region. A plugin like Toneboosters Morphit is really useful for this.
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    Behringer produce different audio interface solutions (electronically). Some are more advanced (and so more expensive) then other. No mistake here. And common... the whole discussion remind me about "20Hz-20HZ headphones for $1". $40 interface is not the same as $60 (especially when produced by the same company), and it is not the same as $120, $200, $500, $700...
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    In Lou of that, they had to play by ear instead and ended up being Out O'Tune. Fortunately, one of them, whose straight job was as a radiologist in a hospital, was nabbed when a woman we had both dated, a police detective, came in for a mammogram. Yes, they were caught when they started to Isotope Our Ex.
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    Well, we are in the middle compressors invasion
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    Police are still looking for the luters. They say they are part of a mid-evil crime ring.
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    Well, although I am a native Californian, I don't care for such sentiments. The belief/attitude that people who colonized or inhabited a place first have greater claim to it than those who arrived later or whose ancestors arrived later than other people's ancestors has done so much horrible damage to humanity in the past that I recoil from it. I think it's poison, and that bumper sticker is rude and unfriendly. Notice I "reveal" the actual numbers behind the "secret" when I make that joke. This is so that our beloved state can continue to attract people who are good at math, probability, and statistics. Anyone who is smart enough to realize that it's highly unlikely that they will be harmed by an earthquake will be welcomed by me. So will anyone else for that matter. Once they "survive" a couple of quakes and notice that nobody else is freaking out they will calm down like the rest of their fellow Californians. 😊 The first state that I noticed making a big deal about the "native" thing was Colorado, during the '80's (surprise). My mom moved there around '81 or so and I noticed all these bumper stickers that had the green and white motif and mountain outline of the Colorado license plate, and read "NATIVE." Then I started to see other ones in the same style. The first one was "ALIEN," which I thought was a good start, then there were a variety of obligatory geek ones like "HOBBIT," "JEDI," and "VULCAN," and then "WHO CARES?" which became my favorite. Then. Finally. I saw the winning entry, the one I had been thinking of myself, the one I would actually put on my own bumper, which was "NAIVE."
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    I guess it's easy to pick those locks if you've got ProTools.
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    I'll reveal a Californian secret: we play up the earthquake thing because it's one of the few things that keeps people from the rest of the country from flocking here and making the housing crisis even more unbearable. If you look at the statistics for injury, death, and property damage, ice storms, tornadoes, floods and just plain nasty weather are WAY more destructive, by an insane factor. In the past three decades in California earthquakes have killed exactly one person, who died of a heart attack because they were afraid of earthquakes. But all it takes is a little shake that knocks a picture off the wall and relatives from the East Coast (where dozens die each Winter in ice storms and car accidents caused by bad weather) phone up wanting to know if we're okay, despite the news reports saying that there were no injuries. We actually welcome these smaller tremors because they mean the plates are releasing energy. The longer we go without an earthquake, the more of our gold records and Oscar Awards fall on the floor when the next one finally happens. Yep, huge cracks opening up and swallowing cars all over the place! It's horrible! Oh, the humanity! 😎
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    At the moment, Cakewalk by BandLab is headed to Summer NAMM in Nashville
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    You have my sympathy, Zargg. I have had to crawl out of that same hole. It's a long climb. You might be tempted to put musical endeavors on hold, perhaps feeling that engaging in a joyful activity might somehow be unbecoming. Don't succumb to that instinct. Go ahead and write some sad and/or angry songs. If some of it turns out too dark to share, don't let that stop you. It's therapy.
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    As an interesting side note to the above, one of the two concerts I've seen since moving up here 16 years ago featured Robben Ford and Jorma Kaukonen (along with a guitar playing girl named Ruthie Foster who almost stole the show). Heh, I just found some info on the show after a quick search! March 1st, 2009...
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    Do you know the bass player who placed this advertisement ? Dokument.rtf
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    This is a good song Douglas. I think this has previously been mentioned, but it sounds to me like the cymbal crashes (open high hats?) when played successively are a tad loud, causing the compressor to pump the sound a little. Other than that minor point, it's a good mix. Thanks for sharing!
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    Ya, I really like this song. The over all arrangement and sound just had something that really appealed to me. Good suggestions above but to my tired old ears everything sounded good. Excellent stuff!!
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    As I said before.... "I don't want to save the project as a Cakewalk file and I'm not going to. I prefer the universality of MIDI. " It is confusing when you take an automation snapshot...nothing shows up in the PRV event list. When you save and re-open the file, the event is in the PRV event list. I understand the developers had to make decisions and compromises when deciding how things work (two representations of the same parameter certainly makes things complicated). Perhaps this is something they could re-visit in the future.